Monday, September 30, 2013

New items for Blue Skye!

Are you subscribed to our Gridwall Newsletter? You're not? Go do it! It's a great way to keep up to date with all of our month to month news!

Our October newsletter was just released! And if you got it, you may have noticed that we added some items to our Blue Skye Collection! How exciting. Brand new items! And they are cute together. We put together an outfit of the week featuring two of them!

For our top, we're featuring our crop top with dots. Such a cute piece! Polka dots aren't something we've done before. But we love the fun look they have! And crop tops are so popular right now.

We think this form fitting top is going to look amazing on everyone! It fits snug to the body and shows off your best features. Our made to measure option is available for this product for an extra charge. Just measure and put your information in. A custom garment, presto!

And we have paired this top with our skinny jeans! Yet another brand new style for the Latex Store! You're skinny jeans are essential for your everyday wardrobe and now they can be part of your latex one as well! These pants have a really sexy fit. And they have a zipper and waistband just like jeans. How are you living your life without them?!

We think you might need to go shopping real soon! Be sure to check out all the other new pieces! Take to Twitter and let us know what you think!


Friday, September 27, 2013


Hey there! Are you as ready for the weekend as we are? We can't wait. Time to get out and enjoy the early fall weather!

But before you go... let's talk about gloves! You can't forget them!  We love them because they add so much to your outfit!  They can really change up your basic  latex outfits. They're really important part of your latex closet. And we're shining a spotlight on them today.

Gloves are so much fun! We have a whole section dedicated to them. If you want a basic glove, these three work great. Just pick which length works best for you: elbowextra long or wrist. Each comes in a variety of colors.

If you want a fancier glove, we have frilled gauntlets. They add a really lovely touch! Fingerless gloves are another different variety of glove. If you don't like the feeling of latex on your fingers, these may be best for you.

And guys, gloves are for you too! We offer all your basics: elbowoperalong and wrist. Any length you want, you've got it! A pair of gloves is a great thing to add to your latex collection.

If you do decide to add pair of gloves to your closet, check out our glove measuring chart. You'll want to make sure you get the best fit!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Word is that leopard print is hot for fall! It's a great way to talk a walk on the wild side. You can make it really bold or super subtle. Elle found 22 pieces that will really spice up your life. And of course, we have a few favorites!

Skirts are our favorite thing to wear in fall. You can wear them with or without leggings or tights. Try them with boots or flats or even sneakers! Make it your own! We love this MSGM wool leopard skirt. It's super sexy! We would add a neutral black or tan top. Maybe add in a flash of red on you fingernails? So classy and fun! Perfect for work or a night out!

We can't deny it... We really love this Thakoon Addition coat. It's certainly a statement piece. Throw this coat over a neutral outfit to avoid clashing patterns. Try mixing bright colors like red and royal blue. It will really make you pop against the drab backdrop of winter!

Maybe you're not quite ready to rock a bold animal print all over your body... And that's okay! Small steps! Shoes are a great and subtle way to add animal print to your look. We are lusting over these Valentino flats. They are so rock glam! We're in love.

Show us how you rock animal print! Take to twitter and show us your stuff! Rawr!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Seasons change but it's latex all the same!

It's here! It's finally here! Fall has come one again and we are ready for some sweater weather. Or if you're interested in something a little different...

Say hello to the Hobble Dress! Long, lean and sexy! This dress is part of our signature collection. There is sort of a turtle neck style up top. We think it really elongates your neck and gives a sliming effect.

True, you won't be showing any cleavage but that doesn't make this dress any less sexy. Oh no! The latex really hugs your body, showing everything but still leaving a lot the imagination.

If you love your arms, this dress is a great way to showcase them! No sleeves on the hobble dress! And yes, this dress does go all the way to the floor. It kind of reminds of the maxi skirts and dresses that are popular right now.

And as the name suggests, you walking style while sporting this dress may be more of a hobble comparing to a stride. But, latex stretches! And the length of this dress makes it a very long, lean and elegant piece. We love the Hobble Dress!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Travels and sales galore!

Who's ready to get this weekend started?! We are! And we're sure you are too! Have you started thinking about your weekends in October? We sure are! We are going all over the place! Mark your calendars now.

The first weekend in October, we'll be in Providencetown Cape Cod for Mates Leather Weekend. We're bringing out all our best men's latex and gear. It's for you fellas! And we hope we'll see you out there! Mates weekend always promises to be a great time! 

