Friday, November 29, 2013

Sweat it out!

We hope you all had a wonderful Turkey day filled with good food, family and friends! We sure did. And happy black friday to you all! Have you been up since the wee hours, catching all the best deals? Or are you just getting up, planning to stick around home and wait for the cyber monday deals? Either way, sweats are in order! No shame! Sweats can be cute... we'll show you!

A sweater is a magical thing. So comfy and warm. And it covers up that post Thanksgiving food baby. We love this tulip print one. It's such a cute print! It's great on it's own. But why not slip a collared shirt underneath? And some pearls if you really want to get fancy! Sweats made cute, What's not to love?

If you are going to wear sweatpants, go bold or go home. That's right! Choose a pair that's going to really stick out. This heathered pair is what we're talking about! Don't they look comfy? Have fun with your sweatpants!

So let's get cozy, folks! Tis the season. Enjoy your post Thanksgiving weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday!

And you'll want to check back for sure! Next week, we are announcing and dedicating the blog to our beautiful models for our big photo shoot that's fast approaching! It's all for our new line. New shiny stuff? Exciting stuff! We can't wait to share with you!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey day beauty must haves!

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? Or are you sticking close to home? Chances are you have been so preoccupied by planning the dinner, that you have forgotten about your own personal needs! No matter if you're traveling cross country or just a short way, you'll need some beauty products to get you through the day.We have a few suggestions.

You'll want to look your best in all those pictures! Lets start with concealer.  You're going to need to cover up those dark circles under your eyes. You've been traveling or up late baking pies. It happens to the best of us. Thanksgiving is a stressful time! Do yourself a favor and invest in this creamy Bobbi Brown concealer. It's going to cover up all those imperfections. It's an instant transformation from a turkey basting zombie to a flawless dinner guest. You'll be amazed! 

It's a really busy week! Braving the busy grocery store, traveling or hosting guests at your home. And we can't forget about all the cooking! So in between arranging flowers for the table and fending off your in laws, take a you moment. Light a candle, play some music and paint your nails. Such a simple activity but it might just keep you sane. We recommend this beautifully pigmented polish by Tom Ford. Go for it!

Before you know it, it will all be over. The dishes will be washed, the leftovers put away and everyone laying around in a post turkey stupor. And you're exhausted and ready for some sleep! Take off the day and your makeup with MAC's cleanse off oil. This stuff works like a charm! And it's not drying like other makeup removers.

All of us here at the Latex Store wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for all you! Thank you for choosing us to make your latex dreams come true!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Time for sleeves!

Has the temperature dropped where you are? It really chilly out there! Wintry weather is on it's way. It's time to ditch the tank tops and opt for some sleeves. Brrr!

Have you seen our long sleeved Z dress? It's got those sleeves we were talking about! This is really fabulous dress! 

This dress is really unique. We love the little features it has like the buckle at the neck and zipper in the front. These details make this more that just a basic latex dress. It's something special. 

This dress is made of premium molded latex. It's really high quality! It's tailored to all of your curves. We love the pencil style skirt. It molds to your curves and looks so sexy! 

Keep in mind this dress does run a little large. Unsure of what size to get? Feel free to contact us! We'll make sure you are picking the right size for you. 

Is this dress something you just have to have? We think so! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Go for the gold!

Thanksgiving is less than a week away. And Christmas will be here before we know it! I'm sure the holiday party invitations and Facebook invites are rolling in. And what are you going to wear for Thanksgiving dinner? Maybe you have a dress or two. But what about a clutch or an evening bag? You nearly forgot! Here's a tip. Accessorize with gold this season. It's such a beautiful look! Check out some of our favorites.

Heading to a formal event? Bring on the glitz and glitter! Bring out all the stops with this sparkly gold bag. This bag is going to look gorgeous against your black or red dress. What a contrast! It's a great way to look festive without the tacky sweater or Christmas lights necklace.

So maybe full glitter isn't your thing? Don't you worry! Check out this bag with beautiful laser cut pattern bag. The combination of the satin underlay with the subtly sparkling pattern overlay. It's really something different. This gold bag would look great with a royal blue or emerald dress.

We hope we have inspired your party wear for this season. Go for the gold!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Get the custom look!

