Friday, February 27, 2015

We're ready for that warm weather glow!

Who cares if it's freezing and snow is still on the ground. It's time to start thinking about tanning! This isn't just wishful thinking. Spring break is coming! And warm weather will be here soon. We want that glow when we start wearing shorts, dresses and bathing suits!  We can all agree that laying out in the sun is a no go! It's ages your skin and put you at a higher risk for skin cancer. And who wants to wait?! We think professional spray tans can be awfully expensive! Luckily, there are some great self tanning products out on the market. Here are just a sampling of our favs!

Tarte is one of our favorite makeup brands. We love their makeup formula which strays away parabens and synthetic fragrances among other things. They are really bring us great cosmetics and their Brazillance self tanner is no exception. The gel formula is very moisturizing and transfers the self tanner to skin very well. And the mitt that comes with the product is really helpful and prevents streaking. And no one wants a streaky tan! If you have dry skin, this is a great product for you to try!

Origins has some of our favorite skincare products. They are very natural and moisturizing. We really love this brand! Their self tanner provides a beautiful color. If you're looking for a bronze, shimmery look to your skin, this is the product for you! It applies like a dream and provides a beautiful color. And it smells orange and peppermint. Yum!

Not all self tanners are creams and gels. They also come in a towelette variety. This guarantees easy application and they are great for travel! You'll get through security and you won't have to worry about spillage. That's another worry off your mind while traveling! These Dr. Dennis Gross tanning wipes are wonderful. Not only do they apply tanner, but they also minimize hair growth. That's really helpful during the summertime. These pads make your skin feel great while providing a beautiful tan.

We hope we have inspired you to self tan! Or maybe just try a new brand. Do you have a favorite self tanner? Let us know on our Twitter!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chains and whips and leather. Oh my!

Hmmm.... here's a fashion trend we can really get behind. We have just one question. What do you think of the new 50 shades of Gray movie? Now you can see where this may be headed.

S&M inspired fashion. Adding a little... restraint to your everyday look. Let's get naughty, shall we?

There's something empowering about wearing all black. Bad ass even. Instead of blending in, you stand out. That's certainly the case with this Alexander McQueen dress. The tight fit leaves little to the imagination. And the white, spine detail adds real edge. We got one thing to say. Do you want to be the dominatrix of the office?

Behave? No, that's boring. Show your bad side with your jewelry. You heard us right. Check out this handcuff cuff by Jennifer Fisher. What a beautiful piece. Add it subtly into your Friday night out outfit. It's sure to bring out your better, bad side. It's a good thing. We promise...

Why just one strap when you can have a dozen? Oh you know, just for good measure. We're a big fan of the straps and buckles. Especially on this pair of heels by Isabel Marant. The criss cross pattern of the straps is quite mesmerizing. It make take a little bit of work to get into these shoes. But it's oh so worth it.

Don't you have a kinkier side just screaming to be let out? It's okay to flash a little bit in your everyday look. It's certainly a high fashion look that's on the rise. A little bit of leather never hurt nobody.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Come on, get happy!

Another cold Monday morning. We can hardly bear it! Time to think about sunny skies and above freezing temperatures...

Ah! There we go. It's the Connie Dress! Things are looking up.

We love the style of this dress. The tank top style looks great on so many body types. Don't forget that tiny little bow! Too adorable! Details like that are our favorite!

We loved the lines on the Connie. They make your body look ah-mazing! Va-va-voom! They really spice up a this simple dress! Of course, you can choose the color of both the dress and the trim. It's completely customizable!

We love where this dress hits you on your legs too. It's so flattering! And the Connie is fully tailored too! It's a must, must, must!

Friday, February 20, 2015


Ready for a blast from the past? For you eyeballs? Yeah, you heard us. We have some great sunglasses that take us way way back. Come along. All the cool kids are doing it!

Oh the 80's. Good times. Goooood times. The bright colors and scrunchies. Well let's leave the scrunchies behind. But these glasses however... Radical! Mirrored aviators by Culter and Gross. Great for warm weather that's right around the corner. Really! We promise. 

Alright. Let's go retro! 1950's to be exact. With these sassy cat eye glasses by Shauns. Aren't they so much fun?! A little bit of red lipstick, if you so desire. And that's a heck of a look! 

Now go way back with us. Way way back! All the way back to 1910 when this style of shades was popular. These ones by Moscot are super neat. Kinda quirky too! We love the details. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


It's mid-week, in the middle of winter. Blah! You feeling a little run-down... and itchy? Yeah, we got that too. Your complexion is a little dull? That dry air is brutal! We all need a good refresh. Here are a few beauty products that will do the trick! Lets revive and refresh!

Cold mornings are the worst. Cold nights too... So, how about a warming facial cleanser? You heard that right! Boscia makes this detoxifying black charcoal cleanser. As it suds up, it warms. Kinda neat, right? And the chracol draws out impurities and excess oils. And there's vitamin C too! Which is proven to brighten your skintone.

Is your hair feeling a little dry too? A great mostirizing shampoo and conditiner will do wonders! Treat yourself with the creme de coco bumble and bumble duo. It's ultra hydrating for even super dry hair. And that coconut smell will transport you to a warmer place. Even if it is just in your head.

So give yourself a little TLC. Give your skin and hair the extra love it needs around this time of the year. You deserve it!!

Monday, February 16, 2015


Looks like it's Monday again! And of course, it's time for another outfit of the week. Are you ready? It's one of our favorites.

Do you smell something burning? Never mind. It's just the Flamey Dress! You'll really sizzle in this little number! This is a great simple, basic dress with attitude.

We love the thinner, tank top style top on this dress. The neckline is great too. It's a real deep v-cut style goes right along with the fiery number.