The third weekend in October is Dom Con Atlanta! We're going to have a huge selection of both women's and men's latex. We really love this event! It will be the perfect fall weekend for some latex! We're coming for you, Georgia! 

And the last weekend in October is L F & P or Leather Flea market and Play Party! We'll be in Rockville, Maryland for this fun event! We'll have men's and women's latex from both the Latex Store and Midnight Blue's. It will be a fun event for sure. Make plans to come check it all out! 

And while you're relaxing this weekend, check out our super sale going on right now! We have some real super savings! You won't believe it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

End of Season Sale!

Our huge end of the season sale is here! It's up, running and ready for you to shop! We've marked tons of latex clothing and gear to crazy low prices. It's your chance to add more to your collection without it costing an arm and a leg! Here are some of our favorite items!

The Alexa dress is available in small pearl silver. We love this dress from our signature line! So sleek!

Our buckle pencil skirt is available is extra large black. This skirt so sexy! It goes with everything!

The Jezebel is also on sale! We're discounting a transparent blue with silver trim. It does have a small discoloration on the front. But it's a great dress!

Fellas! Check out our sleeveless t-shirt! We have a small and medium size available. Such a great basic piece to have!

And there is ton more where those came from! This one of our biggest sales yet! It's time to treat yourself! Check out our end of season sale before it's all gone!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Flirt it up!

Happy Monday! Today is a very exciting day! Our end of season sale begins today. We have three full pages of extremely discounted latex clothing. That's right! Get excited! We thought we would feature one of the dresses that's on sale!

It's our halter circle dress! It's a basic dress with both fun and flair. The halter neckline adds both support and style to this dress. It's a really fun style to sport. And we love the way it frames you up top! It shows just enough to keep them guessing! So playful and fun!

The bodice fits snug and hugs all your curves. You're really going to be showing off your frame in this number! And the circle skirt adds in a bit of flirt and bounce. This is a piece from our too short collection, so get ready to show some leg!

An extra small red and purple version of this dress are available for sale. Quick, nab one before they are all gone! You can't beat that price!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall nails!

It's about time for that first fall manicure! We're ready to do away with the bright summer colors and paint on some beautiful autumn shades. Elle featured 40 beautiful shades for fall. We're going to narrow it down to some of our favorites.

Oxblood is back and we're still loving it. There's just something about this deep red burgundy color that instantly puts us in the fall mindset. The color it's self is actually a mixture of brown and purple. It's rich and makes a real statement. There's something sort of sinister and wicked about it. We are crazy about this Marc Jacobs nail lacquer in Jezebel. It's such a gorgeous color! And it will work great in the winter as well.

Looks like we don't have to get rid of our bright colors quite yet! An electric, bright color on the nails this fall. Believe us, this is really going to lift your spirits mid fall. It will certainly warm your fall look up! How interesting will a bright nail color look against your cozy sweater and boots look. We adore it! Our favorite bright for fall is Deborah Lippmann's I want to be sedated. It's a really interesting chartreuse color. We think it will really pop!

Metallics are a must for fall. They add a harsh contrast to the muted colors of fall. We really love that look! It adds a bit of edge to all the warm and fuzzies of fall. As far as metallics go, we love the iridescent colors.  The are so interesting! They aren't just one color! We really love Essie's in for the twill of it. It's has so much depth and variety of color. We can't wait to put this one on our nails!

We hope we have pumped you up for that first fall manicure! It's certainly time for a polish change!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Even more help!

We gave a few shopping and buying tips last week. We thought we might share a few more. We are plenty of resources and guides to help you buy latex!

We have a great guide to Latex Grade/Thickness. This section is rather educational. If you're confused by the grade of the latex you're buying, this is a great resource. Our tailored items, which is most of what we sell, are crafted by 4D rubber. We also offer some information about the thickness and grade of our molded latex. We encourage you to check out this section of our site for more information about the latex we sell to you.

Then we have our trusty Size Chart. This is definitely something you will want to refer to when buying a garment from us. Once you measure yourself, refer to this to figure out which size is going to fit you. And remember, you want an inch of stretch for the best fit. We also have guides for hoods, stockings and gloves in this section.

And lastly, we have our Special Orders page. There may come a time when you need to place a special order for one of our pieces. In that case, this is a great place to refer to. We have a few extra policies when it comes to special orders. And of course, we are always here to answer your questions!

And that's what we have to offer in the ways of shopping help. We hope they have been and will continue to be of good help to you all! And we're open to suggestions! So, if you think we need to add another section or need more information, let us know. We want to make your latex buying experience the best it can be!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sleeves and sass!

