Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bathing Beauty

Hey you! We're here to tell you that one piece bathing suits are officially in. And this isn't your mother's one piece suit. No, not by a long shot. This is something you do not want to be. Let's transform you into your inner bathing beauty!

Oh, we are excited! Why? Because one piece suits aren't frumpy anymore!! In fact, we think this one by Dolce and Gabbana is cuter than your average two piece. It has some true retro flair. And that halter style top is perfect for a day out on the beach.

There's just something about a red bathing suit. That pop of bright color stands out against the summer sun and surf. And it's absolutely gorgeous. Like this Lisa Marie Fernandez creation. Not your typical one piece! You'll be showing plenty off, don't you worry. And we adore that white sash. Fab!

Let's go in a completely different direction. Like this crocheted one piece from Urban Outfitters. Any hippies out there? Or hippies at heart? This suit is too cool. The color and texture combination is so unique. Pair this suit with a pair of jean shorts and you'll have a pretty cool outfit as well.

So, upward and onward to poolsides and ocean shores! We're ready when you are, summertime!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Lilly Dress!

It's Monday! And you know what that means! Well, don't you? Haven't you caught on by now?

Are you ready for this? Can you handle it? Well, we'll see. It's the Lilly dress! It's something like you have never seen from us before.

We love that little cutout on top. So stylish! And it adds that variety we crave. Show off a little skin too!

Let's talk about that design! So eye catching! It's really something new for us. And that band around the waist! It really is slimming.

Doesn't this dress have great shape to it? Every shape and curve. So gorgeous!

Just check out that lovely side view. No matter which way you turn, this dress looks great! It's just right.

Don't worry about the zipper. It's in the back. It's so easy to get in and out of. You don't have to worry.

Did you see that side panel? It's another one of our favorite touches. And you can pick the color too! It's all up to you!

And be sure to check out the rest of the new line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

You're never fully dressed without your gloves!

Let's talk about gloves, baby!! Well you know what we say... Don't you? An outfit isn't complete without them!  they can add so much to your outfit.  They can really switch up your basic latex outfits. They are a really important part of your latex closet. And we're shining a spotlight on them today.

Gloves are so much fun! We have a whole section dedicated to them. If you want a basic glove, these three work great. Just pick which length works best for you: elbowextra long or wrist. Each comes in a variety of colors.

If you want a fancier glove, we have frilled gauntlets. They add a really lovely touch! Fingerless gloves are another different variety of glove. If you don't like the feeling of latex on your fingers, these may be best for you.

And guys, gloves are for you too! We offer all your basics: elbowoperalong and wrist. Any length you want, you've got it! A pair of gloves is a great thing to add to your latex collection.

If you do decide to add pair of gloves to your closet, check out our glove measuring chart. You'll want to make sure you get the best fit!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Oh Mary Jane...

We are thoroughly enjoying spring. Are you? We just want to have fun. Wouldn't it be great to bring that light feeling into your wardrobe? Well, we think you can. Mary Janes are back and better than ever! And of course, we have favorites!!

Aren't these just perfect? We love this cool style. There is just something about that double buckle! And that elegant pointed toe. A great everyday shoe. We can see these paired with cropped pants or a skirt.

How about a shoe for your more casual days? Walks in the park and trips to the farmer's market. We think these flats will pair nicely. They are really something cute and fun for your feet! Pop on your favorite pair of cropped trousers and a button up top! Maybe add in some big pearl earrings or a pearl necklace if you want to dress this look up a little. Classy and adorable!

These Mary Jane heels are a bit more high end. But we just adore them so much. You see that telling red bottom? Yes, the are Christian Louboutins! They are so shiny and beautiful! We would wear these with a little party or cocktail dress. Add a bright color on your lips. What a classy look!

 So, have fun with it! Keep springing through spring!


Monday, April 20, 2015

The Jessi Dress!

Have you been keeping up with our special Monday dress spotlights? We have been featuring a new dress, every Monday! Life is pretty sweet. Well, on to the next dress! 

This week? The Jessi dress! It is already a customer favorite. It's possibly our most talked about newest addition. It's just so striking!

We like the thinner tank style up top. It's a little more delicate, in our opinion. And the scoop neckline is also quite lovely.

Let's talk about that design! So eye catching! It's really something new for us. But we adore that sharp contrast. This is such a cool style!

This dress really shows off your beautiful curves. It's short and flirty too. Perfect for a night out! All eyes on you. Yeah, that's a given!!

Just check out that sweet side view. No matter which way you look, this dress looks amazing! Perfect shape, perfect length!

And the zipper? It's in the back. Easy, breezy to get in and out of. What more could you need?!

