Monday, March 30, 2015

Gigi Dress

We're still on a roll with the Blue Skye Collection part 3. Have you been over to the website to see all of our newest designs? Bright, shiny and new! And we're here to share yet another one with you. 

Here we go! It's the Gigi dress. What chic little dress. It's our ode to the 1960's London fashion. Groovy baby.

Or a sort of a sexy Harlequin look. You choose! Either way, it's really eye catching. Just the dress for you, perhaps?

We like the easy style of this dress. Basic straps and length. But what a great shape! We find it so flattering.

It really just works. No matter your shape or size. We think the Gigi will look great on everyone!

Take a look at the back.  We really can't decide if this bold design looks better in from or in the back! Doesn't it hit the thigh at the perfect spot? What a great look. 

And if you look really close, you'll see the zipper at the top. Don't feel bad if you can't point it out. We meant to hide it! Easy in and out without sacrificing style.

This dress is fully customizable, as always. Choose your colors and a size that works for you. It's your choice! Make it your own creation!

And be sure to check out the rest of the new line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hello spring!

Springtime is here! You know what we want to put on and never take off.... Sundresses! Oh, a good sundress is a wonderful thing ! What could be more perfect? They are light and airy so you can keep cool in that warm weather heat.

Wow! Check out the colors in this dress! We're in love with this Dolce and Gabbana sundress. The shape is so classic! This could easily be seen on any woman in the 50's or 60's. And the buttons are just precious. As far as styling, we would recommend a up-do. It's going to give more attention to the stripes and colors on the dress. Wear simple pearl earrings to continue the classic look the dress is bringing. Keep it simple and light! 

If you are fond of floral prints but a little bored by the same old same old, this Zara dress might be perfect for you! That's a whole lot of color!! But don't worry! You can pull it off! These colors are really going to pop against your tanned skin. And the simple shape is certain to flatter a variety of body types. 
A bright colored sundress is a must have. Neutrals are great and all but nothing beats a pop of color! This Topshop dress certainly has that pop! It's a really beautiful shade of yellow. You're like a ray of sunshine! And the detail on the bodice adds a real soft, feminine look. Wear your hand down is loose, tossed curls. This is the perfect dress to wear to a springtime wedding or Easter dinner. 

Did you have a favorite sundress? Are you going to run out and treat your self to one of these? Do it! Trust us! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blue Skye collection 3 photoshoot video!

For the last three years, we have had the privilege of working with the amazing Ken Marcus. He has shot all the pictures for our Blue Skye Collection! That includes the new line we just rolled out only three weeks ago. So exciting!

We have a real treat for you today. Our photo shoot video is here! We got some great footage of the shoot. And it has all been compiled into this great video! Check it out! You can really see the dresses in action.

And what about the lovely Angela Sommers! Isn't she gorgeous?! It was our first time working with her this year. And what a treat it was!  She looked amazing and really showed off our fashions. What talent!

We are so pleased to have her with us at the shoot this year. We hope to be working with her for a long time! Go over and check her out on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Our big photo shoot is always a highlight of our year! We're so happy to share a little of it with all of you. And be sure to check out our youtube page for even more video of past photoshoots!

Be sure to go check out all the new designs over on the website. They are all here and ready for you! And I mean, don't we all deserve something new and shiny?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Desiree Dress!

We're still so hyped up on the new Blue Skye Collection! Have you checked it out? Well you guessed it! We're showing off another dress today! Check it out! 

Oh wow! It's the Desiree dress! Such a wild, bold print. It's really eye catching.

It has that great basic style and shape. But there is nothing basic about this!  It's really something. We love that contrast.

That simple tank style up top really works. It's almost sporty! It's an easy look to pull off. But it looks so great! And it really shows off your waist. And the bottom hits at the perfect place.

It just works! And it's great for all bust sizes. All shapes and sizes. You're going to look great!

Check out the side view! Time to show off that body of yours! We actually like the basic back.  When you flip around and see the front. Wow! What a surprise. 

This dress is going to work for so many occasions. We won't be surprised if it becomes a favorite!

And you can customize this dress. Choose your own size and colors. It's all up to you! Make it yours!

And be sure to check out the rest of the new line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Groovy baby!

Happy first day of Spring! We told you there was a light at the end of that cold, snowy tunnel. So bring on the sunshine and flowers! Makes you want to embrace your inner flower child, huh? Well you are in luck. 70's fashion is back in for spring and summer. It's time for our version of flashback Friday!

