Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Valentine's Day is less than a month away! Making plans? Do you need something sexy to wear? Latex always makes things interesting... and shiny! Or maybe the one you love also loves latex? What a great gift! Well, no matter which way you go this Valentine's Day, we have a few ideas to help inspire you.

You are going to need something to wear! And not just anything... This is our Gina Dress. This dress is a real spicy little number and work great for a romantic dinner. Leave them speechless!

Our deluxe garter skirt is the perfect blend of retro and sexy. And we love how it looks paired with our crossover bra top. Do you dare to awaken your inner seductress this Valentine's Day?
Ooo la la! Now this is a look! You have to be familiar with the Emily Dress. And we think it is the perfect sexy surprise for love day. Some one is going to happy to see you ;)

Make your Valentine's Day really special and shiny this year!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Cheer up!

Oh hello! We're just stopping by to brighten up your Monday! We think this might do the trick...

It's the Lisa dress from our Blue Skye Collection. What a fun and revealing dress with a retro vibe!  It's perfect for anyone seeking something a little bit more unique or different.

The high collar has a really look to it. It really pairs well with the bell shape front cutout. Combined with the tank style, this dress looks like something a go go dancer would wear. So reminiscent of the past yet fresh and exciting! You'll look anything but old fashioned!

We're in love with the lacing. It really adds something special. And the detail on the neck? So great! If you are looking for the opposite of basic, you'll find it in this dress. This is a two tone dress. That means you can choose both the color of dress and the details. Make the Lisa your own creation!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Keep it up!

How's that new year resolution going? It's tough stuff, we know! Clearly you need some inspiration. And if you have fitness goals, this post might be all the motivation you need...

Going to the gym is tough.... finding the time, getting up the nerve, deciding what machine to hop on. But you know what we think helps? A great outfit to wear. Yes, that sounds a bit ridiculous. But it's actually not a crazy idea! It's been proven that a great set of gym clothes really does help!

And we're personally a huge fan of compression leggings. They are easy to throw on. They look great! And it's crazy just how many pairs you can start to hoard away... But you just need another pair! Like this pair by Sweaty Betty! Such a fun design. And easy to match with any solid colored work out top. Go ahead and click on that link. You kind of need these.

Okay, onto the next issue with working out. It's cold outside! Who wants to leave their warm bed in the morning to work out? Yeah, not fun at all. But you have goals, darn it!! So, it's time to bundle up and get out there. And you can do it in style. We adore this sweatshirt by H&M. That funnel neck! The thumb holes! And a great minimal style. A must!!

And let's face it. You can always use another sports bra. And this one is a little bit different. We love that sporty zipper up the middle. And the maroon color is great for winter. Just a great pick.

So, get out there! Be inspired and reach for your goals. We know you can do it!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Burn baby burn

Brr!! It's cold out there. Snow, ice... a mess! Let this week's outfit warm you up!

Ah, yes. Much better. It's the Flamey Dress! You'll really sizzle in this little number! This is a great simple, basic dress with attitude.

We love the thinner, tank top style top on this dress. The neckline is great too. It's a real deep v-cut style goes right along with the fiery number.

And our favorite part of this dress? The flames down the sides. They go all the way from under the bust to bottom. And the customization options are great too! You can pick the color of the dress and the flames!

The colors are extremely vibrant! Try it it in a turquoise or hot pink!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A long winter's nap

Second day back... feeling sleepy? Yawn! We cannot wait to get back in to bed. Or at least get into something a little more comfortable... Here's some inspiration!

We're all about being comfy. And this pair looks just right. Nice and silky. A really classic look that won't go out of style. Perfect for the upcoming winter months. Yet cool enough on those warmer nights.

Anyone else get too warm when they sleep? Ah, so we're not alone! This pair should suit us just fine. They have that classic look... just shorter. And so soft too. You are getting sleepy, very very sleepy.

This pair is so loud, we're worried it might keep you awake! We're kidding of course. This pair is a great in-between. Long on the top and short on the bottom. And so fun! you certainly couldn't pull these off as your daytime look!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Time to shine!

Are you ready for a shiny, bright new year? We sure are!!