And our favorite part of this dress? The flames down the sides. They go all the way from under the bust to bottom. And the customization options are great too! You can pick the color of the dress and the flames!

The colors are extremely vibrant! Try it it in a turquoise or hot pink. Make it pop! 

Friday, February 13, 2015


There's no doubt about it. Color is great!  But nothing beats classic black and white. Black and white clothing is classy, classic and simple. Today, we're sharing some of our favorite black and while clothing pieces.

Black and white striped jeans are our wish list. And this pair of black and white striped jeans by Hudson are really up our alley! They are quite a statement. Depending on what you wear on to top, you can really dress these up or rock them out. We find them to to be really versatile.

Warm weather isn't that far away... And this swimsuit takes us straight back to the 1950's! We're in love with this two piece bandeau swimsuit by Norma Kamali. It's a very different style from most of the suits we're seeing this summer. The twisted style of the top is so interesting! You'll surely gain a few compliments in this bathing suit!

What a classic pair of heels by Zara! These shoes will easily transition with the seasons and years. The basic style and classic color scheme are so versatile. We think these would look great paired with any of our dresses. If you're looking for a new pair of heels, these could be just the pair! 

Black and white. Do you love this classic combination? How would you wear some of these pieces? Or are you going to stick to patterns and colors? let us know what you think! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snow bunny!

Has anyone else been paying attention to how much snow they are getting up north?! 77 inches of snow in Boston?! Those are some crazy accumulation numbers. Spring seems awfully far away, doesn't it? Let's just hunker down and get through these last 6 weeks of winter. Oh, you know the drill... new shoes!

Alright. A good pair of snow boots are essential, this we know. They keep your feet warm and dry. And they can look good too! Like this pair by Coach. They are a great sage color. Neutral but a little bit different! We're a big fan of the military vibe they are putting off. And they are Coach... need we say more? Yeah, didn't think so. 

We love our Hunter boots for rainy days. What a great pair of boots! And now they are a snow day essential as well. Check out this pair! That shearling lining is going to be so soft and warm. And they are so durable. Love at first sight! 

Check out this classic pair of boots by the North Face! Oh we adore them. A little chic, lumberjack style? Did we really just say that?! Anyways, that cable knit sweater material along the top? So great. All we need is a flannel shirt and a cabin. 

Just a few more weeks right? We can do this!! 

Monday, February 9, 2015


Valentine's Day is such a short time away! Are you ready for love day? These fun outfits ought to get you in the spirit. It's our Valentine's day outfit of the week special!!

Woohoo! Now here's how you add a little spice to your evening. This is our Stella dress. This dress has a whole lot of sexy. It will work great for a romantic dinner. And the full zipper in the back makes for easy in... and out.

Our deluxe garter skirt is the perfect blend of retro and sexy. And we love how it looks paired with our crossover bra top. Do you dare to awaken your inner seductress this Valentine's Day?

Have sexy and shiny Valentine's day, ya'll! XOXO

Friday, February 6, 2015

Treat yourself!

Valentine's day is a little over a week away. Depending on your opinions of the holiday, this is either a good or bad thing... You know what we say? Treat yourself! And what's the best way to do this? Really nice beauty products. Are you picking up what we are putting down?

What's the best way to relax? Take a bath! Can you picture it now? Nice, hot water, a couple candles and a bath bomb! We have one of these in mind. A smoky poppy bath bomb from the body shop. Doesn't that just sound amazing? Lets sink right in.

Now that you are all clean and smelling good, lets focus on your skin. Spending a little bit more on a good quality product always pays off. And if it smells like roses, that's a plus in our book. This 1,000 roses beauty elixir is our number one choice. It's incredibly moisturizing and proven to repair signs of aging. That's something we all can use.

And we cannot resist adding this gorgeous eyeshadow palette by Hourglass. This one is good for all the ladies who might be heading out for the night. Dates or Galentine's day festivities! These colors are just gorgeous. The possiblites are endless. Like we said, treat yourself!

Maybe Valentine's day won't be so bad after all... And if not, there's always chocolate. And you can never go wrong with chocolate!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We heart Katy Perry!

What is the name on everybody's lips this week? Katy Perry! After her amazing super bowl half time show, we can't stop talking about her. Our Katy Perry obsession has been refueled. Lets do a little fashion spotlight!

Recently, Katy appeared on the cover of ESPN magazine music issue in this little geometric number. This two piece look is so in right now. It's as easy as putting on a dress! So very polished. And you can wear it too! Pick up both pieces on RVN's website.

And in that same issue, we saw her in yet another hot little number. We are loving Katy's recent style choices! A real take on the a little black dress. We love the fun cuts in the sweater arms. And the pencil skirt? Really sexy! Get it all at

Thanks for indulging in a little Katy Perry love with us. Her style is always changing and switching things up. She is always on our watchlist!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Your Monday distraction

What a weekend! Did you have some super bowl fun? Well it time to get back to work... But we can procrastinate just a little bit more. Check out this week's outfit! 
Are you a fan of buckle accents? Then, check out the Buckle Sheath Dress. Don't you love the buckles accents featured on the straps! What a edgy basic dress. And even better, they are functional! They allow for some adjustment that latex wear often doesn't allow. You're going to get a really great fit on top!

The fit of this dress is just amazing. It's going to be tailored to you and your curves. It just looks beautiful on! As far as length, it will hit you mid-thigh. So, it's going to short!

We think the Buckle Sheath Dress would be an excellent choice! It's going to add a little edgy-ness to your wardrobe. It's eye catching and has a great fit. Add a great pair of heels, maybe some accessories and you're certainly dressing to impress!