You know what makes us think of the 70's? Wild, psychedelic patterns. Paisleys and all. Like this groovy frock by Topshop. Yeah, that's a lot of pattern. But we think it's really chic! Add in some basic gold jewelry and simple sandals. We think it's a great daytime look for the spring time. Embrace the colors of the season! 

You know what's coming next. Fringe! You'll see it on boots, clothing and even bikini tops. But we think it looks great on handbags. Just like this brown fringe bag by Laura Vela. This the exact bag we want to bring with us on all those spring adventures. And the tassels? Perfect! 

Now you don't have to go all out in bell bottoms and suede vests. We think little touches are great too. A piece here or there, with that 70's vibe. Like this beautiful statement necklace by Zara. We think it's a real conversation piece. And so different! It would look great against a basic black or white top. 

Are you digging this 70's vibe for spring? Either way, spring is here! Be sure to celebrate those rising temperatures. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


We've been getting some good temperatures out there! A sunny day here and there. Slowly but surely, spring is emerging. And we're a little too excited about it! Ready to show a little skin?

That's right. Off the shoulder tops! A little peek-a-boo shoulders action. We haven't seen them all winter long. It's time to give them a little sun! 

We think this look is great all summer long. We like this laid back, yet refined look. Like this Antik Batik peasant top!  It's got that cool, boho look. It could even make a great bathing suit cover up! Pair it with a long, layered necklace. What a beautiful look! 

Get ready. We're about to combine two of our favorite warm weather trends! Crop and off the shoulder tops! We said it! We love this one by H&M. It's nothing fancy but it pairs well with skirts and shorts! And you can show off that tummy. What an easy summer look. 

Looking for something in between? We got it. This top by Forever 21 is what you are looking for. This will show off just a little midriff. And it's going to be so stretchy and comfortable. We would pair this top with some crop pants. Such a beachy look. 

Are you ready to show a little shoulder? We sure are!! We're ready to sport this look all spring long. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Anastasia dress!

Please tell us you have checked out the newest additions to our Blue Skye Collection! A whole bunch of brand new designs you don't want to miss out on. And we're featuring another dress today! Stay tuned! 

Here we go! It's the Anastasia dress! A little cocktail dress for your Monday!

We love this dress! It's something special, for sure. It has a real sleek look to it.  And that deep, deep vee. Oh girl!! 

We love the simple shape the Anastasia has. All those clean lines. It's really fits to your body like a glove. What a great look!

That deep vee is so sexy. And the translucent latex is our favorite thing about this dress. We think it just works! And it's great for all bust sizes. You're going to look great!

 And we can't forget about the back! It's translucent too! We want you to show it off! We adore this sort of "party in the back" style.  A little pleasant surprise. Showing skin in the front and the back! 

Go as trans as you want to! The option to show more or less skin is all up to you. Make you own creation. But we're always happy to help! 

That's right. You can customize this dress. Choose your own size and colors. It's your choice.

And be sure to check out the rest of the new line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Florals for spring

We're a week away from the first day of spring! And we thought we would cover floral on the blog today. They are a no brainer for spring. And we hit the mother load on a whole bunch of cute, floral accessories. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Time to combine two of our favorite trends: floral and statement necklaces! We've seen some beautiful ones before. But this one takes the cake! We can't get over this piece by Topshop! We love the mix of pastels, vibrant colors and metals. You don't know what to focus on. It's a little loud but so gorgeous!  This will really make your outfit pop!

Who needs a new pair of shades? You do! And so do we... We pick this pair by Toms! We're crazy about the shape and retro feel of these glasses. They almost look like cat eye glasses. And of course, a pop of floral! Protect those peepers!

And we can't take on spring and summer without a tote! They are perfect for taking along with you on trips to the pool or beach. If you have lots of stuff to tote, this is the way to go! And we love this one by Gap! We love that large floral print. So eye catching.

So get your floral on! It's only fitting!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bye boots! Hello sandals!

We can't forget about spring and summer shoes! They can really add the perfect touch to your summer look. This season, we encourage you to go wild! We want to see colors and patterns galore. Let's go crazy!

Let's ease into sandals and wedges. How about a nice flat? This pair by Sigerson Morrison are simple in design and look great with both skirts and pants. That little strap around the ankle is to die for! And what a fun color! These would be great to wear to work. Add in fun summertime style without break the dress code? Score! 

Wow! These sandals by French Connection are too cool! The color combination is so striking! They will certainly add a twist to your style. How fun! We love the mixture of colors and texture. And the thick straps will give your foot plenty of support. What more could we ask for?