Happy Monday, everyone! We can feel the weather starting to change! That inspired a special outfit of the week!

It's our Long Sleeved Shirt Dress. We're so excited to wear long sleeves again! We know long sleeved latex isn't for everyone but we love this piece.

It's rather modest up top with the sleeves and a turtleneck style neckline. But the latex really showcases the goods! Most every bust size looks great in this piece. And it's super, super short! So sassy!

It's made from standard weight latex and has a thickness of 0.4 mm. And the best part? It's seamless! It's going to really hold up and stand the test of time.

This is a great basic latex piece to have. And it's great for the approaching colder months. Although those days are still a ways off! But we can dream! Fall, we are ready for you!


Friday, September 6, 2013

We're here to help!

We would like to take a moment and welcome all of our new readers and shoppers! Welcome! We're so glad you stumbled upon us. We thought it might be helpful to share some of shopping tips and tricks again. It's been awhile! And we have plenty of helpful tools that really help when you're buying latex. No matter if it's your first or hundredth time!

Shopping for latex can be really confusing! We even face some trouble sometimes .. not too often, but it can happen! Luckily, we do have a Shopping Help section of site. It's located at the top of our site. Have you used it? We hope so! It's one of the most useful parts of our site.

There are six sub-sections under Shopping Help. The first is our Bra Measuring Chart. If you're purchasing one of our latex bras, this is a great tool. We have pictures, charts and steps to help ensure the right size.

Then we have our Color Chart. Refer to this when choosing the the color for your latex garment. We don't have examples of the colors on the product page, so this is essential! We have all our color options on this part of our site. We have added some new colors in the last year. See samples of them here!

And we have our Glove Measuring Chart. Of course, we have explained this on here before but this is our more permanent source on how to get the right fit in latex gloves. Remember, you want that inch of stretch! Nothing is worse that ill fitting gloves!

And of course, we're here to help you! If you look under the contact us portion of our site, we have many options. Email us at Call us at 1-866-94-LATEX! Toll free! We are here to help you find what you desire! Let us help you make your latex dreams and fantasies come to life!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are you blushing?

The first day of fall isn't until September 22nd but we're in complete fall mode! We're ready to say goodbye to heat and hello to cool, crisp sweater weather. Who's with us? Summer has been fun but we're ready to move on!

One of our our favorite makeup trends for fall is blush. We crave that pinky, rosy look. Elle posted some really fantastic blushes. We're going to share a few favorites with you!

We "heart" this blush from Too Faced! This lovely trio of blushes is perfect for fair skin. Simply sweep your blush brush over all three colors. The formula is so creamy and pigmented. It gives a beautiful pinky, shimmery look.

Smashbox is a really great brand. Their colors and formula is just fantastic! And we we're so excited to see one of their blushes on the list. The love me blush is really wonderful. This darker pink color is great for darker skin or a more dramatic look.

A cream blush is another great way to wear blush. It looks less dry and is super blendable. They add a real freshness to your skin. They are a bit daunting at first but give it a try! We love the Bobbi Brown cheek tint. The color is so rich and vivid. It's a great way to take on a bold cheek look.

We encourage you to embrace blush this fall. Don't be scared! Invest is a good quality blush brush. You'll be glad you did! Use a light hand. Just a little will go a long way! Apply from the apple of cheek, blending the blush along your cheekbone. And play with the placement on the color based on your face shape. Be a blush goddess this fall!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

How has your Labor Day Weekend been? Relaxing? We hope so! What might make it better...hmmm. How about a bit of Latex Store online shopping? Oh yes!!

We're ending the summer in style with our tube dressIt's made of premium latex. It a really basic dress. But you show plenty of skin. And the length is short. It's hits at about mid thigh. Not too short, not too long! 

This is one of our most basic pieces. It comes it sizes small through extra large. It comes in just about every color we offer! Try it in a pearl sheen! 

And be sure to stop by the website today! We have so much selection. Dressescorsets, and lingerie for the ladies. And pantsleggings and shirts for the fellas! And as always, catsuits for both! Speaking of both, we also have a small but great selection of gear. And you won't want to forget about dressing aids. Those can come in handy :)

And if you want to see what else we have to offer, stop by one of our sister sites: Midnight Blues and TLS RubberGear. Our selection of latex and rubber goods are endless and we take suggestions as well. So, why not take us up on the offer? You know you want to! Happy Labor Day, everyone!! Enjoy!