Maybe some customization? Yeah, that's right. Pick the color combo that perfect for your style and liking. Anything you desire, darling!

And be sure to check out the rest of the new line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Checks on checks!

We're calling it! It's springtime! And we're in love with this sort of retro revival that's taking over the fashion world. Shows like Mad Men are bringing back some really classic looks. One of those looks is gingham. It's one of those basic and timeless patterns that really en captures summertime.

If Dorothy was to own a pair of sunglasses, we think she would pick these! How adorable are
these? Their shape is quite unique. The round lenses are really retro! And the gingham print is really fun. This is a really great way to spice it up and ditch those boring old shades!

Talk about a clash! We love the flair of this gingham bustier. Cute and sexy meet! This isn't just for the bedroom! This style top is super popular right now! it's okay to bear some tummy and let you hair down. Feel free to wear this to a concert or night out!

We would pair it with The Latex Store deluxe hot pants. It's going to be a great, sexy yet fun outfit! Pair it with some wedges and a cherry red lip for a really retro look.

What you're opinion on gingham? Is it coming back or is it just a flash in the pan? Share your thoughts on our twitter page! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The wedge

It's a getting a little warm for those winter boots. Eh, might as well put them away till late fall. Onto the new shoe style! Wedges are our shoe of choice for both the spring and summer. They add something special to any outfit. Come along and let us show you some of our favorites!

We all have that favorite pair of brown sandals. You know, the ones that go with everything? Well, if you can manage to part when them at any point this spring or summer, these wedges just might fill the void. Michael Kors know his shoes alright! This pair is gorgeous. And the don't just have to go with dresses and skirts. Shorts and wedges is a great look!

Want to recall those rosy warm days of the past? Yeah, a little retro, vintage look. That classic, bombshell look never grow old! And it's so much fun. It's almost like dressing up! These Dolce and Gabbanna wedges hit the nail on the head. The back and white polka dot pattern and circle clasp bring such flair! We could see these beauties poolside with your favorite solid colored bathing suit.

All this talk about wedges wouldn't be complete without a brightly colored pair. Wedges look great in bright, candy-colored colors. They really make a statement! Like this pair by Christian Louboutin. The studs in the matching pink color are really eye-catching. These are perfect for evenings out!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Isabelle Dress

We're still here, rolling out the newest additions to the Blue Skye Collection. Have you been enjoying these Monday spotlights? We sure have. Here we go! Another, another! 

We give you the... Isabelle Dress! Keeping it basic this week. But this dress has plenty of pizazz too!

A lovely outline and basic tank style on top. Nice and short too. Just the way we like it! And you too, we can bet.

We like the simple, easy style of this dress.  But what a great shape! We find it so flattering. And that bold stripe really brings the eye in. Curves for days!!

This dress is going to look great on a variety of body types. It's for everyone! You're going to look great.

Is it possible for a dress to look even better from the side? We think so! This dress hugs your body perfectly. And the length is just right.

And the zipper? Right in the back. Nice and hidden. Easy in and out without sacrificing style.

You can make this dress all yours. Pick your own combination of colors. And choose a size that is best for you. It's your choice! Make it your own creation!

And be sure to check out the rest of the new line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, April 10, 2015


With our brand new latex line, we figured there may be a few newbies to the Latex Store family. And to all of you we say... Welcome! We're so glad you are here! And we were thinking it might be helpful to have a little refresher. We're sharing some of shopping tips and tricks again. It's been a minute! And we have plenty of helpful tools that really help when you're buying latex. No matter if it's your first or hundredth time!

Shopping for latex can be really confusing! We even face some trouble sometimes .. not too often, but it can happen! Luckily, we do have a Shopping Help section of site. It's located at the top of our site. Have you used it? We hope so! It's one of the most useful parts of our site.

There are six sub-sections under Shopping Help. The first is our Bra Measuring Chart. If you're purchasing one of our latex bras, this is a great tool. We have pictures, charts and steps to help ensure the right size.

Then we have our Color Chart. Refer to this when choosing the the color for your latex garment. We don't have examples of the colors on the product page, so this is essential! We have all our color options on this part of our site. We have added some new colors in the last year. See samples of them here!

And we have our Glove Measuring Chart. Of course, we have explained this on here before but this is our more permanent source on how to get the right fit in latex gloves. Remember, you want that inch of stretch! Nothing is worse that ill fitting gloves!

And of course, we're here to help you! If you look under the contact us portion of our site, we have many options. Email us at Call us at 1-866-94-LATEX! Toll free! We are here to help you find what you desire! Let us help you make your latex dreams and fantasies come to life!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring is in the air

Spring is here and it's time to discuss one of our favorite things.... dresses! Oh, a good sundress is really happy making! What could be more perfect? They are light and airy so you can keep cool in as temperatures rise.

