Friday, March 29, 2013

The Lulu!

Hey there! Is anyone else excited to get this holiday weekend started? We're hoping to spend some time outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. And that has us thinking about color! Here's one of our all time favorites that's all about color!

This is the Lulu! It's from our Too Short Collection. We love this dress because it's so unique! The tailoring of the top really boosts the sexiness. And the spaghetti straps give you extra support as well. That's always a plus! 

And we love the added little ruffle in the back. It gives the Lulu a little something extra! And there are endless color combinations for the Lulu. You can be as daring as you want to be! Mix it up with our pearl sheen latex for even more fun! 

 This dress also goes up to a XXL in size. It's great for many body types! You're going to love the Lulu

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Sunday Style

Believe it or not, Easter is this Sunday. It feels like it was just Christmas! Don't get us wrong. We're excited for this holiday that marks the start of spring. It's the perfect time to show off your new spring dress, hat or pair of shoes. If you're still deciding on what to wear, we can help! Here's our take on Easter Sunday fashion. 

When it comes to choosing what to wear, it's good to think cute but also modest. But that doesn't mean grandma style! Glamour magazine recently posted about Easter fashion. We loved all the pieces they showed us. Our favorite has to be the Kimchi blue Alabama dress from Urban Outfitters. It's a great loose-fitting shift dress. It's a great basic dress that is really easy to accessorize. This dress seems comfortable enough to wear all day long. Plus, it won't be completely impractical when you're dashing to and fro, searching for Easter eggs. 

We also loved the pair of brocade pants from J.Crew. They have such a fun design and are a bit dressier. We think they would look great paired with a white button down peter pan colored blouse, a gold statement necklace and ballet flats. It's a great way to look dressy but also stay comfortable. And we are all about comfort! 

We found another fun article on Vogue talking all about Easter hats. There are still some out there who go all out, sporting giant hats. But for those of us who aren't as daring, there are other choices! We loved the cloche hat. It's so retro and cute. And we find it to be festive and fun. If the one from Barneys isn't quite in your price range, we suggest Target! We just saw some adorable cloche styles hats in stock the other day. 

We hope our little Easter style guide has inspired you! And we wish you a Happy Easter! May the Easter bunny leave you the biggest chocolate bunny of them all! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad hair days be gone!

It's Monday...again. And let's face it. No one likes Mondays. But we must get up and face the day. But, there are always shortcuts you can take to make things a little easier on yourself. Today we're all about hair. Let us show you a few tricks we've been using lately.

Dry shampoo! It's our miracle product recently. It so easy to use and makes 2nd or 3rd day hair more manageable. And nobody like greasy hair. This is a great product to use if you overslept (let's face it. It happens to all of us!) or you just want to give your hair some extra volume. And they smell great too!

Elle magazine just shared their favorite 13 dry shampoos. We're big fans Batiste (amazing scent!). They  have a dry shampoo formulated for all you brunettes out there (no more white streaks!)! And we're thinking of trying the Phillip B. brand next! What do you think? Did they list any of your favorites?

Let's face it. No one has time for spending a whole lot a time on their hair on Monday mornings. We just want something quick and cute that will last all day. Elle recently shared 3 easy hair up do tutorials that seem quick and easy. And they are good for all hair lengths! We fell in love with the knotted up do. It looked so relaxed and fun (and perfect for spring... if it ever gets here!). And if you make use of dry shampoo, your hair texture will work perfectly with these fun hairstyles.

We wish you all a stress-free Monday. Remember to breathe. It will be the weekend again before we know it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Andrea!

Happy Friday! We're a little bit too excited about the weekend, can you tell? But, there are still things that need to be done! Like our OOTW!
We're spotlighting our Andrea Dress this week. It's one of our new favorite basic dresses. The Andrea is from our Blue Skye Collection.

The tank style is one of our favorites. It work well with a variety of body types. And we think this style is extremely comfortable and provides the support you need in a latex dress. The scoop neck adds some fun to this basic dress.

We love the stripe of color around the waist. It adds emphasis to the waist and makes the dress appear more slimming. And you get to pick the color! There are dozens of different color options for the Andrea.

We all know it's time to stock up on spring and summer clothing. Why not add the Andrea in? You know you want to!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The early days of Spring: What to wear

We’re not really sure what to think of March. Here in Houston, TX, our warm days are beginning to out number the cooler ones. But, some states are still getting snow and ice. Yet our calendars tell us that today is the first day of spring and our clocks have sprung forward.

We were just reading an article on talking about this awkward time as the season change and what to wear.  We’re all growing tired of coats and scarves; and we are aching for sandals and sun hats.  We will get there soon enough! Soon we will be wishing for cooler weather.

Take this time to wear those favorite winter pieces you adore but add in some spring pieces your dying to wear out. Pop your new sleeveless, button-down blouse under one of your favorite sweaters. And if you dare, mix some new spring jewelry in where you can. And of course, sneak in some bright colors. We think bright tights and scarves could really mix up your boring winter ensembles.

