Friday, February 28, 2014

Diamonds, Embellishments and Tacos!

It's Friday again! And as you might have guessed, I'm taking you behind the scenes again! For one last time, come with me!

You may think a full day of shooting is long and boring. Oh no! Once we got into a rhythm, the day flew by. We had a full rack of clothing to shoot! And we got it all done in time too! It was amazing how everything and everyone came together on this project. And we we're all excited to see the dresses! 

The Katie Dress looked totally different on! The cut of the hemline and the diamond cutouts on the back we're brought to life! This really is a sleek dress. It's unique style is perfect for anyone seeking something a little bit different. And that's not black trim you see on Sophie's dress. The translucent latex simply overlaps, creating that cool effect. We love how that pairs with the lines of the Katie. 

I did have a chance to sneak around Ken's studio. No snooping, I promise! I just wanted to take a peek at his work. He has some of his best work hanging on the walls. It was fascinating to see it all in one place.

Well, back to work! The Lydia dress was very eye catching. It's a little flashy and has some wonderful embellishments. The double spaghetti straps on both sides are new for us. We have to say, we love the way they turned out! The side zipper does make it tricky to get in and out of the dress. But it gives you a better look in the end! Very sleek and flawless. 

We're all excited to wrap at the end of the day. We enjoyed a delicious dinner together at the El Coyote Mexican Cafe. It's one of Ken's favorite spots and quickly became one of ours as well. And a certain birthday girl got a sweet treat. If you follow us on Twitter, you'll know who we are talking about! 

I'm dying to know what your favorite dress is from our new collection! Comment or tweet us! And thanks to all of you for the support and positive feedback. We've had a blast rolling out the Blue Skye Part Deux Collection! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Ken Marcus

Ready for one last interview? It's sad, we know! But all good things must come to end. But not quite yet! Today we are taking a step behind the camera and putting the spotlight on Ken Marcus!

We were more than thrilled to work with Ken again this year. We had a blast the year before and loved his work. And he's just great to work with. We love his approach and attitude. We just get each other!

Ken kick started his career at the early age of 12. He studied and worked under Ansel Adams. His worked with Penthouse Magazine and Playboy Magazine. And his Nudes in Nature series is permanently displayed at Yosemite National Magazine. Luckily, we were able to chat a little with him.

Ivey: Hey Ken! Thanks for having us back again. We're really excited to be here! 

Ken:  We're glad to have you here. We had a great shoot last year.

Ivey: It was! Those pictures were amazing! 

Ken:  Well, thank you. It's really a group effort. Most of the work is done before and after I even pick up a camera. 

Ivey: That's very true. So tell us about working with Ansel Adams. How did come about?

Ken: I had a love for photography from the start. I actually attended one of his workshops initially. i was hooked and attended as many as I could. 

Ivey: Would you say he made a huge impact on your career?

Ken:  Absolutely. He wasn't yet a household name when I first started studying with him. I had no idea how big he would become. I learned about self promotion and business. That led to my own success. 

Ivey: That's incredible. When did you really get started with your career?

Ken: I obtained my business license at 17. Yes, it was quite a young age. And by 18, I found the studio we're standing in now! 

Ivey: Really?! That's so neat. This place has history for you then. 

Ken:  It certainly does! 

Ivey: We have made ourselves quite at home! We hope you'll have us back next year! 

Ken: Absolutely! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunburst Dress!

Are you looking for a fun latex dress? Oh you know... Something you can go out in and have fun! With warm weather in the coming months, you know you need one! We recommend you check out this week's outfit!

It's the Sunburst dress! As you may have guessed, it's from our new collection. You have to agree it's a party dress! Can you rock the one shoulder look? Yeah, you can! Combined with neckline, you get this lovely sweeping effect. It's very flattering on all bust sizes! 

The sunburst pattern on this dress is really eye catching. It starts side and radiates out just like a sunburst! It hugs the body and works well with your curves. If you choose a brighter color for the pattern, it will really stand out. 

This dress is both tight and short! It's a hot little number. We love the fit! It's all you want in a fun dress to go out in. And the side zipper is very helpful. You'll be able to get in and out of this dress with ease. And it's disguised on the side which means no one has to see it! 

What do you think of the Sunburst dress? Let us know! Is this your next latex dress?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Lights, Cameras and Shiner!

Our trip out to LA was full of firsts for this blogger. I had my first In and Out burger, my first peek at the Pacific ocean and my first photo shoot! What a jam-packed weekend! I'm back and ready to take you all behind the scenes once again. Let's go!

Ken's studio is very interesting. It's an open space with almost everything you would need for an all day photo shoot. There are backdrops, props, cameras and lights.... I could go on and on. Ken was telling us it took them the entire day before the shoot to set and position all their equipment. And there was still more adjustments to be made before we could get started. I guess I didn't realized just how involved the whole process is!

