Friday, May 31, 2013

Get that summer glow!

Who doesn't love a sun kissed glow in the summer time? Many of us like to look tanned during the summer. However, laying out in the sun is a no go! It's ages your skin and put you at a higher risk for skin cancer. And professional spray tans can be very expensive!

Lucky for us, there are some great self tanning product out on the market. Elle shared their best self tanners and we found a few of our favorites we would love to share with you! Because face it, you don't want to sport this week's OOTW without a beautiful tan.

Tarte is one of our favorite makeup brands. We love their makeup formula which strays away parabens and synthetic fragrances among other things. They are really bring us great cosmetics and their Brazillance self tanner is no exception. The gel formula is very moisturizing and transfers the self tanner to skin very well. And the mitt that comes with the product is really helpful and prevents streaking. And no one wants a streaky tan! If you have dry skin, this is a great product for you to try!

Origins has some of our favorite skincare products. They are very natural and moisturizing. We really love this brand! Their self tanner provides a beautiful color. If you're looking for a bronze, shimmery look to your skin, this is the product for you! It applies like a dream and provides a beautiful color. And it smells orange and peppermint. Yum!

Not all self tanners are creams and gels. They also come in a towelette variety. This guarantees easy application and they are great for travel! You'll get through security and you won't have to worry about spillage. That's another worry off your mind while traveling! These Dr. Dennis Gross tanning wipes are wonderful. Not only do they apply tanner, but they also minimize hair growth. That's really helpful during the summertime. These pads make your skin feel great while providing a beautiful tan.

We hope we have inspired you to self tan! Or maybe just try a new brand. Do you have a favorite self tanner? Let us know on our Twitter!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Punk and Edge!

We are really loving the edgier, punk style trend that seems to be taking over! Spikes, studs, acid wash and leather: we're all about all of it! After looking at the 36 pieces to channel your inner punk over on, we were super inspired! You can mix up your regular and latex wardrobe with these pieces! Keep reading to see how we styled these punked out pieces with our latex pieces!

Check out this cool vintage inspired t-shirt! We love the faded, distressed look it has. It really brings that 80's punk style. A shirt like this would look awesome paired with our mini skirt with zip front.
We think it's a great way to dress up a basic t-shirt. The grungy look shirt paired with the silver hardware on the mini skirt really gives you a cool edgy look. Is this something you would try?

Bralets are back in and we think they are so much fun! This one from Top Shop is just our style. The edgy embellishments and transparent cut outs are really different. We would pair this top with our flirt skirt.
This ensemble is a little more daring than the previous one! We think it would be really great for a summer concert! Or even just a fun night out. We're going to be more daring this summer. How about you? 

Leather jackets are way cool! They really take us back. This one from ASOS is really something special. We love the classic cut and all the silver hardware. What a great staple for your closet! we would wear this jacket with our Jasmine dress

We love the clash of this feminine dress with the punky, boyish jacket. It's a really hot look! Wear your hair down and rock a bold red lip! 

We hope we have inspired you to try this cool edgy look! Spikes and studs can be fun! If you decide to mix up you latex look with these pieces or something similar, be sure to share them with us on our twitter! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! What are you doing to celebrate the start of summer 2013? Are you heading to the beach or grilling with friends and family? Well, whatever you're doing, summertime is here and it's time to celebrate! We're searched The Latex Store and put together an outfit of the week inspired by Memorial Day. First up, the top!

This is the Latex Halter Top. We're all about the halter neckline for the summertime. This top also comes in many colors, including red, white and blue, if you're feeling patriotic! And we also love the versitlity of the latex halter top. It can be combined with so many bottoms for endless possiblities. You gotta love those basic pieces!

And we can't forget about down below...

Who wears Short Shorts? These shorts are really bringing that summertime vibe. They are super short and flirty! Show off those legs! We suggest trying these short shorts in a red! And like the halter top, they are a great basic for your latex wardrobe.

Complete this look with some cute wedges! Too fun! We're here for one more day in Chicago with for International Mr. Leather! Have a great holiday, everyone! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!

Who is ready for their Memorial Day weekend? We are! Of course, we won't be pool or beach side this year. We're doing something even better! We are at International Mr. Leather in Chicago. We couldn't be happier to vending our men's latex from Friday to Monday!

But for all of you who plan on hitting the beach or the neighborhood cookout, we have a few tips and tricks for your Memorial Day weekend!

