Monday, December 30, 2013

What are you doing New Year's, New Year's Eve?

Happy New Year! Well, we're nearly there at least! We know many of you will be out and about Tuesday evening, ringing in 2014. What are you wearing? We can tell you what we would be wearing...

We cannot resist the Connie Dress! We feel like you are guaranteed to have a great time in the dress.

We love the style of this dress. The tank top style looks great on so many body types. Don't forget that tiny little bow! It's too adorable! Details like that are our favorite!

We loved the lines on the Connie. They make your body look ah-mazing! Va-va-voom! They really spice up a this simple dress! Of course, you can choose the color of both the dress and the trim. It's completely customizable!

We love where this dress hits you on your legs too. It's so flattering! And the Connie is fully tailored too! It's a must, must, must!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Welcome one and all!

We hope you all had a happy holiday! Did you get everything you wanted? Spend time with family and friends? Good! What a happy time!

We figured we may have a few new customers! Either you received some of our latex as a gift or you we're given a gift certificate. Welcome! We thought we might offer a bit of information on our products and how to shop on our site. 

We guarantee that our clothing and gear are free of manufacturer flaws when you recieve it. When you receive your latex, it will be in a quality, brand new condition. All of the clothing and our toys as well are talced to preserve their condition. When you receive your product, you'll want to wash it and remove the talc before you use it.

If your latex item become damaged within a year of your purchase we will replace that item at a reduced price to you.

One of the most often issues customers have with their purchase is size.  To avoid returning your latex purchase, we encourage you to use our Size Chart to pick the right size and follow the directions for measuring. We also have helpful pictures to show you exactly where to measure yourself.  You can also call us directly at our toll free number 866.945.2839 for sizing help.

This leads us to the types of payment we accept. If you want to place an order on the web, you can use a credit card, PayPal account or a money order. If you wish to order offline, you can fax or mail us your order. If you want to make a purchase with a Money Order please go to our store and place your order and select the Money Order option so we have a record of exactly what you are ordering. We can only accept your credit and through fax. Also, we do not accept personal checks. 

Of course, there are more details about returns located here on our site. In fact, everything about I mentioned in this post can be found on our Policies Page. We encourage our customers to read this page when you are considering ordering from us. Above all, we want happy satisfied customers, and the that end we go the extra mile to make sure your experience with The Latex Store is a good one. Happy latex shopping!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Naughty or nice?

We're really in the holiday spirit! All the preparations are nearly complete and we're excited! Are you? We wanted to share a dress that we find holiday appropriate! From the style to the color, it's perfection!

Oh my! It's the beautiful and stunning Jasmine dress! It's a real favorite among latex store fans. We can't keep enough in stock! This dress is the perfect latex dress. Such a beautiful fit!

The sweetheart neckline is so feminine and appealing. It looks great on everyone! And it adds something special to the top of the dress. And the halter style is so easy to wear.

This dress hugs all your lovely curves. It will fit like a glove! And the length is perfect for all occasions. Heads will be turning!

We're a huge fan of this plum color. Such a gorgeous red shade. Of course, this dress will look good in any color! It's very versatile.

Many Santa will leave a Jasmine dress just your size under the tree? Our fingers are crossed for you. Oh Santa baby!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Attention shoppers!

So, have you reached the desperation stage of holiday shopping yet? Oh, you know... You have one or two people left on your list. And you have absolutely no idea what to gift them this year. You have racked your brain and nothing! So, you wander aimlessly through the stores picking up random objects like spatulas and flashlights. Honey, no. Nobody wants any of that. Let us help you. We have some last minute ideas that will quick help you wrap up that shopping list!

Candles! You cannot go wrong. Everyone loves a good candle. There are so many good options out there. We really like this Diptyque trio set. They look so classy! And they are just a great quality candle. No need to order this online. Just brave your nearest Nordstrom!

I don't think anyone would not enjoy a brand new robe. Time to retire the old and bring in the new! Or have more than one! That's always a good idea. And they are easily obtainable! We love this black satin one. Check you nearest department store or target. Perfect for gals and guys! Kids too! Robes for everyone!

And who doesn't want a toy? A grownup toy of course! Sometimes it best to just give something fun! Take a risk and the may love it! How about this Lomography camera? It has a purpose, is playful and can also serve as a decoration! Can't you just see the joy a gift like this will bring?

We wish you well as you finish out this year's holiday shopping season! And if you are done with all you shopping, we're jealous!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zip zip zip it up!

We have a thing for exposed zippers. We think they really add to a piece of clothing. And we love the cool looks you make with these pieces.

We're really fond of this look for in some of our pieces. Like our mini skirt with front zip! We're excited to try this look beyond latex! 