I also quickly learned how tricky it is to put on latex. As most of you know, it's sort of like putting your clothes on when your skin is still wet. I couldn't imagine doing it on your own! Kimberly and I made quite the team. And by the end of the day, we had it down to a science. And both of our ladies were extremely tolerant of all the pulling, tugging and snapping. And the gobs and gobs of shiner. It comes with the territory!

Now, the Tara dress was a bit tricky to get on! Well, the real pesky bit of business is positioning it correctly. It's important to make sure that lines of the dress are even and symmetrical. With a bit of coaxing, this dress looks amazing on. We love how this dress plays with the curves on the body. Oh and that zipper in the back? It's a lifesaver!

Lucky for you, the Maria dress has a back zip too! At the shoot, we we're discussing how this dress is great for those ladies out there who don't want a teeny tiny dress. It's the perfect cocktail dress. You all asked for a dress like this and we delivered! And it has 8 panels! You know what that means! It's perfect for twirling! Oh and it gives you an amazing fit too.

That's all for this post! Be sure to stay tuned to the blog as we continue to roll out the Blue Skye Collection Part Deux!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Behind the scenes: Sophie Nova

We're back again! Now as most of you know, we had not one, but two lovely ladies model our collection this year.! Last week, we shared Emily's interview. And this week, we're spotlighting Sophie Nova!

This was our first year shooting with Sophie. Ah, but don’t be fooled! She’s no novice! Sophie has four years of experience as a full-time model. Her wonderful list of credits goes on and on. She had modeled with Jesse Leon and Lucky13, just to name a few. She has appeared in both Dark Beauty and Belle Morte Magazine. And she has worked with dozens of amazing photographers.

And we just love her beautiful red hair and style (ok, let us confess right her: we are suckers for red-heads!) ! She really brought her A-game to the shoot. She had so many ideas on how to style her hair and what makeup to use. Her creativity really inspired us all.In between all the dress, hair, and make-up changes, we managed to squeeze in a little chat.

Ivey: Hi Sophie! We're so excited to have you here with us today!

Sophie:  And I'm excited to be here!  

Ivey: So, how did you get started in the crazy world of modeling?

Sophie:  Oh, wow. That was a long time ago! I was asked to model for a hair competition. They needed someone with virgin hair and that happened to be me! They dyed my hair all sorts of colors.

Ivey: Ah, very cool! That's a lovely accent you have. What part of England are you from?

Sophie: I'm from Southampton. It's right by the sea.

Ivey: Wow, you're a long way from home. What brought you here?

Sophie:  Well, my husband Matthew I suppose!. We met online and just clicked! He's here with me today, actually. He's a photographer and wants to see Ken at work.

Ivey: We did get a chance to say hello before we got started. We're happy to have him here.

Sophie: He actually helped me get involved in fetish modeling. Since he was already involved in the business, he had some great connections that got me off on the right foot here.

Ivey: That's great! You both are quite the team. Do you live here in Los Angeles?

Sophie:  Actually, we live in Long Beach. We had a bit of drive to get here today.

Ivey: Thanks for making the trip!

Sophie: Absolutely! I'm ecstatic to be playing dress up all day.

Ivey: Great! Maybe you'll be up for round two next December?

Sophie: If you'll have me back, I would love to!

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Sandra!

We're bringing you another outfit of the week from the Blue Skye Collection Part Deux! Are you loving this as much as we are? We hope so!!

Say hello to Sandra! Bam! Right in your face! This is such a neat dress with a real mod feel. I mean, who doesn't want to bring some late 60's, 70's style into you latex wardrobe?

Take a look at those wonderful, wide straps. They give the support you need! They frame that U shaped neckline. We think this style works great for all bust sizes. The Sandra has a basic style with a real twist!
The color of the straps and neckline fade down into the middle of the dress. This panel meshes with the outside color of the dress. Together they create an hourglass effect. It's very slimming! Go for a vibrant color in the middle and a neutral on the sides. This will draw the eye towards the middle panel. And we can't forget about the back! There is a back zipper which makes it easy to get dressed.

As mentioned before, you can customize this dress. Choose your size and your colors. Did you know that custom sizing is available with this dress? Simply send in your measurements and we'll make you a custom dress! No need worrying about the Sandra not fitting you correctly!

Believe it or not, we have so much more to share! Keep checking the blog for more dresses, interviews and behind the scenes! And be sure to send us a tweet, telling us what you think of our newest collection!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Coffee, buttons and bows!

