Monday, June 29, 2015

Sweet as candy

Happy Monday! Did you see any sunshine this weekend? We sure did! We had so much fun this weekend... we just didn't want the party to end!

Check it out! How much fun is our Candy dress? If this doesn't keep the fun times rolling, we don't know what will!

We love the style of this dress. The collared halter neckline is really different from our other dresses. It really adds a unique touch to the dress. And the deep v-neck is super sexy!

 The zipper detail is so neat! And it's functional too. You'll have no trouble getting in and out and back into this dress.  So easy!

The skater style skirt is so cute! This style is super popular now. You're going to love the way it flow and spins.

So, if you're on the search for a latex dress with a different type of style, the Candy dress could be perfect for you!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Shiny and bright

We know that not every purchase from us is a big one. Most of the time, it's just a little one! You're just picking up some shiner or a dressing aid. And paying for shipping on such a small item can be a such a bother.

Well, we're her to remind you that the shipping for favorite shiners and dressing aids is always on the house. That's right! Free shipping on ALL dressing aids and shiners! Just enter in the coupon code "free" at checkout! 

Have you tried our Pjur latex polish? We love this product! And the bottle makes it so easy to use. This product gives your latex that high gloss you're looking for. So spray it on and shine it up! 

Many of you are probably familiar with the Vividress dressing aid. This stuff is amazing. It's a necessity for getting into any sort of latex clothing. It's even going to work well for someone hairy. And it helps the latex appear more translucent. This stuff is excellent! 

And you can get both of these products with FREE shipping! This isn't a one time offer either! Free shipping on all of our shiners and dressing aids always. It sure is something to be excited about! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Straps and ruffles!

Boy, it is really hot out there. Summer is here alright! Not the best weather for latex... But don't stress. This week's outfit is the perfect solution. Keep the faith!

Check it out. It's the Ashley dress from our Blue Skye Collection. We love this piece. The straps are very different. We have very few dresses or tops with these thin, spaghetti straps. We like that they add a barely there effect. It allows the wearer to show off their beautiful shoulders and chest.

The body of this dress has a great fit. It shows off every single sassy curve you have to offer! It's fully tailored so, we're not joking about the fit of this dress! It will really fit like a glove.

And what about that ruffle? It's the very best way to end such a cute and flirty dress. And the trim adds an bit of extra detail. What's not to love?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Perfection to a tee!

Hey there! Did you know we have a made to measure option? Yes, some of dresses will allow for a custom fit, just for you!

What does that mean exactly? Exactly how it sounds! We will build one of our Blue Skye Collection pieces specially to your measurements. This brings new meaning to something fitting like a glove! 

It's really easy too. Just go to the product page of the item you wish to purchase. Like the Charlotte Dress. Select the made to measure option. Then fill in your bust, waist and hips measurements. It just so simple! And just like that, a custom piece that fits you and only you. 

Now, do allow some time for your garment to be made. But it's so worth it! What piece are you going to have made to order?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hot and spicy!

Is your latex wardrobe boring you? Can't seem to decide what to wear? Want something more sexy than blah? We have just the thing!

Well check this out! It's the lovely Emily Addison modeling the Jillian dress. We're sure this one isn't like anything you have in your closet at home.

We love the high collar on this dress. It's so sleek and sexy! It's a two toned collar too! How cool is that? Transparent latex is so in right now! And the deep v neck neckline is so sexy.

This dress is fully tailored. It;s going to look great on. Show off those curves and your legs!

So, are you ready to take a leap? Take a walk on the wild side? Try the Jillian on for size!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Beach Bag Bingo!

If you are anything like us, you have a bag for every little thing. We can't help it! So many bags and so little time. And with summer here, a good beach bag is calling our name. And a little Wednesday  online shopping never hurt anyone so...

Oh my goodness. This first bag... it's so cute!! You can't deny it. It's those darn pom poms. Topshop has got it going on, that's for sure! We love the color combo. Sophisticated with a pop of summery yellow. And those long handles get a thumbs-up from us!

We're just feeling the stripes, what can we say? It's a great summer trend. But this Madewell bag has so much more going on than just stripes. We are digging those tassels! And this bag is a great size too. It will fit all your beach essentials. Win win!

How do you feel about carrying a piece of art around on your shoulder? Are you into it? Well here you go! This bag is a real beauty. Oh, it's just lovely. We love all of those little details. Could this be the perfect beach bag? Could be!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

A halter dress... with flair!!

Wow! What a relaxing and fun weekend. We hope yours was the same! Why don't we keep the good times rolling with yet another outfit of the week?!

This week we are featuring the flared halter dress from our Too Short Collection. It has this wonderful high collar that snaps in the back for easy wear. We think the high neckline gives this dress a very high fashion, posh look. Just the look you are going for, right?

The cut of this dress really does showcase your shoulders and arms. If you turn to the side and back, you can see how revealing this dress is. We think it can really spice up your collection!

This dress has a really wonderful sculpted fit. It's beautifully tailored and looks amazing on. It hugs all you beautiful curves!

And it looks good in any color. We think a pearl sheen would look great! We love that look!

If you're in the market for a fun, short latex dress the flared halter may be it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Melty mess? No more!!

It's June 3rd already! And clearly things are getting warmer... well, hot!  And quickly too... Time for a makeup routine change. As you may know, this heat and humidity doesn't pair well with foundation and mascara. Don't fret! We have a few products that are sure to withstand the heat.

No matter what, you need to start with a primer! It's smooths your pores and preps your face for concealer and foundation. It really makes a difference! Smashbox has a really great primer. It really smooths you face and fills in small lines. And this primer has SPF 20! The more protection for your face, the better! With a primer, the foundation will adhere better to your face preventing it from melting off.

Eyeliner is really tricky in the summer, especially late summer when the heat is less bearable. It's sweats off or leaves your eyelids grey or sticky. It's really a struggle. Luckily, MAC has a liquid eyeliner that's both water based and water resistant. It's really going to stand the test! And the felt tip applicator makes for really easy application. This eyeliner is a must have!

Your lipstick or lip gloss is also something that's very vulnerable is the summer time. It's smears easier and can melt everywhere. The Kat Von D line at Sephora. The formulas are wonderful and long lasting. And the liquid lipstick is no exception! We love this creamy, luscious lipstick. The color is beautiful and vivid. And the color really lock in on your lips. It will survive even on the hottest summer day.

It's not a lost cause! You can still have a flawless face in the heat of the summer. Stay cool!

Monday, June 1, 2015

It's heating up out there!

Happy Monday! Ready for this week's outfit? Well, get excited. It's one of our favorites.

Do you smell something burning? Never mind. It's just the Flamey Dress! You'll really sizzle in this little number! This is a great simple, basic dress with attitude.

We love the thinner, tank top style top on this dress. The neckline is great too. It's a real deep v-cut style goes right along with the fiery number.

And our favorite part of this dress? The flames down the sides. They go all the way from under the bust to bottom. And the customization options are great too! You can pick the color of the dress and the flames!

The colors are extremely vibrant! Try it it in a turquoise or hot pink. You'll really pop this summer!