We're in love with this skirt! This such a fun play on clashing styles. The girly floral pattern mixed with edginess of an exposed zipper. This type of style is really in right now! 

This skirt is going to carry through all of the seasons. For the wintertime, we recommend some solid tights and ankle boots. It's time to try out that feminine edgy look!

Let's make things real casual with these Rag and Bone pair of skinny jeans. The zipper details on these bad boys are too cool. You're really bringing the punk look. 

Add a crop top, heels and a smoky eye look for a fun girls night out look. Or mix the with a tank top and a pair of chucks for a casual weekend look. 

This dress really encompasses a cool modern look! We love the lines on this dress. The seams and panels of the skirt really against the curvature of the body. And the zipper down the middle works perfectly. 

We really dig this futuristic look! Add some pumps to really dress this look up. This is a little number you'll be coming back to again and again. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

A little bit over a week until Christmas! We're excited and loving the entire holiday season. As we count down to the big day, there are lots of fun parties and events! We we're inspired by all those fun little events this week. Check out our fun OOTW!

It's our Posh Dress from our own signature line! This style is right up our alley! The sleek look is perfect for a party or a night out.

 Can we talk about the collar on this dress? It really lengthens your neck! But maybe your worried about how your going to squeeze into it? No worries! It has snaps that make getting into this dress well... a snap!

It hugs every curve and shows off your lovely shape. As far as length, it's a good in between; not too short, not too long. It's really going to show off both your arms and legs! Flaunt it!

We love this light blue color! But it also comes in so many others! Take your pick. This is such a great basic dress. Dress it up or dress it down. That's up to you!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stock all the stockings!

How is your holiday shopping going? We sure haven't made much progress... Luckily, we still have time! Don't forget the small stuff like stocking stuffers and little gifts for the mailman, bus driver or teacher in your life! Let us do the hard work for you ;)

We love those Deborah Lippmann nail polishes!  So many fun colors and such great quality. Chances are the girly girl in you life is going to love them too! This set has a color, a topcoat and a makeup bag with a lot of sparkle!

Socks. Kind of a boring gift, right? But necessary! Especially when it's so chilly outside! And these are too much fun. These fun designs are sure to delight someone in your life! And their feet will thank you!

Little housewares are a great gift! They are affordable and very thoughtful. And they look so cute all wrapped up! We love this little jewelry tray from J.Crew. It will look perfect on someone's dresser or bathroom vanity. And they'll think of you everytime they see it!

Now, don't forget about us. We have the perfect stocking stuffers for the latex lovers in your life! What about a pair of gloves? Some latex stockings or socks? Maybe a brand new bottle of Vividress? We're your one stop latex shop for the holidays!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside!

It seems like some sort of big chill has hit us here in the U.S! Even here in Texas, the temperature has dropped. Might be a good time to invest in some warm clothing, don't you think? Hmmm? Okay. Let's face it... it just another way to justify buying a new pair of shoes.

Not just shoes but boots! Fuzzy, cozy boots perfect for the cold or snow. Chances are your life goes on no mater how cold or snowy it is outside. You have places to go and people to see! You need the perfect pair to drudge through this winter weather in. And look cute doing it ;)

My, my! Don't these Marc Jacobs snow boots look inviting? These have a more traditional, classic snow boot look. The insides are lined with a super warm and soft material. And outside material is weather proof! And we love the chestnut details. So classic, so cozy! Pair these with a capelet or a traditional pea coat with toggles.

We love those traditional duck boots! They are so classic and incredibly useful. They are just a great pair of boots. So, you can guess how excited we got by Sperry's take on that classic boot! Look at these! We love that they go all the way up the leg, giving you even more warmth. Finally a pair of snow boots for those of us who prefer taller boots! Pair them with your favorite raincoat or parka. What a sensible yet cute look!

So, bundle up and get out there! Stay warm and stay safe if you are facing any of that messy weather.

Monday, December 9, 2013

What a success!

After such a fantastic weekend and photo shoot, we couldn't help but feel a bit nostalgic! This week, we're bring you one of our favorite designs from last year's collection.

It's the Jezebel dress. How much fun is this flirty dress?! We totally dig this halter style dress! It looks good on a variety of shapes and sizes.

The piping adds some great flair! And of course, you get to pick the color. This dress can really be your own creation.

The plunge neckline is super sexy too. And we love the bow detail! And that ruffle along the bottom? Too cute! This dress is all about those small details. And remember that you can have this dress made to measure!

Well, our photo shoot this weekend was in fact a huge success! Everyone had such a great time and the photos are fantastic! Beautiful designs and beautiful girls! For now, you are going to have to take our word for it!

