Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's talk about gloves, baby

Gloves. They are an interesting article of clothing. They are either extremely neccesary or not needed at all. But either way, Latex Store customers love them! And there is an entire section of The Latex Store dedicated to them for both gals and guys.
Anything from:
Opera Gloves!
Frilled Gauntlets!
Wrist Length for the fellas!
We have gloves alright! And they come in two varieties: standard and premium. The premium latex gloves are a bit thicker and smoother than the standard latex. You also have more color options, like white and metalic blue. And we have noticed that finding the correct size in latex gloves can be tricky for our customers. Luckily, we have an entire size chart dedicated just to gloves which can be found on each glove product page. When you are measuring your hands, you'll want to wrap the tape around your knuckles, exluding your thumb, like so...
Take this measurement and apply it to the size chart. And just like with clothing, you'll want to subtract an inch. That way, you get some stretch and a better fit. And please do remember that the small is very, very tight around the top of the arm. Try to keep all of this in mind while purchasing gloves because getting the right fit the first time takes out the added annoyance of returns and exchanges. We just want you to have a product you're going to love and be able to wear right away!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

TLS RubberGear had a terrific weekend in Chicago at International Mr. Leather! Here are some pictures taken while we were there this holiday weekend!
The Booth! Lots and lots of latex for the fellas!
A customer trying on a brand new catsuit!
An early morning at the RubberGear booth.
Wow! We had such a great time! It was awesome to be able to meet our customers and outfit them in our latex! We loved it! Because of the holiday, we thought we might share a piece from The Latex Store's uniform section.

This is our Military Uniform. It is a single piece featuring pocket detailing near the bust. It also is long sleeved with a collar as well! It stays pretty true to a military uniform except for the fact it is a mini latex dress! The only color option is the army green with red detail color. If you would also like the hat, you can find the single ridge here and the double ridge here. If you needed a latex military uniform, this would be a great choice! The Latex Store would like to thank all of those who have fought for our freedom. We are thinking about you and your families on this day. Thank you for your service!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


We felt like getting a little flirty with this week's outfit of the week! So, here we are!
This is the Lulu! It's from our Latex Dreams Collection. We love this dress because it's so unique! The talioring of the top really boosts the sexiness. And the spagetti straps give you extra support as well. That's always a plus! And we love the added little ruffle in the back. It gives the Lulu a little something extra! And there are endless color combinations for the Lulu. Try a pink and turquoise for the summer! This dress also goes up to a 1X in size. You're going to love the Lulu! And don't forget that our Once in a Lifetime Sale will end on Sunday! Have a lovely holiday weekend!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summertime Inspiration

So, Memorial Day is this weekend! What are you doing to celebrate the start of summer 2012? Perhaps you're planning on heading to a BBQ or opening the backyard pool? Well, whatever you're doing, summertime is here and it's time to celebrate! We're searched The Latex Store and put together a little outfit inspired by this weekend's happenings. First, the top!
This is the Latex Halter Top. We're all about the halter neckline for the summertime. This top also comes in many colors, including red, white and blue if you're feeling patriotic! And we also love the versitlity of the latex halter top. It can be combined with so many bottoms for endless possiblities. You gotta love those basic pieces!!
And we can't forget about down below...
Who wears Short Shorts? These shorts are really bringing that summertime vibe. They are super short and flirty! Show off those legs! We suggest trying these short shorts in a red! And like the halter top, they are a great basic for your latex wardrobe. Complete this look with some cute wedges! Too fun! We're off to Chicago with TLS LatexGear for International Mr. Leather. We'll be vending all holiday weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday after DomCon

Wow!! That's all we can say! The Latex Store had a fantastic weekend at DomCon LA. We got to see so many of our lovely customers and do our favorite thing: sell really great latex clothing! Because we are an online store we really cherish these events. It great to get up close and personal with all of our customers! We love you all and want to thank you so much for choosing us! It's a real honor!

