Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little frilly things

We're always talking about latex that goes over top. But what about what goes underneath? Those pieces are just as important! Today we're picking out our favorite latex undergarments.

Panties! You have to have them. And latex ones are so fun. If you want something more basic, we love these!
They are our high cut panties. Just pop these under your latex for a smooth look. They come in every size! If you want the desired smooth and close to the skin latex look, these are a must. 

Or for something more fun, try these. 
Our frilled back panties. How cute! We're getting a 50's vibe, for sure! 

Bras, bras, bras. As annoying as they may be, there something we can't go without. And we have some really great latex options. They work great as both bras and tops. It depends on how daring you want to be! You can go basic... 

With our demi bra. We love this one. It gives you such a cute shape!

Or mix things up! 
This is our favorite bra top we have! It's the crossover bra. It comes in all kinds of cool colors.  

We hope we've inspired you to buy yourself something new to wear underneath! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

We got your basics!

Recently, we've been asked by you all for recommendations on the perfect basic black dress. And we agree, it's important to have one! It's a basic piece that you can you time and time again. We have multiple options but this one is our favorite at the moment.

It's our Mini Dress! It's made of standard molded latex. The top is a tank top style. The neckline swoops but doesn't show off to much skin. And the length is short. It's hits at the top of the thighs. The perfect length if you ask us!

This is one of our most basic pieces. It comes it sizes small through extra large. And, it doesn't just come in black. You can also choose from red or translucent. 

If you are just getting into the world of latex, this would be the perfect first buy for you. It's simple yet super sexy. Try your hand at adding accessories, layers and shoes to dress this basic up! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Warehouse Sale- Last Call!!

Halloween is approaching fast! Less that a week now! Why is this relevant to our Warehouse Sale? Because that's the last day! That's right, after Halloween, it will be gone, gone, gone!

Don't miss out on things like this!

It's our Little Dress.  What a wonderful basic piece of latex! You know you have to have it. We only have a select few sizes and colors. Hurry before they're all gone! 

Or our Retro Mini Dress. We love this garment. It's too adorable! If you're an extra small, we have a few of these left for you. 

Or what about 

Socks! These are a great price. We have only purple left in sizes small, medium, and large. Check them out! 

Time is ticking away! Act quickly before it's all gone. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gloves, gloves: Anytime!

Hey latex peeps! What's new? We're still working on our new line. Time is ticking away! We're so excited to show you all what we've got! Only a few more months!

Folks... we're always so focused on garments. We almost forget about  accessories like gloves! We love them. They can really change up your basic pieces. They're really important! And we're shining a spotlight on them today.

Gloves are so much fun! We have a whole section dedicated to them. If you want a basic glove, these three work great. Just pick which length works best for you: elbow, extra long or wrist. Each comes in a variety of colors.

If you want a fancier glove, we have frilled gauntlets. They add a really lovely touch! Fingerless gloves are another different variety of glove. If you don't like the feeling of latex on your fingers, these may be best for you.

And guys, gloves are for you too! We offer all your basics: elbow, opera, long and wrist. Any length you want, you've got it! A pair of gloves is a great thing to add to your latex collection.

If you do decide to add pair of gloves to your closet, check out our glove measuring chart. You'll want to make sure you get the best fit!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chic and Sleek. Tres Magnifique!!

Happy Friday! Who's happy this week is over? We are! This has been our big moving week and we're just exhausted. We're ready for that R and R! But, not quite yet. Here's the Outfit of the Week!

It's our Chic dress and it's just lovely! Let's start from the top! This dress has a turtleneck neckline. It's so sleek. This garment is sleeveless. So together, they both compliment each other nicely! Tres chic! 

This dress is fully tailored so, it fits like a glove. It's really going to show off the lines and curves of your body. And as far as getting in and out, there shouldn't be any issue! We have put a full length zipper in the back. 

We think this dress is the picture of elegance. It's sleek and beautiful. And it comes in a variety of colors. We think it would be perfect for dinner or just having a great time! A dress like this is an essential as we approach the holidays. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

DomCon Atlanta = Success!!

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was amazing! We were at DomCom Atlanta, doing what we do best.  We had so much fun putting peeps in our latex fashions! Oh and catching up with our Atlanta friends. And all of our other friends who popped by our booth to say hello! What a fantastic weekend!

And speaking of fun weekends, we have another one up ahead. We'll be at Mr. International Leather the first weekend in November! That's not too far away. And we are bringing all the men's latex we got! It's going to be a great event for our fellas. If you're making plans to attend, you have to stop by! Chicago, first weekend in November!

We'll be back on Wednesday with more news! See you soon!

Friday, October 12, 2012

We love pink!

Hey folks! We're currently having a blast out at DomCon Atlanta! What a great crowd. Are you part of it? If so, come say hello and let us dress you up! We want to see you! 