This blogger got a real up close look at our photo shoot this year.  Yes, I was in the middle of it all. It was an amazing experience! From the view of the beautiful city of Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory to the inside of Ken Marcus's studio. Let me take you behind the scenes with me on our trip and of course, the photo shoot!

We had a early start on photo shoot day. We had to make sure there was enough time to grab coffee before heading to Ken's. Coffee is essential. As soon as we reached the studio, we had a bit of time to say hellos before it was time to get going. There was a clothing rack to set up, dresses to hang up and a whole dressing room to organize for an all-day shoot.

The Rachel really stood out on the rack. The style was something really different. Maybe it was the translucent latex? It was a crowd favorite! And it was one of the easier dresses to get on. Just remember to unfasten that button tab in the back. And the zipper down the back? It makes all the difference, I promise you.

Want to know a trick I picked up from our dresser Kimberly while helping dress Emily and Sophie? The more dressing aid you apply to translucent latex, the more see-through it will appear! So lay it on thick! Also, be mindful of those fingernails. Use soft fingertips and be really careful! A hole in a latex garment would be a disaster!
Creativity was the key this time around. We wanted to switch up hairdos every couple dresses. And we needed to keep the hair up to keep it out of the dressing aid. You may have guessed that it's not a good hair styling product. We all put our heads together and tried lots of different styles. Some flops and some not. Thank goodness we remember to pack those little latex flower hair accessories!

Here's one now in Sophie's hair! We got lucky that it matched up perfectly with the dress. This is the Charlotte! I call it a girly version of the mohawk. All business in the front and a party in the back! That cute bow in the back does need to be adjusted once you slip this dress on. Make sure the middle part is centered so the bow effect comes across.

This little dress looks basic but it's much more! The bow in the back and the low cut neckline give this dress so much more. It's a tight squeeze going on but once it's on? It fits and hugs every one of your beautiful curves. It was exciting to see this one in person!

I have more to share! Come back next week for more behind the scenes. Until then, have a great weekend! And if you are on the east coast, stay safe as winter storm Pax passes through. Remember, warm weather is just around the corner!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Behind the scenes: Emily Addison

Our 2014 collection is here -- Blue Skye Collection Part Deux!  It’s time for some celebration! So, let us share some fun, inside information with you. Come behind the scenes and get to know the people behind the dresses and photos! First up? It’s Emily Addison.

Emily is one of the most photogenic ladies we know -- the camera just loves her.  She wows us over and over again.  And we've been privileged to work with her from her early modeling days in the South through her stint as a Penthouse Pet and her year as Twisty's Treat!  She has been seen in magazines like Maxim, Hustler, and Taboo.

Plus Emily is a trooper; she comes prepared, looking fabulous, with plenty of shoes and extra makeup and ideas for her hair and what will make our dresses look their absolute best; she's a consummate pro!
So during a day of tugging in and out of latex, we got a chance to chat a bit between pictures!

Ivey: Hi Emily!  You must like us, because here you are again!

Emily:  Ha ha ha, yes!  What's it been, 7 years now? 

Ivey: We think so!  We can say "we knew you when"!

Emily:  I think our first shoot was outside Pensacola, Florida, when I was living in North Carolina!

Ivey: Good memory :)  Yes!  Now it doesn't feel like a big photo shoot without you and it's a treat to watch you work!

Emily: I think I first worked with The Latex Store on a shoot with Sabrina Fox and Carlotta Champagne. But I already had a few of your dresses then!  I had several pink ones! Hot pink was my color :)

Ivey: Yes, you had a Candy Dress -- that may have been the first one?  And a Buckle Vee, too? So what's new with you?

Emily:  Well... I am a new bride!  I'm moving too, and right now I'm living out of boxes in three different places!

[We were delighted to meet Emily's new husband later in the day and have him join the whole crew for dinner in Hollywood that evening.  We approved!  And they make an awesome young couple :) ]

Emily: I'm a very happy girl right now.

Ivey:  And we are so happy for you :)  But no Gandalf today?  Where is he?  (Gandalf is Emily's adorable teacup poodle, and he's joined us on other photo shoots!)

Emily: He's at home helping to pack!

Ivey: Awww, we miss him. Do you have a favorite dress in our new collection?

Emily:  Oh gosh, I like them all -- of course I love the Emily!  And maybe the Rachel? I like the trim on that one.  It has a great peek-a-boo vibe to it. 

Ivey: Well, you made it look good!  And we know you like that semi transparent blue color -- you rocked it at the AVNs last year!

Emily:  Yes, I wore that semi trans blue dress you made me with the silver piping; it was perfect! 

Ivey: But now that you are married, will we be able to shoot with you again?

Emily:  Absolutely! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Suzanne!