And we get to do it all again this weekend! We're heading out to the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, with our brother store,TLS RubberGear for International Mr. Leather. We will be vending there the entire holiday weekend (Friday to Monday) and it's open to the public! It will mostly be pieces for our gentleman latex wearers but we will also have a few things for the ladies too! So if you'll be there too, please come say hello and see our rubber gear and latex in person!

And if you have interest in our travel schedule, feel free to check it out here. We have lots of exciting things planned for this summer and the rest of the year. We love to travel to you all! And just one more bit of info regarding The Latex Store. Our Once in a Lifetime Sale is coming to an end on May 27th! That's this upcoming Sunday. So, check it out before it's gone forever!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Two colors and a zipper.. what's not to love?!

It's another outfit of the week!! In our last post we brought you the Stella and today we give you the....
Eva!! We love this dress from our Too Short Collection. We received some love for our Too Short Collection on our twitter and thought we might share one of our favorites! The Eva is a two color latex dress. And you get to choose both colors! That a really great option with this dress. Check out the other product photos to see it in a classic white and black or pink and black! But, feel free to play around with colors and really make it unique to you! The tailoring of this dress is really detailed, giving you a really excellent fit. And that zipper in the front adds some great detail! And it makes getting in and out of the Eva so much easier! A halter neckline makes the Eva perfect for summertime too! Oh, we really love this dress! DomCon LA is this weekend and TLS RubberGear, our brother site will be in Chicago at International Mr. Leather the following weekend! Whew!! Hope to see some of you at one of these events!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The Latex Store is in LA for DomCon! We're so excited to be here, seeing the city and participating as a vendor at DomCon! If you are planning on attending, we would love for you stop by our booth and let us dress you up in some of our latex.

So, all this summer weather and LA sightseeing has inspired us to share this little number with you all- The Stella! It's part of our Latex Dreams Collection which we are in love with! Stella is a super sexy dress. The neckline is plunging and rather revealing. And it fits like a glove!

If you click under the product photo, you can see it in black too! Both red and black are great colors for this bold dress but there are plenty of color options! And here's an added bonus; a zipper in the back which makes getting in and out of this dress (Stella) so so easy! We think this dress (Stella) would be perfect for a girl's night out. You have to check it out! Desire, desire, desire :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Do you love latex?

Well, do you? Chances are you do! How about discounts? Everyone love those! I know we do :) And The Latex Store has this sweet little deal that gives you both latex and discounts! Ah, perfection!! It's called the MBE International Rewards Card. It can be bought on The Latex Store's site or on our brother sites (TLS Rubber Gear and Midnight Blues!). What is it? It's a card that helps you save on latex purchases! You can choose from three different options: silver, gold, and platinum, which has the most benefits. With a silver card, you can save 5% on your purchases. And with the gold and platinum cards, you save 10%! And each card offers a free bottle of shiner with your first purchase. It's a lifetime membership too so there is no need to renew once you buy it! And if you decide to go with the gold or platinum option, you'll gain access to some very exclusive sales events. If you are a frequent shopper, the Rewards Card is a must. The MBE International Rewards Card can be a big help when purchasing anything (excluding sales items) from The Latex Store.

Also, will we see you at DomCon this weekend in LA? If you will be there and want to see or try on anything specific from The Latex Store, let us know through email ( ) , Facebook,or Twitter soon! Have a happy Monday, everyone!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Totally retro!

It's another outfit of the week from The Latex Store! We love this chance to put the spotlight on our clothing! And here we are!
This is the Latex Retro Mod Minidress. And it's adorable, isn't it? This is from our Too-Short Collection. It has a scooped neckline that gives this cute dress some sex appeal! And the black stripe also the bust also draws our attention to the girls ;) The empire waist and flared skirt add some flirt and fun to this little dress! And it looks great on most everyone! If you click under the picture on the product page, you can snag a look at some other color combinations for this dress. And don't forget that handy size chart! If you looking to add a little retro flare to you latex, this mod minidress is perfect for you!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let's hear it for the boys!

