Friday, January 31, 2014

Things that creep and crawl, fly and buzz.

Either you like bugs or they give you the creepy crawlies. We're not going to lie, they do freak us out a bit. But they can be really beautiful! We fell in love with some bug inspired pieces. We thought we would share a few with you!

These may be the coolest pants we've ever seen. There's no doubt about it. These pants have bugs printed all over them. And they are gorgeously tailored. If it was up to us, we would pair these with a collared white button down blouse and a pair of forest green loafers. What a twist on the polished look.

Sunshine and warm weather are starting to peek around the corner. Maybe some new shades are in order? Found them! Check out this pair! We are digging that creepy crawly pattern. So subtle. It's super cute style with a touch of creepy.

We can't forget about spiders. These little 8 legged fellas cover this gorgeous maroon dress. It's perfectly tailored and belted. It has that goth, Addams Family vibe that we're loving right now. It's going to be eye-catching. Gorgeous! We need to get our hands on one these. Do you?

We can't get enough of these bug inspired pieces. We know what we'll be adding into our wardrobe next. Will you? Or do you still have the creepy crawlies?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Free shipping on shiners and dressing aids!

We know that not every purchase from us is a big one. Most of the time, it's just a little one! You're just picking up some shiner or a dressing aid. And paying for shipping on such a small item can be a such a bother. Sometimes it feels like it's not even worth it. Well, not anymore!

We have big, exciting news! The shipping for favorite shiners and dressing aids is now on the house. That's right! Free shipping on ALL dressing aids and shiners! Shopping with the Latex Store just got a whole lot sweeter!

Have you tried our Pjur latex polish? We love this product! And the new bottle makes it so easy to use. This product gives your latex that high gloss you're looking for. So spray it on and shine it up! 

Many of you are probably familiar with the Vividress dressing aid. This stuff is amazing. It's a necessity for getting into any sort of latex clothing. It's even going to work well for someone hairy. And it helps the latex appear more translucent. This stuff is excellent! 

And you can get both of these products with FREE shipping! This isn't a one time offer either! Free shipping on all of our shiners and dressing aids from now on. Let's get excited! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Start your week right!

Welcome back! How was your weekend? Well, we're excited to get this week started. And we think an OOTW is the perfect way to do that!

The spotlight our Andrea Dress this week. It's one of our new favorite basic dresses. The Andrea is from our Blue Skye Collection.

The tank style is one of our favorites. It work well with a variety of body types. And we think this style is extremely comfortable and provides the support you need in a latex dress. The scoop neck adds some fun to this basic dress.

We love the stripe of color around the waist. It adds emphasis to the waist and makes the dress appear more slimming. And you get to pick the color! There are dozens of different color options for the Andrea.

We all know it's time to start think ahead towards spring and summer clothing. Why not add the Andrea in? You know you want to!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Totes on totes on totes

Want to know something we are constantly wishing for? Simplicity. We don't want all this fuss. We want to be able to get up and out of the house without it being a huge production.

Well, there are a few things that can help. Today's suggestion? A tote bag. A decent size bag that will hold everything you need for work, running errands and even squeezing a few minutes in at the gym. One bag that's works for many different elements of your life. And cute too! Check out some of our favorites.

We love a good Michael Kors bag. So classic and smart looking. He does totes too! Just look at this one. What a gorgeous bag! We love the shape of this tote. And we have no doubt it will hold everything you'll need. Just throw your lunch in on your way out the door and you're ready for the day!

Maybe simplicity for you is a smaller bag. Not a problem! Check out this smaller, structured tote. It's a little bit more manageable and more portable. If you don't need to tote as many things around, this might be the bag for you! We think this is a great work bag!

Maybe you are longing for a pop of color? We have a tote for that too! Check out this bright red bag by Rebecca Minkoff. Gorgeous! We love the box bottom on this bag. It makes it easier to find things when you set it down. It gives a great amount of structure to this bag. What a beauty!

Are we saying a tote bag is the answer to all your problems? Not at all! But it can be a step in the right direction. And well,  who doesn't want a new handbag?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Love day is coming our way!

Valentine's Day is such a short time away! Like really! Time to get on top of it! Do you need something sexy to wear? Latex always makes things interesting. Or maybe the one you love also loves latex? What a great gift! Well, no matter which way you go this Valentine's Day, we have a few ideas to help inspire you!

You are going to need something to wear! And not just anything... This is our Bailey dress. This dress is a real spicy little number and work great for a romantic dinner. Leave them speechless!

Well, just because it's Valentine's day, doesn't mean you can't dress up! Plus, we think our Police officer uniform works perfectly for those who want to be a bit more daring. Dress up isn't just for the kiddies you know! Give that special someone an extra special surprise. 
Our deluxe garter skirt is the perfect blend of retro and sexy. And we love how it looks paired with our crossover bra top. Do you dare to awaken your inner seductress this Valentine's Day?