It's here. It's finally here!! Our new, beautiful 2014 Blue Skye collection is here! No more waiting, wanting and imagining. It's all there, up on our site. And today, we're going to kick it off with a brand new outfit of the week!! Can you contain your excitement? Yeah, we didn't think so!

Here we go! It's the Suzanne dress. Wow! So sexy, don't you think? It really captures what our new collection is all about. We're trying new things and bringing even more style to latex clothing!

What to talk about first? We''l how about up top! The Suzanne has these great, wide straps that are both functional and fashionable. We love the bold flash of color against the skin of the shoulders. And just take a look at that neckline. A plunging, sweetheart neckline looks great with a small or large chest size. This is a dress for all kinds of women!

The solid color extends from the straps, down the body. This style really hugs to your every curve. The va-va-voom look of the Suzanne is only amplified by the stripes in the middle portion. They follow that signature hourglass shape. We are huge fans of the stripes! They give the Suzanne it's own unique style.

You can completely customize this dress. Choose your size and your colors. Color combination can change the dress from sweet to naughty to sexy to... anything you want! The choice is yours. It almost looks like Sophie and Emily are wearing different dresses! Choose wisely because the Suzanne is all about the color!!

What do you think? We're so excited to share all of our new dresses with you. Stay tuned to this blog for interviews, pictures and a many brand new outfits of the week! You wont want to miss out!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Food for thought...and your face?

Expensive body care products getting you down? Nothing left in your budget for pricey facial care products? How frustrating! You can really rack up a huge tab in the body care aisle and half of the products you try don't even work!

We have a solution. Head on over to the grocery store or even your pantry! That's right. Some of the food we eat can benefit our bodies in other ways. And honestly, they work better than any old lotion or potion. It's time to get back to nature.

We love to use coconut oil for cooking purposes. It's a healthy alternative to the other products on the market. Did you know it also makes a wonderful moisturizer. No kidding! It's a bit greasy going on but one it sinks it, you skin is left incredibly soft. You can even use it as a facial moisturizer! It also can be used in the hair. Apply to the bottom portion of your hair, let it sit for 2-3 minutes and rinse. You are left with moist, frizz-free locks. Make sure you use pure, organic coconut oil for the best results.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. You better believe it! The apple is a powerful fruit. One of its most beneficial forms is raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. This can be found in the natural section of your grocery store. It makes a delicious salad dressing. But it can also be used as a toner. Add some water and apply with a cotton ball. It naturally balances your skin's PH levels. It can also be combined with water and used a rinse in your hair. It will  naturally remove product buildup and leave you with soft locks.

Are you suffering from dry, itchy winter skin? We sure were until we discovered this simple secret. Run a hot bath and add in few cups of milk! You heard that right. Lactic acid is a natural skin softener. It works like a dream. Follow up with a a bit of exfoliation and a moisturizer. You'll be ready to face the dry winter wind in no time.

Do not underestimate the power of your pantry. It has so much to offer! What is your favorite beauty product from the kitchen? Honey? Maybe oatmeal? Share your secrets with us!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Get the liquid look

We think it's about time to switch up your eye look. Add some drama and flair. Wing it out and lay it on thick! Of course, you'll need the right eyeliner. We have a few favorites we want to share with you. Check it out!

The Balm is an up and coming makeup brand. We love their products and retro looking packaging. They are really making makeup fun! Their schwing liquid eyeliner is a great product! We love the matte finish. And the thin tip allows for easy application.

NYX is a great drugstore brand. Their products are affordable and really great quality. We love their curve eyeliner. It's design allows for easier grip of the eyeliner pen. That makes cat eye and winged eyeliner designs much easier! And we love the long wearing formula.

MAC is always a staple for us. And their Penultimate eyeliner is no exception. We love the felt tip on this pen. It has two sides: one for smaller application and the other for wider application. It allows for both daytime and night time eye looks.

Do you have a favorite eyeliner? What kind of eye look do you sport when you wear our latex? Comment or tweet us!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Six more weeks of winter? It can't be!

Well, Phil the groundhog saw his shadow. That means six more weeks of winter weather. Well, that can't stop us from thinking ahead towards spring and summer! Here's one of our dresses that puts us in a sunny mood.

It's the Lulu! It's from our Too Short Collection. And isn't it unique? The tailoring of the top really boosts the sexiness. And the spaghetti straps give you extra support as well. That's always a plus! 

And we love the added little ruffle in the back. It gives the Lulu a little something extra! And there are endless color combinations for the Lulu. You can be as daring as you want to be! Mix it up with our pearl sheen latex for even more fun! 

 This dress also goes up to a XXL in size. It's great for many body types! You're going to love the Lulu

And don't forget the shine! Pick up some shiner or dressing aid. Don't worry about the shipping. It's free to you!