If you haven't had a chance to sneak a peek at our twitter, go now! We have lots of teaser shots. We were posting all day long on Saturday.

Stay tuned to this space for updates and fun tidbits on both the shoot and the 2014 line. Don't miss out on all of the fun!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Meet Ken Marcus!

Well, tomorrow is the big day. Are you as excited as we are? We can't wait to see our new dresses on actual living and breathing humans beings! And not just any human beings! As you can gather from our other two posts this week, we have two beautiful, lovely ladies modeling for us!

So, you know the ladies in front of the camera. Let us introduce you the man behind it!

The extremely talented Ken Marcus will be shooting our new line again this year. We had a great time working with him last year. And we are overjoyed to be working with him once again.

Ken's life as a photographer started from an early age. At just 12 years old, he began studying under Ansel Adams. He continued to work him for the next 13 years. While working with him, Ken attended both Art Center College of Design and Brooks Institute of Photography.

At 23, he became the first American photographer Penthouse Magazine. After his work with Penthouse, he moved over to Playboy Magazine. There he shot centerfolds, calendars and covers for 11 years. He shot also editorials and covers for Muscle and Fitness Magazine for ten years. He was chosen as an "artist in residence" for Yosemite National Park. His Nudes in Nature series exists there as part of their permanent photographic collection.

Well, that is only a taste of all the amazing work Ken Marcus has produced. We adore the way he showcases our latex clothing and can't wait to see his work this Saturday. We also hope to sit down with Ken and learn a bit more about the man behind the lens. Stay tuned to the blog for more on that!

Be sure to check in our Twitter account this weekend.  And follow us if you haven't already! You won't want to miss out on all the fun!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Meet Sophie!

With only four days left until our big photo shoot, we thought it would be a great time to announce our newest model! It's really is cruel to keep you all guessing. We simply can't make you wait any longer!

Meet Sophie Nova! We just love her beautiful red hair and pin-up style. As we mentioned before, it's our first time working with her. And we couldn't be more excited to have her modeling our brand new line of latex dresses! We can hardly wait to put her into our designs. We know she is going to look amazing!

Sophie has four years of experience as a full time model. Her wonderful list of credits go on and on. She had modeled with Jesse Leon and Lucky13, just to name a few. She has appeared in both Dark Beauty and Belle Morte Magazine. And she has worked with dozens of amazing photographers. When she says full time model, she really means it!

We are so pleased to have her with us. We're excited to see what she brings to the table! Please join us in giving her a very warm welcome to the Latex Store community! We hope to be working with her for a long time! And please head on over and check out her portfolio. Her work is so beautiful.

Saturday can't get here soon enough! We can't wait to see how our new dresses look on both our lovely models. All of the shiny stuff is on it's way to LA. And we're following right behind it! We can't wait to get there and get to work. Our new line is really something special. We can't wait to share! But for now, it's top secret!

Oh but we're terrible at keeping secrets! We'll be sure to post some teaser photos on our twitter account. And we'll be giving you an inside look into the photo shoot right here on the blog. There's plenty of fun in store! Be sure to check back. You'll never know what's up our sleeves!

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's all about Emily!

Well, it's Monday again! And yes, we are sharing another outfit with you all. In honor of one of the two beautiful models we'll be shooting for the 7th time this weekend, we give you...

The Emily dress! One of our more risque dresses but oh so lovely. We "heart" it! This dress has some beautiful details. The frill around the bottom of the dress, the bows and the hearts that give the girls a bit of coverage. It's available in so many colors and sizes! If you want to take on this dress, chances are there is one to fit you and your style!

Emily Addison is the beautiful model sporting this sexy number. We are thrilled to announce that she will be modeling some of the 13 new dresses from our new latex line! We have known this lovely lady for quite some time. And we are just tickled to have her join us once again. We love her look. And she's just so fun to work with!

Many of you are probably familiar with Emily. She was featured as a Penthouse Pet in September 2011. She is also a two time Twistys Treat! She has been seen in magazines like Maxim, Hustler, and Taboo. And she is a newlywed! As you can see, she is a busy, busy gal and we are so thrilled that she will be modeling for us again. In fact, she'll be modeling the Emily dress (above) once again. Get excited!

We can hardly wait for our big photo shoot this Saturday. We are lucky to once again have the  incredibly talented Ken Marcus as our photographer. We drooled over all the pictures he took of our Blue Skye Collection and can't wait to see him work his magic with our latest designs.

Our new line will be available for your viewing (and buying!) pleasure in the new year. Can't wait? We know, it's hard! Stay tuned to the blog and our twitter account for sneak peeks. We love to tease you all ;) And check out the blog on Wednesday! We'll be announcing our second model. Hint, she's a redhead!