Febuary 14th is not too far off! Less than a month now! Hurry and make you selections. Believe us, you won't want to miss out on a little something shiny this Valentine's day!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sound the alarm!

Happy Monday, latex peeps! And happy MLK day too! Do you have a 3 day weekend? Well, either way we're bringing you another outfit of the week!

It's the Siren dress! Wow! We think we named this one appropriately. What a sexy, red-hot number! We love the neckline on this dress. It's a cross over style top. And the swooping neckline will allow you to show off some skin!

We really love our two toned dresses. They allow you to personalize your dress to your particular style. You are the designer! Go with the red and black or choose your own combination.

And another great thing about this dress? There is a full zip in the back. We try our best to make it easy to get in and out of our latex fashions.

So, what do you say? Is the Siren your kind of style? Let us know what you think! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Oh just loafing around...

While we weren't paying attention, loafers stole the shoe scene. And these aren't your grandmother's loafers! They are cute and perfect for your everyday look. We haven't convinced you? Hold tight. We have more!

Let's start with the basics. Nothing too crazy! Like this pair by Rebecca Minkoff. You have to admit, they are gorgeous! The heel and the sweeping lines. And we love the cutout. We would pair these with a bright pair of tights. You can really show of the color!

I've got my blue suede shoes! Seriously. Right here. Check out this pair! You think they are plain jane and then... BAM! Check out that fabric in the back. That is a super cool detail. You are going to want to wear these everyday. We don't even own a pair and we want to!

And looking towards spring, we think these are perfect! The coral and grey is the perfect color combo for spring. And the geometric pattern and cutout? We are in love. These are going to look great with shorts and sundresses. You are going to wear these over and over again in the warmer months. We're sure of it.

So get out there and go shoe shopping! You deserve it! Will you go with loafers? We sure hope so!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Floral for the winter!

Dying to stray away from your winter neutrals? Or maybe you just want to mix something new in. Something that holds the promise of spring coming soon? We got the perfect thing! Floral! Yes. Floral in winter. Think we're crazy? Keep reading and you can be the judge!

A black dress can really serve you well any time of the year. Add a little something special and it's even better. We gave a tiny gasp when we saw this dress by Christopher Kane. Isn't it gorgeous? We love the scattered use of floral on this dress. And the colors really pop against the black of the dress. We think this is a great way to wear floral in the wintertime. Pair the floral print with a darker color. Save the lighter prints for the spring! 

If it's pretty chilly where you are, pants are a must. Skirts and dresses might not be warm enough. Not to worry! Check out these floral pants! A little wild but pretty neat, right? And they are this great corduroy texture. That means warmth! Pair them with a solid color navy, cream or black blouse. You have the prefect lunch date outfit! 

Mix up your regular work wear. Add in a floral top to make you outfit really pop out! We like this one. The print is so interesting. It's not your typical floral pattern. And it will pair nicely with your own dress pants or skirt. Such a polished look! 

We hope we have inspired your winter wardrobe. Let us know what you think! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Let's warm things up!

Yes, we are already wishing for warmer weather. Groundhog day is a couple of weeks away and we're hoping he doesn't see his shadow.  We want to soak up the sun! And this week's outfit is perfect for that!

It's the Ashley dress from our Blue Skye Collection. We adore this little dress. The straps are very unique. We have very few dresses or tops with these thin, spaghetti straps. We like that they add a barely there effect. It allows the wearer to show off their beautiful shoulders and chest.

The body of this dress has a great fit. It shows off every single sassy curve you have to offer! It's fully tailored so, we're not joking about the fit of this dress! It will really fit like a glove.

And what about that ruffle? It's the very best way to end such a cute and flirty dress. And the trim adds an bit of extra detail. What's not to love? So, is this going to be your spring latex dress? We hope so!

Friday, January 10, 2014

End of the season sale!

Hey there! Have you stopped by our end of season sale lately? It won't be around much longer and you really don't want to miss out. We're not joking around. Check it out!

Need a pair of capri pants? They are the perfect thing to wear with some of the tops and corsets we offer. Super skin tight and sexy. How can you say no? We have small black and a small turquoise pair for sale.

Already thinking about spring? Wishing for warmer temperatures? Maybe the Mia will be the perfect thing to tide you over. This is one of our all time favorites. So cute and fun! We have one of these on sale. If a small emerald bottom and silver top dress will fit you and your style, go for it!!

Looking for some sexy to wear for Valentine's day? Give that special someone a real sultry surpise and save dollars doing it! They don't need to know... Check it out. It's the the secretary dress. We love that front zip! We have an extra small black with pearl blue and an extra small black with white for sale!