Hey folks! Did you see our latest gridwall newsletter? It just went out this week! And we had some exciting news. Our Blue Skye Collection is now available for custom sizing!

What does that mean? Exactly how it sounds! We will build one of our Blue Skye Collection pieces specially to your measurements. This brings new meaning to something fitting like a glove! 

It's really easy too. Just go to the product page of the item you wish to purchase. Like the Carmen Dress. Select the made to measure option. Then fill in your bust, waist and hips measurements. It just so simple! And just like that, a custom piece that fits you and only you. 

Now, do allow some time for your garment to be made. But it's so worth it! What piece are you going to have made to order?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sound the alarm!

Welcome back! We're bringing you one of our favorite dresses for the Blue Skye Collection.

It's the Siren dress! And it's certainly setting off alarms. We think that's one smoking hot dress!

We love the neckline on this dress! It's a cross over style top. That's a unique, different kind of style. And the swooping neckline will allow you to show off some skin!

We really love our two toned dresses. They allow you to personalize your dress to your particular style! You are the designer! And another great thing about this dress? There is a full zip in the back. We try our best to make it easy to get in and out of our latex fashions.

And now, custom sizing is avaliable! Just give us your measurements and you'll have your own custom latex dress.

 So, what do you say? Is the Siren your kind of style? Let us know what you think! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Dress up your tech!

Fashion and style can translate over to your gadgets too! I mean who doesn't want to dress up their tech accessories in colors and patterns? White and black can be so boring! Check out some of our favorites!

There is nothing worse that having you phone die! Well, there are worse things... But you just can't have that. A portable external battery is essential these days. You don't want to miss a tweet or text! Check out these amazing clutch style batteries by Jonathan Adler. They are so sleek and bright! And covered in wonderful Jonathan Adler prints? What is not to love?!

Do you have an ipad or tablet? Then, you know how important a cover is! You have to keep it safe. And why not look cute at the same time? We love the DODOcase! How neat! They have such a classy, elegant look. They are on our must have list!

Tablet bags can be so... plain. Sure they are protecting that precious cargo but they bore us! Tote that technology in high fashion! Yes, this adorable satchel is meant for your ipad or tablet. Sacrifice style no more. We think tablets and tassels go hand in hand.

We hope you enjoyed this fun Friday blog! And hey, maybe your tech need an upgrade. And it the perfect time of year to buy in twos. One for you and one for another technology loving friend or loved one! Christmas is on it's way!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On pointe

So, it may be a little too early to have visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads. But, it's never too late to start incorporating some ballet/dance themed items in your wardrobe. This style was seen all over the runways. We love the delicate look these pieces give to an outfit. Stick around and check out some of our must haves!

Let's warm up, shall we? We adore the delicate wraps and sweaters ballerinas adorn to keep their muscles warm. We love Bruno Cucinelli's take on the warm up sweater. It's such a carefree look. Layer this sweater with a circle scarf for a warm and comfy look. Or skip the scarf and try this sweater with a long pendant necklace. It's such a versatile look!

Now, we couldn't possibly write this post without including some pink and tulle! It's not the ballet without those two things. We have just the thing! This incredibly girly skirt by Free People. We love the layers of mesh and the basic black waistband. Just have fun with a skirt like this! Pair it with neutrals to tone down the look.

Encore you say? Well, alright. We do have just one more piece to share with you. This simply beautiful bib necklace by Vera Wang. It's so very delicate. We love the simple mashup of fabric and jewels. This is really going to dress up any outfit. It's really a one of a kind. It really reminds of of all the beautiful costume jewelry we see in ballet.

And now we will take our bow and flutter offstage. What do you think of this style? Is it something that would work for you? Don't be afraid to mix these delicate items with a more harsh, punk style. Now that would be a cool look!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Putting on the ritz!

As the holidays approach, our minds go towards formal wear. Oh yes! So many parties and gatherings. We thought we would share one of our favorite latex formal style dresses with you today.

It's our evening Z Dress. And isn't it wonderful!? If you want to be in latex from shoulders to ankles, this is an excellent choice!

The is a halter style neckline up top. That style helps hold this heavier dress up and on your body. But it also frames you neck and chest beautifully.