Nothing says summer like sandals. That's all we wear during the summer. These gladiator style pair from Freepeople are very tempting! We're really digging the bright neon green-yellow trim. These are everyday shows with a bit of a pop! They go a bit out of your comfort zone but still easily fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. They can be worn for casual and semi formal events all summer long. 

Now, raise your hand if you're going shoe shopping this weekend. Or right now... We know we are! Share your fun spring and summer shoe wear with us on Twitter! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Amanda Dress

Guess what?! We are about to significantly improve your Monday! Today's the day. Our new latex line is here! We are so excited and ready to share with you. Let's dive right in.

You are seeing it here first. It's the Amanda dress! Modeled by the always lovely Angela Sommers. She's modeling all of our new fashions. she really made them shine!

We love this dress! It's sophisticated and flashy. Super stylish and versatile.  All eyes will be on you, guaranteed. 

Oh, there's just something about it! Bold and contrasting! It's got that basic style but it's all jazzed up.

Take a look at those wonderful, wide straps. They give the support you need! We really think this style works great for all bust sizes. The Amanda has a basic style with a real twist!

We've never designed a dress like this before. We think the stripes make it really unique! Go for a vibrant color for the stripes and a neutral for the rest. We're all about that burst of color! 

 And we can't forget about the back! There is a back zipper which makes it easy to get dressed. We're all about making getting in and out of our dresses easier for you. 

As mentioned before, you can customize this dress. Choose your size and your colors. It's up to you!

And be sure to check out the rest of the new line on our website. It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

These aren't your mother's clogs

Spring footwear always leaves us scratching out heads. What do we put on our feet? It's cold in the morning but warm by afternoon. Too warm for boots and not warm enough for flip flops. What to wear? We just might have the answer.

Clogs! We're serious. These aren't what you are thinking of. There are some really cute pairs out there!! Like these by Topshop. They are basic so they can be worn with just about anything. And we think the black will contrast well with your brighter spring colors. And that exposed studding? So edgy!

We think everyone needs a good nude shoe. And we heard they are so in for spring. Our pick? These beauties by Rachel Comey. Gorgeous!! They have this wonderful natural, streamline look. Almost mid-century modern-like. These will go great with spring dresses, skirts and even capris. So lovely.

Clogs will even pair well with our latex dresses. This pair by Giuseppe Zanotti really stood out! Platform clogs. Brilliant! We adore those shiny gold studs. And the shiny patent leather is a great touch as well. Perfect for a night out!

See? These aren't your mother's clogs. Not by a long shot. Bust out of those winter boots and into a pair of clogs you'll really love.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rainy days are on the way!

Those spring showers are on the way! And we'll take them over all this snow. And after all, it's what makes the flowers grow! If you're going to be splashing in puddles soon, you might as well be properly outfitted! Here are few rainy day items that we have our eye on.

First things first! Rain boots are a necessity for a rainy day. Nobody likes wet feet! Try this pair from Modcloth on for size. They have that classic shape with a adjustable buckle on the back. We think they are so much fun! They will help you pull off a polished rainy day look.

You're nothing without a good raincoat! It's the only way to salvage your outfit. And you can really show off your style. Let's keep that classic style flowing. This Chloe trench coat is classic rainy day style with a little twist. We love all the little details like
the buttons and belt!

Let's go ahead and finish off that rainy day look. When you're caught in downpour, you want to be without this. An umbrella! You have to have one! We're rather fond of this one by Hunter. The bubble shape is fun and super effective when it comes to keeping you dry!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Chase away those Monday blues!

Happy Monday to you! Shall we distract you from all that boring, mundane things you have to do today? You deserve a break! Take a peek at this week's outfit!

It's the Candice dress from our Blue Skye Collection! It's a best seller! And it's clear why. It really is an amazing basic dress. And it looks so good on such a variety of body types. We're in love!

Let's start from the very top! We have some tank top style straps that give you the support you need up top! And can we talk about that swooping sweetheart neckline? Beautiful!! And the gathering up top is really lovely too!

And if you look at the back, this dress has a full zipper! That makes for some easy access which is always a plus.

The Candice is great for accessorizing. Try it with heels or boots. Or stockings an gloves! This dress is a beautiful blank canvas. Make it your own!

The Candice is fully tailored and can come in any color you want! We will have royal blue, black, plum and variety of our other colors with us. And many sizes as well(extra small to extra large!).  So, is the Candice going to be your next latex store purchase?