So get out there and check out our sale! There are plenty of great items to choose from.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The cold doesn't bother us anyway!

Brrrr! It's freezing outside! A polar vortex has swept through most of the U.S. It's like winter is punching us in the face. Well, you get the picture... More than half of the population is under a wind chill advisory. It's time to bundle up! We think a infinity scarf is just the thing. It's going to be the finishing touch to the layered marshmallow-like look you'll be sporting this week.

We like infinity scarves because well... they are easy. Putting them on is a snap! No need to wrap around or tie. Just put it over your head and you are set to head out the door. We have our eye on this one from Topshop. We'e big fans of the heathered, fleck pattern. It's a great way to put a twist on a basic. Such a beautiful scarf! 

If you are going to be warm, why not look fabulous while doing it? That sounds like a win-win situation to us! Fur is fab in our book! Check out this fur infinity scarf by Ugg Australia. We think this will give you a really polished winter look. And the shearling will keep you toasty warm! 

And you can't go wrong with a big chunky scarf. This has to be our favorite winter look. Check out this one! The golden color and the braided look? So perfect! The best thing about an infinity scarf? You can pull it up around your ears and face. Bring on the arctic wind! We have our armor! 

Stay warm and safe out there! Think warm thoughts. Oh you know, white sand beaches and deserts. Spring will be here before we know it!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Looking retro in the 2014!

New year and new outfit of the week! The first one of 2014! We're looking forward to many more. But we are getting ahead of ourselves! Onward to the outfit!

It's the Lisa dress from our Blue Skye Collection! Have you see this one? We love the retro look this dress captures. It's perfect for anyone seeking something a little bit more unique or different!

The high collar has a really look to it. It really pairs well with the bell shape front cutout. Combined with the tank style, this dress looks like something a go go dancer would wear. So reminiscent of the past yet fresh and exciting! You'll look anything but old fashioned!

We're in love with the lacing. It really adds something special. And the detail on the neck? So great! If you are looking for the opposite of basic, you'll find it in this dress. This is a two tone dress. That means you can choose both the color of dress and the details. Make the Lisa your own creation!

That's all for today! We hope you'll continue to visit our blog every Monday for an outfit of the week!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Easing back in

Can you think of a single word to describe how we are all feeling right now? Hmmmm. Oh, we think we got it! Ugh. The holidays are over and the new year is here. It's time to take down the decorations, make your resolutions and most importantly, return to reality! Well, after the weekend is over. Let's ease back into it, shall we? How do we propose this you ask?

Beanies. Slouchy knitted hats that provide warmth, a laid back look and the perfect solution to a bad hair day. They may be the perfect thing for these next few days of "I don't wanna!" Plus, they are going to aid all winter long as we battle the cold and snow. Trust us! 

Beanies are great. What makes the even better? A giant pom pom! It's so cute and kind of reminds us of something we would wear as a kid. Check out this mustard yellow hat for Zara. It's on our wish list for sure! We think it would look great paired with a grey or army green colored coat. Add some tight pants and heeled booties... now that's a good look. So casual yet extremely cute!

If you have a more urban style, the next hat is perfect for you. We are really digging the beanies with text on them. You have seen them all over the place! They are really popular right now. If we we're going to buy one,  it would have to be this one from Topshop. Mix it into an outfit with a leather moto jacket and a chunky gold chain necklace. What an awesome, hip hop style outfit. Is that a look you may go for in 2014?

And nothing is wrong with a basic beanie. It goes with nearly everything and will surely serve it's purpose... keeping your head warm! The go with any jacket, coat or sweater. And they capture that classic winter look. We would pick this hat from Madewell. It looks super cozy and we love the burgundy color. You can't go wrong with this hat.

It's not all bad! We have a whole new year in front of us. We're excited to take it all on. We can't wait to travel, meet more of you and debut our latest latex line. Of course, there are sure to be a few surprises along the way. We hope you'll come along with us. Happy New Year from the Latex Store to you!  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

Happy New Year! How was your big night? Recovering  from a night of fun? Well, take this time to check out our whole new year of shows! We're excited to start traveling again. Here we go!

First up is Mid Atlantic Leather! It's next weekend in Washington D.C. Who will we see in our nation's capital? Our sister companies, Midnight Blue's and The Latex Store will be bringing a ton of men's clothing and gear. We are working right now to get all of our goodies sent up to the capitol.  

You can check out our full travel schedule here. In February, we are headed up to Providence, RI for Fetish Fair Fleamarket. And in March, we will be in Dallas, TX for South Plains LeatherFest. Stay tuned to our blog and Twitter for more information as we approach those dates! We hope to see you there!

Have a happy holiday! Welcome 2014!