In the back, there is some great lacing detail. It's practical and decorative! It give the dress a really nice feel!

This dress is really customizable too. Not only can you choose the color but you can also choose the trim color. You can really make it your own!

And of course, you're going to need some gloves! We recommend our premium elbow gloves. Get them to match the color of the trim of your evening dress to really tie the entire ensemble together!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Give the gift of latex this holiday season!

Hello there! So, can you believe it's already November?! We can't either! Time is passing so quickly. And we are gearing up for the holidays! Before we know it, it will be Christmas! It's time to start think about gifts. We know, we know... so early? But sooner is better! Plan and shop ahead. Cut out the stress!

 Do you know anyone who is wishing for some latex? Or maybe that someone is you! Here are some suggestions we have for gifting and receiving latex this holiday season.

Our site can be really overwhelming if you are browsing for a gift. If you know the person you are buying for wants the shiny stuff, ask them for a wish list. You can make one right on our site!  And chances are if they are familiar with our site, they may already have one. And if you are asking for latex, be sure to share your wish list!

Along with the wish list, you'll want to sizes! And you'll want to give your sizes as well! We suggest that you take a look at our size chart. It really useful! You'll want to make sure you get the right size because exchanges after the holidays are no fun. Get the right size the first time and skip the mess of exchanges!

Maybe you really don't have any clue what to get. Here's an idea! A gift certificate is a great choice. It's an easy, worry-free gift! And they can get exactly what they want. That's the way to go! It's a great way to give the gift of latex.

And of course, please contact us with any questions you have! We're here to help make this holiday season a little easier for you. It's our gift to you!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We're well into fall and winter is just around the corner. It's getting dark earlier and you need a jacket every time you set out for the day. And gone are the sandals of summer! Why not try on some booties for size? Don't get weighted down by calf or knee length boots. Pop on a pair of heeled booties and strut your stuff!

A black pair of booties will do you a whole lot of good all winter long. They are basic enough to go with all your outfits. We love this pair by Charlotte Olympia. The gold details are just beautiful. A flash of gold will certainly catch an eye or two. Pair them with a cocktail dress or your best pair of jeans. You really can't go wrong!

Feel free to venture past the basic! Jewel tones are perfect for the fall. Plums, sapphires and emeralds look just beautiful! We love these gold capped blue booties by Alexander McQueen. We love the suede texture. These would be quite a splurge but so worth it!

Don't you like to break the rules every once and a while? We sure do! Go ahead and do it! Wear while shoes after Labor Day! How about these winter white Gianvito Rossi booties. They have a cool, modern style to them. We love the zipper detail on the back!

So, booties? Yay or nay? Let us know on our Twitter page!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Have a sexy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! Let's get your Monday started on a sexy note... It's our outfit of the week!

Check out our Polo Dress with zip front! This dress is so much fun. We love those zippers! They are a really neat detail but also making getting in and out so much easier. That's important when dealing with latex clothing! And we know that slipping in and out of latex can be a hassle sometimes.

It's from our own signature line. It has a high neckline which we find super stylish. The sleeveless, tank style top allows you to show off your arms! And the short style, lets you show off your legs. There's no hiding in this dress! An we like it!

There are also plenty of color choices! You can really make this dress your own. Seem like your style? Take a closer look here!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nice pants!

It's time to put away your shorts and mini skirts! Go ahead and bring out you pants. It's officially fall and it's time to cozy up. Lucky just posted 50 pair of fall pants under 50 dollars. Fall fashion on budget! Here are a few pairs that need to make their way to your closet.

A wild pattern is perfect for the fall. These pants are perfect way to sport this cool look. We love these from ASOS. The black and white pattern is so neat! We would love to see these pants paired with a burgundy or olive green shirt. These are perfect for both fall and winter! 

Corduroy is a great texture for the fall. It has a great look, lasts forever and is very warm. It's fun to pair this rougher texture with finer textures. Pop a collared shirt on top! We really like this pair! The color is so fall! 

We are really digging the leather look this fall. These pants from Forever 21 have a cool, 80's grunge look. If you're looking to amp up your style, this might be the perfect way! Style these tight, hot pants with some studded accessories. Rock it out this fall!