Wow! Check out this retro style dress! We're in love with this Red Valentino polka dot dress. The shape is so classic! This could easily be seen on any woman in the 50's or 60's. And the polka dots are just precious. As far as styling, we would recommend a up-do. Wear simple pearl earrings to continue the classic look the dress is bringing. Keep it simple and light! 

How about a loud print? Like this dress by Alice and Olivia. If that isn't a loud print, we don't know what is. But don't worry! You can pull it off! These colors are really going to pop against your tanned skin. And the simple shape is certain to flatter a variety of body types. What a fun dress!!

A bright colored dress for spring and summer is a must have. Neutrals are great and all but nothing beats a pop of color! This dress certainly has that pop! It's a really beautiful shade of yellow. You're like a ray of sunshine! 

Did you have a favorite dress? Are you going to run out and treat your self to one of these? Do it! Trust us! You need it. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fa La Oo La La La

And the holiday countdown continues! We're really getting into the spirit. Not quite there yet? Perhaps this sexy little red dress is all you need. 

Oo la la! It's the Gina dress! If this dress isn't sexy, we don't know what is.

How do we begin? We love this dress! It's something sultry, for sure. It's almost from a different decade! But it still has a modern edge. The best of both worlds!

We love the shape and feel of the Gina. Embrace all those curves. It fits just right! It's giving off a really sexy vibe.

And doesn't it just frame your top just perfectly? You'll certainly be showing a little skin. And the girls? Looking better than ever! We think this styling really draws the eye in.

Let's talk about that piping! We think it really unites the dress, top to bottom. And puts emphasis on what really matters. 

And it's great for you because it makes the Gina even more customizable! Make your own color combination. Black and red is a classic. How about black and white? It's totally up to you! 

Look at the Gina shine!! What a beauty. And can we just say the view from behind might even be better? A beautiful dress from top to bottom, back to front.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Makeup on the go!

Always feel like you are on the run? The world seems to be spinning a little too fast? We are right there with you! There seriously aren't enough hours in the day. But you still want to look your best. Girl, you can have it all. We have a few beauty products that are made to save you time! You can thank us later.

Did you have a late night? Now it's the next morning and you are a mess. No shame. Everyone has those days. Now, give you face a quick wash and give this product a go. It's the Garnier BB eye roller. Two words. Miracle worker. Seriously!! Just swipe this product under your eyes and say goodbye to those dark circles. And the puffiness? Gone. And you are concealed and just about ready to go.

Now it's time to get out the door. You're grabbing anything that will constitute a breakfast and making your way out the door. You get in the car and speed off to your next destination. But when you get there, you make the mistake of looking into the mirror. Whoops! Some color on your lips and a little eyeliner would go a long way... Lucky for you! Avon has this amazing eyeliner and lip gloss duo pen. Perfect for times like this! Line those eyes and pucker up. Looking good, lady!

Believe it or not. You're a little early. Time to add one one special touch. With all that rushing around, you're looking a little pale. If you were smart, you threw your Nars multiple stick in your bag. This product is amazing. Add some color to your cheeks, lips or even your eyelids. Seriously. It's a holy grail product.

Alrighty... We think we're done here. We hope you'll give these products a try sometime. They just might save your life.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Glittering gold

You know, we're always looking for pieces that can transition from one season to another. Classic pieces like this can effortlessly transition season after season, year after year. We think gold jewelry fits into this category. From bright colors in the summer, sweaters in the fall, neutrals in the winter and floral in the spring. Elle collected some great gold jewelry pieces and we'll share some of our favorites with you!

We're in love with this whimsical gold whistle necklace by J.Crew. It's so delicate and fun! This long necklace will work with so many outfits. Try it with a simple tank top for the summer or a button down top as we move into cooler weather. This is a piece you'll wear over and over again.

A simple pair of studs will really serve you well. They are so versatile. We love these gold, spherical asos stud earrings. The have a fun, vintage look to them. Their simple style makes them easy enough to wear with almost anything! We're talking sundresses to baggy sweaters. A simple pair of gold studs like these are a necessity!

We're swooning over this Giles and Brother skinny gold cuff. It's so sleek and delicate. It's going to look beautiful on your wrist. Wear it by on it's own or stack it with other brackets. It's great for casual summer outfits and semi formal fall evening looks. We don't think we can resist!

This Sarah Chloe heartbeat ring is just too cool! It's a great conversation piece. If you tend to lean towards unique, interesting jewelry, this one is for you. Rings are great for all seasons. They always add flair and fun to an outfit.