 It's the Michelle Dress! Shiny enough for you?  We are absolutely in love with the vibe of this dress. It's the perfect cocktail dress!

Lets start with up top! We have that beautiful halter style neckline. We think this style is really versatile. Big bust or small bust, they all look great! It really frames your bust and makes for a polished look.

This dress has some fun little details. Like that cute little bow up top. It's so small and cute! We think it is the perfect touch! And that's not all! Check out that frilly bottom! It's the perfect little finish to this dress. And the trim? It really ties it all together.

We can't forget about the zipper. There is a little zipper in the back helps you get in and out easily. It's a breeze!

Ready to show your curves? The Michelle might be right for you!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Rock on!

Need a fun pair of heels to rock with your latex? Then you need look no further! We are totally loving these PVC heels!

Oh how we lust after any pair of Christian Louboutin high heels. Gorgeous designs and bring red bottoms. This pair is no exception! They have a great slingback design. They have a real mod look to them. The mix of the beige, black, white and clear material work so well together. We think they are great for both day and nighttime.

Alright, let's see some colors! PVC heels can be bright and beautifully colored. That's what we love about this trend. Bring on those candy colors. Check out this pair by Fendi! We love those blues and purples. And the bold angles and lines are quite the statement. Pair them with a basic dress and you are ready for a night out on the town!

Though those shoes were bold? Ha! We can go bolder! The clear PVC material allows for some bold patterns. Like this pair by Rupert Sanderson. Check out that awesome zig zag pattern! And the little pink outline is the perfect pop of color.

Oh and Happy New Year, ya'll!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays, ya'll!! We're feeling pretty festive. And so is this week's outfit! Check it out.
It's our Morgan Dress. We love the unique style of this dress. If we had to pick something to wear out on NYE, it would be this!

The neckline is plunging but there are some useful straps across the front. And it gives the illusion of stripes which we find to be very neat! It has a slim fit and with a bit of stretch, it's going to be skin tight.

We love this dress in black; It's so dramatic! But, it also comes in a variety of other colors.

There is also a zipper in back. Check out the additional photos to see this dress from the back, the side, and in pink!

You know you need another latex dress... why not this one? 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry and bright

It's our last post before Christmas! And you know what we recommend? Getting out there and enjoying the lights and decorations!! But you'll want to bundle up. Oh yes, it's time to get cozy! We think a infinity scarf is just the thing. It's going to be the finishing touch to that layered marshmallow-like look. They also make an excellent last minute gift!!

We like infinity scarves because well... they are easy. Putting them on is a snap! No need to wrap around or tie. Just put it over your head and you are set to head out the door. We have our eye on this one from Topshop. We're big fans of the heathered, fleck pattern. It's a great way to put a twist on a basic. Such a beautiful scarf! 

If you are going to be warm, why not look fabulous while doing it? That sounds like a win-win situation to us! Fur is fab in our book! Check out this fur infinity scarf by Ugg Australia. We think this will give you a really polished winter look. And the shearing will keep you toasty warm! 

And you can't go wrong with a big chunky scarf. This has to be our favorite winter look. Check out this one! The golden color and the braided look? So perfect! The best thing about an infinity scarf? You can pull it up around your ears and face. Bring on the arctic wind! We have our armor! 

All of here at the Latex Store want to say.... Happy holidays to you and yours!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Counting down!!

We're counting down to Christmas! Just 6 more days left. Are you ready?? We're too excited!! We just had to distract ourselves a bit... 

Check it out! It's the Madison dress! And it can be found over on the Latex Store website, under the Blue Skye Collection tab. Click on over to get an even better look!

Can we just talk about those cutouts? Wow! That's a great look. We love that they are outlined in a contrasting color. They really pop!

The collar and cutouts look so elegant! Almost delicate. And it blends smoothly into the rest of the dress.

Doesn't this dress have an awesome shape to it?  Show off your beautiful body shape and curves. So gorgeous! We can really get behind a dress that looks good from all angles. And there's no doubt that this dress fits that criteria.

Don't worry about the zipper. It's in the back. It's so easy to get in and out of. You don't have to worry.

Be sure to play around with color and sizing choices. We encourage playfulness. Make this dress your own!