Monday, May 30, 2016


Welcome back to the blog! And we hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend! Without further ado, here is this week's outfit of the week.

Oh my! It's the lovely Charlotte Dress! It's really something special. We can't get enough of it! This dress is the perfect latex dress. Such a beautiful fit!

It has a great basic style to it. It really looks great on everyone! It's so easy to wear. And accessorize!

Now if you look in the back, you'll see a lovely little bow. It sits right between the shoulders. What a nice touch! And the length is perfect for all occasions. Heads will be turning!

The turquoise color is lovely as well. Bright and beautiful! But there are so many color options. And custom sizing is available as well! Get the perfect fit.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Summer lovin

Hello readers! Summer is fast approaching. Can you believe that Memorial Day is just a few days away? Let's hear it for the three day weekend!! And it's time to start adding some white back into our wardrobes. Check out some our favorite white summer frocks!

First up? Something simple and feminine. Airy, lacy and strappy! Yep, here it is. We adore this dress by H&M. It's just elegant and perfect for summer. And what a great base for accessorizing! Go for a more natural look with brown or tan accessories. Or be bold with bright splashes of color!

Soft and breezy is nice and all. There is a time and a place, that's for sure. But for those of us wanting to boldly bare some skin, this Topshop dress is it! Oh, we just love it!! That little knot detail is too cute. We are so into this fun retro style!! You'll be the belle of the, barbecue?

Okay... we had to throw it a wild card. You know us! But we are really digging this number by Zara! It's really different. To be honest, it kind of gives us that 70's bride feel. All you need is some baby's breath in your hair and you are set! But really, this could be a really fun look for summer. Groovy, baby!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Red hot!

Happy Monday! You know what time it is! It's our OOTW!

This is the Bailey! It's part of our Latex Dreams Collection.

This dress has a really amazing fit. It shapes to all your curves. The fit is really beautiful! The scoop neckline is a very sexy detail as well. And we love the halter style aspect of the Bailey! This is a great basic dress. 

By changing out the shoes and jewelry, you can wear this dress in so many ways. And It comes in a total of six sizes and so many colors! Maybe you are just beginning to add to your wardrobe?

This piece would be an excellent foundation piece for your own personal latex collection!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nap time?

We've made it halfway through the week! We can do it! Although a nap does sound really nice. We'll just lie down for a second and rest our eyes. Well, good night...

Ok, we're up! We're up! Let's compromise and talk about pjs!

We're all about being comfy. And this pair looks just right. Nice and silky. A really classic look that won't go out of style. Perfect for the upcoming winter months. Yet cool enough on those warmer nights.

Anyone else get too warm when they sleep? Ah, so we're not alone! This pair should suit us just fine. They have that classic look... just shorter. And so soft too. You are getting sleepy, very very sleepy.

This pair is so loud, we're worried it might keep you awake! We're kidding of course. This pair is a great in-between. Long on the top and short on the bottom. And so fun! you certainly couldn't pull these off as your daytime look!

Here's to a great, relaxing rest of your week! It will be the weekend before we know it. We'll see you again next week!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Be bold!

The weekend is always too short! Where does the time go? Well, at least it's time for another outfit of the week!

Oh, we love this one! It's the Amanda dress! Boy, does Angela Sommers know how to work this dress or what?! Gorgeous!

This dress just seems to sparkle and shine. So stylish and versatile! And it's such a bold design and look. We love the sharp contrast between colors. So geometric and bold!

We are huge fans of those wide straps. They give all the support you need! We really think this style works great for all bust sizes. The Amanda has a basic style with a real twist!

We've never designed a dress like this before. We think the stripes make it really unique! Go for a vibrant color for the stripes and a neutral for the rest. We're all about that burst of color! 

And you can completely customize this dress. Choose your size and your colors. It's all up to you! We love to give you options!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Easy breezy!

Ya'll, it's time! The weather is right. And we know you have been thinking about it all winter long. It's time for warm weather dresses!! That's right. Go ahead and bring those out. Or go shopping...

We have really been digging this knit, crocheted look. We've been seeing this look popping up everywhere! And we love this halter style rendition from It such a fun and carefree look for the summer. So easy to wear alone or with a bathing suit at the beach. Such a different look! What do you think?

What's your ideal summer dress? Personally, we like something breezy and free. After all, keeping cool is the name of the game. This one by Tibi really hits the mark. We love those large cape sleeves. And the basic neutral pattern makes accessorizing a... breeze. Love it!

Okay, we are really digging this dress. It may not be for everybody... But we think it is so much fun! Everyone needs a little white dress for summertime. It sort of takes us back to the seventies... just a little more modern. Anyone up for a summer of love?

Monday, May 9, 2016


Welcome back to the blog! We're glad to have you back. And we're excited to share another outfit of the week with you all!

This week we are loving the Sophia dress! It's from our Latex Dreams collection. It features a high collar that snaps in the back for easy wear. We think the high neckline gives this dress a very high fashion, posh look.

The cut of this dress really showcases your shoulders and arms. If you turn to the side and back, you can see how revealing this dress is. We think it can really spice up your collection!

This dress has a really wonderful sculpted fit. It's beautifully tailored and looks amazing on. It hugs all your beautiful curves!

And it looks good in any color. We think a pearl sheen would look great! We love the shiny look!

If you're in the market for a fun, short latex dress the Sophia may be it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May? Yay!!

It's May! Yay!! And summer is on the way... see what we did there? We can't stop lusting after these fun summer staples, especially for Memorial Day and the 4th! Check them out!!

We are so excited about shorts weather! Any old shorts will do. But we have a fondness for this Modcloth pair. We love the faded flag look. It give off a sort of grunge look that's hot right now. It's such an easy way to show off your american pride!

 Don't forget your sunglasses! This pair by Nasty Gal will take your heart. So much fun!! These are perfect for summertime! They are just too good!

Haven't you always wanted to try out a fun vintage hairstyle? We're thinking victory rolls and Rosie the Riveter. A little something different and new. Mix it up! This headband might be the perfect inspiration piece. A nice flash of red! Easy and simple!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Bright sunshine day... hopefully?

We're ready for warm weather! We've got plenty of "warm-ups" but... We're still waiting! Today's OOTW is inspired by sunshine. Come on sun! We're ready for you!!

Check out our Latex Ruffle Halter Dress! It's part of our Sophisticate Collection and we think it's a real peach of a dress! It's perfect for some fun in the sun!

The neckline is super sexy. You can really show off your beautiful tan. The halter style is perfect for the summertime. We think it gives this dress a fun, relaxed vibe.

And who wouldn't love the ruffle on the bottom of the skirt! We're all about those little details. Add in some pumps or peep toe heels and your look is complete!

Ruffles and a halter top? What is not to love? This one is an oldie but a goodie! Why not give it a go?