Friday, September 28, 2012

Long Sleeves: yay! or nay?

Happy Friday, everyone! We're heading up to the Cape today with TLS RubberGear and Midnight Blue's for Mates Leather Weekend. We're excited to be traveling again. We hope to see some of you there.

Traveling or not, we have a OOTW for you all!

It's our Long Sleeved Shirt Dress. It's the first week of fall and long sleeves are slowly becoming more of a possibility! We know long sleeved latex isn't for everyone but we love this piece. It's rather modest up top with the sleeves and a turtleneck style neckline. But the latex really showcases the goods! Most every bust size looks great in this piece. And it's super short.

It's made from standard weight latex and has a thickness of 0.4 mm. And the best part? It's seamless! It's going to really hold up and stand the test of time.

This is a great basic latex piece to have. And it's great for the approaching colder months. Well, there's still much to be done! Have a great weekend and come say hey if you're at Mates this weekend!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Shopping Help!

And we're back! We know you all were patiently waiting for the second half of our shopping help tour. :) And here we go!

We're picking up where we left off with Latex Grade/Thickness. This section is rather educational. If you're confused by the grade of the latex you're buying, this is a great resource. Our tailored items, which is most of what we sell, are crafted by 4D rubber. We also offer some information about the thickness and grade of our molded latex. We encourage you to check out this section of our site for more information about the latex we sell to you.

Then we have our trusty Size Chart. This is definitely something you will want to refer to when buying a garment from us. Once you measure yourself, refer to this to figure out which size is going to fit you. And remember, you want an inch of stretch for the best fit. We also have guides for hoods, stockings and gloves in this section.

And lastly, we have our Special Orders page. There may come a time when you need to place a special order for one of our pieces. In that case, this is a great place to refer to. We have a few extra policies when it comes to special orders. And of course, we are always here to answer your questions!

And that;s what we have to offer in the ways of shopping help. We hope they have been and will continue to be of good help to you all! And we're open to suggestions! So, if you think we need to add another section or need more information, let us know. We want to make your latex buying experience the best it can be!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Shopping Help!

It's the first official week of fall! And we're pretty jazzed about it! How about you? Bring on the cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters and falling leaves. It's a great time of the year!

So, shopping for latex can be kind of confusing, right? We can even tend to mix things up... not often, but it can happen! We were thinking about that problem when we put in our Shopping Help section of site. It's located at the top of our site. Have you used it? Did you even know it existed? Not to worry, friends... we'll introduce you!

There are six sub-sections under Shopping Help. The first is our Bra Measuring Chart. If you're purchasing one of our latex bras, this is a great tool. We have pictures, charts and steps to help ensure the right size.

Then we have our Color Chart. Refer to this when choosing the the color for your latex garment. We don't have examples of the colors  on the product page, so this is essential!

And we have our Glove Measuring Chart. Of course, we have explained this on here before but this is our more permanent source on how to get the right fit in latex gloves. Remember, you want that inch of stretch!

We''ll be back on Wednesday to go over the last three sections of Shopping Help. See you soon!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sexy Secretary... oolala!!

Happy Friday, shiny peeps! We're glad it's finally the weekend! We've have had a very, very busy week. Moving, installing shelves... but more on that later! We're taking a break and bringing you yet another outfit of the week! Don't you just love these? We sure do!!
This week, we have our Secretary Dress! This garment is so much fun. Like many of our pieces, it's fully tailored. We love the short sleeves. And the collar gives it a classic look. We're not sure why exactly but we get a kinda 50's vibe from the Secretary Dress. Don't you? Oh and do you see the outlining? You get to pick the color of that as well! We love to give you options!

This dress is great for anything. But here's an idea! Add an adorable pair of cat eye glasses and some sexy heels for a sexy secretary look! It's perfect for Halloween or just for fun!

We will be back on Monday! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

We love us some Emily :)

Happy Thursday, everyone! We have a quick little post for you all! Emily Marilyn is one of our favorite models, and we are so lucky to get some more pictures of her in our newest, hottest fashions!  We sent her some brand new designs, and very soon we'll have great new pictures of this fetish superstar all tight and shiny in. Stay tuned for those pics! You really won't want to miss them!
Be sure to check out Emily's site:
and while you are waiting for the new pictures, here's Emily in one of our favorites:

Doesn't she look great? We can't want to see all the photos! That's all for now! Check in tomorrow for this week's OOTW!! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Warehouse Sale is still kickin!

How was your Monday? Busy? Ours certainly was! We have big, big things happening. There's so much to talk about but not quite yet ;) I know.. we're teasing you. And we're sorry! But all will be known soon enough! You have to stick with us. It will be worth it. Promise!

But today, we're reminding you again of our awesome sale going on right now! It's featuring such things as...
The Buckle Vee Dress! 
Little Black Dress! 
Retro Mod Mini Dress!

And so, so much more! Two pages full of discounted latex. What could be better? Do keep in mind only certain colors and sizes are available. Check the product page on the Warehouse Sale section of our site for all the details. Now, go forth and buy cheap latex!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Boom! Blam! Kapow! It's a OOTW!!