Now, latex is certainly not just for the ladies. It’s for guys too! The Latex Store has an excellent selection of men’s latex clothing and accessories! And fellas, you get a little sizing advice too. When finding you size, you’re going to need a tape measure as well. Take your clothing off and measure your bare skin. That’s very important!

Once you get that measurement, go ahead and subtract an inch so you get some stretch! Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to purchase our latex tom suit. Because it is a full body suit, you’ll need a measurement for your waist. To get that measurement, you’ll need to put your arms to your sides. Now, find the bend in your arm. This is where your waist is. You’ll want to use that measurement to find your size. Use our size chart! There is also a link on the latex tom suit product page.

If you run into any trouble, give us a call at 1.866.945.2839 between 9 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday. Or use our online help option! We'll be happy to chat with you and help!

Oh and guys, our brother store, TLS RubberGear will be at International Mr. Leather in two weeks (May 25-28th!). If you are planning on attending, stop by our booth and try on our latex in person! And if you are going to be attending DomCom next week, we'll see you there too. Busy, busy, busy but we love it!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If the latex fits, wear it!

At The Latex Store, we get tons of questions regarding sizing. So, we thought that a focus on how to find your size in latex clothing would help answer some of your questions!

Our clothing and accessories come in all sorts of sizes. This varies among products, but most every product will have the option of small, medium and large. Some come with the extra small and extra-large option. And our plus size clothing can go from an XX to an XXXXX large. So, there is always bound to be something at The Latex Store that will fit you!

When determining your size, you’ll need a tape measure. You should remove your clothing and measure your body (hips, bust, waist, etc.). For instance, if you wanted to purchase this Hobble Skirt, you would need to measure your waist and hips. When you have those measurements, refer to the size chart on the Hobble Skirt product page or this size chart located in our FAQ section.

In order to gain the tight fit that latex is intended to have, you’ll need an inch of stretch. What does that mean? Well, let’s say your hips measure to 34 inches. Your hip measurement for latex will actually be 33 inches, to allow for an inch of stretch. Neat, huh? This will allow for that super sexy fit wearers of latex adore!

If you still have questions when determining you size, we can help! We have a live chat option under the online help header at the top of our page. You can send us an email from that same link. Or call us during our business hours (9 AM to 6PM M-F) at 1.866.945.2839. Don't hesitate to ask! The right fit is a must!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer fun!

I don't know about you, but we're hot! Well, temperature wise too ;) It is heating up out there and summer is making it's presence known. This week's outfit of the week is also bringing the heat!
This is the Latex Ruffle Halter Dress in a sunny yellow. Why do we love it? Well, it's part of our Sophisticate Collection and it is so adorable! The neckline is super sexy and the halter stlye is very summery. And who wouldn't love the ruffle on the bottom of the skirt! Add in some pumps or peep toe heels and your look is complete!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Videos of our latex!

The Latex Store has a YouTube account with lots of videos! We love to film our photo shoots with our lovely models. And it gives you all a glimpse into our world of latex. We are loving this video of Angela Ryan posing in some of our new fashions for 2012. Doesn't she look great? And some of these pieces will be coming along with us when we travel to DomCom in LA on the 18th! As always, stayed tuned for our outfit of the week!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dressing aids

As much as we love latex, it can be a little bit tricky to get in and out of. And it can even be painful if you don't do it correctly (friction! youch!). That's where dressing aids come in. We have an entire section dedicated to them at The Latex Store. This one is called Pjur Cult dressing aid and conditioner. It not only aids with slipping in and out of your clothing but it conditions it as well. Latex needs a little love to stay in a wearable condition. But if you would rather use a powder over a lubricant, try this: silver cup talc. It's a fine powder made of pure talc that you apply to your skin before putting on latex clothing to reduce friction and help slide the piece into place. So no matter what you prefer, we can certainly aid you in your dressing!