If the weather is right, you can even start to incorporate some spring skirts. Recently, Elle shared their favorite 32 skirts for spring. We think this floral pencil skirt from Stella McCarthy is perfect. Or if you crave a different style, this A-line floral skirt from Top Shop is great too!  Both pieces can be worn with tights on colder days and without them when the weather is right. And the floral ties in that promise of spring right around the corner.

So, we dare you all start sporting spring fashion underneath your coats and jackets. And remember, spring is just around the corner. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

We're loving that emerald green!

Good morning! How was your St. Patty's weekend? Are you sick of the color green yet? We hope not! Because we're seeing green. And no, it's not envy or sickness! It's the color of the year!

Have you heard? Pantone has named emerald green as 2013's color of year. We're loving it! It's one of our favorite colors we have on our site.

We love our pearl sheen emerald. It's one of our most unique colors. It looks great from head to toe and in our smaller pieces. Like latex bandeau top! Or The Latex Store camisole top. We think both of these would look beautiful in emerald! What do you think?

We hope you'll consider an emerald green piece in your own collection! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Ashley!

If you haven't been able to tell, we're pretty excited about warm weather. We're tired of the cold! We want to soak up the sun! And this week's outfit is perfect for that! 

It's the Ashley dress from our Blue Skye Collection. We adore this little dress. The straps are very unique. We have very few dresses or tops with these thin, spaghetti straps. We like that they add a barely there effect. It allows the wearer to show off their beautiful shoulders and chest.

The body of this dress has a great fit. It shows off every single sassy curve you have to offer! It's fully tailored so, we're not joking about the fit of this dress! It will really fit like a glove.

And what about that ruffle? It's the very best way to end such a cute and flirty dress. And the trim adds an bit of extra detail. What's not to love?

So, is this going to be your summer latex dress? We hope so! Check it the The Latex Store product page for even more details!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our favorite colors for warm weather

We're getting pretty tired of wintertime at the Latex Store. We're dreaming about summer days. We're most excited about the color! And that got us thinking about our favorite colors for spring and summer. Check this out!

Light blue! It's one of favorite shades of blues. It's vibrant but not too crazy. A great color for spring!

Vibrant pink is great for summer. This color looks amazing against tanned skin. You need something in this color! It really brightens things up. 

This jade green is a new addition to the our colors. We love it! It's unusual and a really beautiful shade. We think it will look great all spring and summer long.

There a just a few of our favorites! If you are interested in all the colors we have to offer, check out The Latex Store color chart. We have so much to offer! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

It's time for shorts and skirts

March is going by so quickly! Spring and summer are coming up. Are you starting to gear up for warmer weather? It's time whip out your shorts and skirts. Here are some of our favorites.
These are The Latex Store shorts shorts! The are just a basic pair of shorts. They fit like a dream. A good pair of shorts is essential for you warmer weather latex wardrobe!

Oh yes. We can get even shorter! These are The Latex Store deluxe low rise hot pants. We love the fit of these. They are so sexy! And they are available is so many colors too!

We love our flirt skirt! It's super short and the fishtail in the back? Adorable! This would be the perfect basic piece for any warmer weather outfit! 
Here's another fun, short skirt in a different style. It's our circle skirt. It's a great skirt for anytime but why not try it in some fun colors for spring and summer. Maybe a light blue or vibrant pink? It's all about color this spring! 

We hope we have inspired you! Goodbye winter blues and hello sunny skies! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Jezebel!

Finally! It's Friday! It's been a really long week, don't you think? Well, you know the drill! It's time for our outfit of the week.
It's the Jezebel dress. We think it's the perfect dress for the impending warm weather. The halter style up top is so fun! And the piping adds some fun flair too. And of course, you get to pick the color. This dress can really be your own creation.

The plunge neckline is super sexy too. And we love the bow detail too! The ruffle along the bottom is too cute! This dress is all about the small details.

So, are you looking for a new dress for spring and summer? The Jezebel is a great choice!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

South Plains Leatherfest is this weekend!

Hey folks! We hear that there is a huge snow storm on the east coast. How are you all hanging in over that way? Stay safe and warm!

We're glad we don't have an of that white cold stuff over our way! We're all packed up and headed up to Dallas, TX for South Plains Leatherfest

Since it's close to home, we're bringing out all the stops. We'll have plenty of mens' and womens' latex clothing and gear. It's going to be a very exciting weekend. And we hope to see a bunch of you out there! 

Can't make it this weekend? That's okay! We have plenty of more events we'll be at this spring and summer. Be sure to check out The Latex Store travel schedule for all the details. See you soon!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Flamey Dress!

Goodness! We are so glad it's Friday! And it's time for another outfit of the week. Are you ready?

It's The Latex Store Flamey Dress! And you'll be a real fire cracker in this one! This is a great simple, basic dress with pizazz! 

We love the thinner, tank top style top on this dress. The neckline is great too. It's a real deep v-cut style goes right along with the fiery number. 

And our favorite part of this dress? The flames down the sides. They go all the way from under the bust to bottom. And the customization options are great too! You can pick the color of the dress and the flames! 

We think this dress is perfect for the upcoming summer heat. It's a great basic dress with a whole lot of spice. Can you take it on?