Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bathing beauty!

We need to talk about something, y'all. The elephant in the room... Who is bikini ready? Of course, we all are. But are you feeling ready to bust out yet? Or maybe you just want to switch it up and try a different style? Yeah, same over here.

But that's okay! There are some really great one piece bathing suits out there! We are so excited to share a few with you. Check this out. 

Big and bold floral prints are always in when it comes to bathing suits. It's hard to pass u such a fun print for pool, lake or seaside wear! This includes one piece suits too! Take this H&M suit for instance. Nice basic shape, fun added ruffle detail and it's affordable too! What's not to love? All you need is a big straw sun hat and you are set all summer long! 

Crop tops are cute, sure. High waisted shorts will still be in. But what's hot this season? Off the shoulder shirts and blouses! It's a great look! And we found one in bathing suit style too. We adore this suit! It's just so girly and fun! 

And just to throw something different into the mix, we have this one! We love when one piece suits have cutouts. It's really mixes things up and adds some much needed flair. It's a good way to show some skin in a new way. That's going to leave some interesting tan lines! 

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