This week, we just wanted to have some fun with our OOTW.... 
And what's more fun that this?! It's our Candy Dress from our Too Short Collection! We love this dress. The halter neckline is flattering for any body type. It really frames your upper body nicely. 

The skirt is a flirty, circle style. It's so flirty and cute! This dress has tons of adorable elements. If you want to have a good time, this is the dress to wear! 

And it's super easy to get in and out using the zipper on the front. Plus, it's a super cool detail too. We love this dress! It's only available in shocking pink but it's such a great color for this dress. 

We think this dress would be great for so many occasions, maybe even Halloween. Come on barbie, let's party?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween is getting close!

Folks, Halloween is not far away! Do you know who you're going as this year? There's so many options! Well, if you have a some basics, it's super easy to transform them into costumes with simple latex accessories. Check it out! 

Let's say you want to go as a maid. Take a basic black dress, latex or just something from your closet. Then direct your attention to the uniforms section of our site. And select our maid apron. Then add your own feather duster and a french maid headpiece from your local Halloween store. And there you are! You're a super sexy, slightly shiny maid. It's so simple and won't break the bank either! 

Or wear a red or white dress. Look for one in your closet or check out your local secondhand store. Then, add our medical apron and hat. And some heels and voila! You're a nurse and it didn't even hurt! 

Halloween isn't so hard, is it? Well, if you want to purchase anything from us, we urge you to make your purchases. Our selection is becoming more limited. And we're running out of time and we need to process our Halloween orders as soon as possible. So, go forth and buy latex! If you need some help making you purchase, want to know the availability of a piece or just need an idea, give us a call! We're here to help you!

Monday, October 8, 2012

DomCon Atlanta is this weekend!

Happy Monday! We're working hard this week! Of course we are every week but it's a little different this week....

Why you ask? We'll we're heading out to Atlanta, GA in just a few days for DomCon Atlanta! And we're excited! We're bringing a ton of latex! Our booth is going to be jam packed! Are you planning on attending? We hope so! You really don't want to miss us!! 

And while we're on the subject of shows, don't forget that we'll be at Mr. International Rubber in Chicago, Illinois! It's going to be the first weekend in November, And we're going to have so much men's latex! That's right, we haven't forgotten all you fellas out there. We hope to all there! 

Have you stopped bu our site lately? We have some new pictures on our homepage. And we still have our warehouse sale going on. Why not take a peek and treat yourself. You know you want to!  and remember, if you have any questions, ask us! We're here for you! Call us toll free at 1-866-94-LATEX (52839)-- 9 am to 6 pm CDT or send us an email at info@thelatexstore.com

Friday, October 5, 2012

That's Marilyn Monroe to you!

Happy Friday!! We can't help but love October! It's been a great first week for the Latex Store. We announced our models too! Did you catch that in our last blog  post? Check it out if you haven't yet! And here we go with our regular programming: our outfit of the week!

You know what this one is! It's our Marilyn Dress! This dress is fully tailored and from our signature line. We really love this dress! It's a classic with a twist.

The halter neckline looks great on everyone. The bodice is also very fitted and close to the body. The skirt is a skater style and moves as you do! It's just a beautiful piece that looks wonderful on any figure!

This dress is great for a night out or for Halloween! Order our Marilyn dress in white, add a short, blonde wig and some red lipstick! You're ready to go; Marilyn but spiced up! All eyes will be on you!

Have a great weekend, folks! We'll be back on Monday!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We've got models!!

October puts us one step closer to one of the most exciting months for us: December! And not only do we have one of the best photographers in the biz, Ken Marcus, on board for our early December photo shoot, but now we can announce that thanks to Twisty's  both Emily Addison and Brett Rossi will be our featured models!  Both ladies are "Twistys Treats" and will appear in our new fashions and on our site with their kind permission.
We are also excited to be designing a special dress especially for Twistys -- and both ladies will appear in it! 
Links for Emily:
Links for Brett Rossi:

Do check these ladies out! They are just wonderful and we're overjoyed to have them on board for our December photo shoot. As we grow closer to December and January, stay tuned to the blog, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest details about our new line! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Happy October, latex peeps! What's not to love about October: settling into fall, pumpkins and of course, Halloween! Speaking of Halloween, have you made you necessary purchases for the big event? If you're ordering from us, you'll want to do that soon. Like this week! It takes some time to process your orders so the time to act is now! Don't you want to be shiny this Halloween? We thought so!

Over the weekend, the lovely Emily Marilyn did a catalog shoot for us! She was posing for photographer Eric Razo in our latex. She tweeted this little teaser shot:
Doesn't she look gaw-geous? And we love her feline friend too! Too cute! Stay tuned for all of those pictures.

Enjoy your first week of October! We'll be back soon!