Woohoo!! Look what we have for our Outfit of the Week!
We love our Short Sleeved Shirt Dress! It's straight from our Too Short Collection. And it's super short! Your tush is going to really pop! It's fully tailored and shows off your every curve.

And can we talk about that collar? It's so unique and really makes this dress stand out! The contrasting outlining and pocket detail is something we love as well! It's so bold. Pick your own colors for both the body of the dress and the outling! The Short Sleeved Shirt Dress certainly has some character. Check it out for fall! Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Exciting news!!

It's been a productive and busy week for us at The Latex Store! It's that time of year when we are working feverishly on our new fashions for the new year.  It takes time! And we're losing it every second!  We design, and make stuff, and arrange photo shoots... and this year, there's something extra special!  We will be shooting in LA the first week of December!   We are DELIGHTED that our photographer will be Ken Marcus! 
Check him out here! He's excellent!:
Ken has been famous for his images for more than 30 years; indeed, he is known as America's most famous erotic photographer.  He was the youngest student Ansel Adams ever had, studying with him from the age of 13. He was ~the~ photographer for Playboy for many years; his work has also appeared in Penthouse, Marquis, and more publications than we can name.
We are very honored Ken will be working with us, and we are STOKED for this photo shoot! Stay tuned to the blog, our facebook and twitter for more updates! And get ready for some awesome new designs and photographs coming your way in the new year! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Excited for November!

We're thinking about November at The Latex Store!  And News Flash!! The Latex Store will be in DC on November 10 for a one-day event held at The Crucible!  We've missed our DC friends! Do you miss us? We'll be there with as much latex fashion as we can stuff into our space! That's a whole lot of Latex, folks! It will be a great chance to do some pre-holiday shopping for that special dress for a festive occasion!

On another note, TLS RubberGear can't wait for November either!  Because the first weekend in November means Mr International Rubber weekend in Chicago! We take over the Center on Halsted -- and the entire gym area on the third floor is full of some of the best gear available anywhere! 

 Take a look at some of the pictures from last year:! What an awesome time we had. We're ready for some more great memories!

This year there are new host hotels, and we hear they are filling up fast. So if you plan to be there, don't wait! 
We are madly putting together our stock of kick-butt men's gear for this show!  As usual, we'll be right in front of the lube wrestling :) 

Hope to see you in November, folks!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Time for fall!

What's this week's outfit of the week, you ask? Well, that wait's over! And here we go!
It's the lovely Panel Dress! And for some reason, it reminds us of fall. It's a great simple dress from our signature line. The top is a tank style with a swooping neckline. And the bottom is a a pencil skirt style. And the best part? You get two color options: a color for the top and the bottom! It sort of gives the illusion of a top and skirt but it's one piece! We love this dress! Try it on for size and get some understated sexiness in return! Have a great, relaxing weekend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

We're moving!

Good evening, Latex Store Peeps! Have you taken a look lately at our Warehouse Sale?  We are getting ready to MOVE -- yes, move! Our whole stock is being brought to a brand new location! So, we are offering some some great dresses and other bargains on sale while we pack, sort, and clean up to prepare! 

It's our Little Black Dress! It's a Latex Store favorite and it's in our sale! The marked down dresses are as follows: Extra Small: Pearlsheen Blue and Purple - Small: Purple and Red - Medium: Pearlsheen Blue and Red - Large: Blue and Pink - Extra Large: Blue, Purple, Red, Pearlsheen Blue - 1 Extra Large: Blue, Red, amd Pearlsheen Blue. And that's it! Once those sell, we won't have any more. It's first come, first serve, folks! Don't miss a great deal for an amazing basic latex dress!!

Also -- the molded latex in pink, blue, and purple is dwindling fast and when it's gone, it's gone forever. So don't miss those bargains; many items are more than 50% off! That's an amazing deal on some great new latex pieces for your own collection! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Celebrate the holiday with latex!

Happy Labor Day, Latex Peeps! How has your Labor Day Weekend been? Relaxing? We hope so! What might make it better...hmmm. How about a bit of Latex Store online shopping? Oh yes!!

Stop by our shop! We have so much selection. Dresses, corsets, and lingerie for the ladies. And pants, leggings and shirts for the fellas! And as always, catsuits for both! Speaking of both, we also have a small but great selection of gear. And you won't want to forget about dressing aids. Those can come in handy :)

And if you want to see what else we have to offer, stop by one of our sister sites: Midnight Blues and TLS RubberGear. Our selection of latex and rubber goods are endless and we take suggestions as well. So, why not take us up on the offer? You know you want to! Happy Labor Day, everyone!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Orange" you glad it's time for another OOTW?

Happy Friday, latex peeps! We have a OOTW for you all. Check it out!
It's a bit of a wild card this week! Check out our Mandarin Dress! How lovely is this?! We're channeling a Asian flare with this dress, especially with the mandarin collar. Combined with the cap sleeves, this dress really frames you up top. The tailored bodice leads into an adorable flared, ballerina style skirt.

There are two color options with this dress: the bodice and the trim! And there are so many options! And the size options are great; everything from extra small to extra large. So, do you need a little international flare to your latex wardrobe? This would be a great addition.

Have a wonderful, fun and safe Labor Day weekend, everyone! We'll see you next week!