Cosmopolitan magazine covered some basic essentials for the weekend. What are you planning on wearing? We love the idea of wearing a sundress! There are so many cute ones to choose from. A bright pattern is a great way to look summery and festive. And it's going to keep you cool! That's really important with the warmer temperatures expected this weekend. Plus it makes an easy cover up for your bathing suit!

When you head back to work on Tuesday, chances are you're going to be seeing red. Yes, red from all sunburn! It happens every year! Break the cycle. Lather on that sunscreen. And remember to reapply, reapply and reapply! Also, remember to pack a hat. That's a great way to shield your face from the sun and protect your scalp. We love this featured straw fedora! Too cute!

Maybe you're not into all the sun and water. That's okay! There are plenty of great sales this weekend! Lucky gave us a heads up on some really great sales. Stores like Zappo's, Rebecca Minkoff, and Macy's will be having big sales all weekend long! And of course, we have our sale going on. Take some time this weekend and spoil yourself! You deserve it!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get that cat eye look!

Did you catch our outfit of the week on Monday? What a head turner! And when your wearing something like the buckle vee dress, it's fun to sport a dramatic eye look. But you're going to need a good eyeliner! Elle just shared some and we thought we would share our favorites with you!

The Balm is an up and coming makeup brand. We love their products and retro looking packaging. They are really making makeup fun! Their schwing liquid eyeliner is a great product! We love the matte finish. And the thin tip allows for easy application.

NYX is a great drugstore brand. Their products are affordable and really great quality. We love their curve eyeliner. It's design allows for easier grip of the eyeliner pen. That makes cat eye and winged eyeliner designs much easier! And we love the long wearing formula.

M.A.C is always a staple for us. And their Penultimate eyeliner is no exception. We love the felt tip on this pen. It has two sides: one for smaller application and the other for wider application. It allows for both daytime and night time eye looks.

Do you have a favorite eyeliner? What kind of eye look do you sport when you wear our latex? Tweet us your favorites and pictures!

Also, we'll be in Chicago this weekend for International Mr. Leather. We hope to see all you fellas out there! We'll be vending from Friday to Monday! Stop by our booth and see all the latex we have to offer!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Let's get wild!

Mondays are boring! Good thing we're here to liven things up!! 
Wow! If this isn't wild, we don't know what is! It's Buckle Vee Dress! Let's dissect the name, shall we?

Buckle: The buckle accents are definitely the standout features. There are four across the front. And they are the same color as the body of the dress with silver metal. They distract a bit from the...

Vee! And man oh man is there a v neck on this bad boy. It goes all the way to your belly button. The trim used to accent the v neck comes in your choice of color as well. Are you seeing that detail and curvature? It’s excellent!!

And dress. This is indeed a dress and it's short! Depending on your height, it's going to hit you mid-thigh. And the trim also runs along the hem of the dress. Be sure to check out the additional photos for a view of the back and an additional color option!

So, if you're looking for a dress that's going to zest things up, the Buckle Vee is a great way to go! And you can really personalize it as well! There are over 15 color options for the body and just as many for the trim around the v neck and bottom of the dress. We love this dress! It's short and daring. You’re going to turn some heads in this one. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Latex and heels

You know what looks great with our latex? Heels! They make you taller and make your legs look longer. Plus, what's more fun and girly than a pair of heels?

And if you're planning on attending Fetish Con in August or just plan on having a fun night out this summer, you're going to need a new pair. Come on, you deserve it! In fact, Elle just shared 28 beautiful pairs of pointy style heels we are just salivating over! So come on, let's pair up some of these beautiful shoes with our gorgeous dresses!

These beautiful coral heels by J. Crew really caught our attention. We're in love with the color coral for summer. Whether it be on the lips, fingernails or feet! It's a beautiful shade of pink. We're pairing these up with...

Our Chloe dress in turquoise! We think these two bright and summery colors would pair nicely together. 

Looking for something even brighter than those coral heels? Okay, you asked for it! Check out these neon yellow patent heels from Kate Spade. Neons are very in this summer! And we think these go best with...

Our Jillian dress! With heels so bright, it's good to go with a more neutral color. And the edgy style of the Jillian pairs perfectly with those wild heels. Can you say all eyes on you? Oh yes. 

And our third and final pick are these purple heels from ASOS. We love the geometric style of the shoes. Those clear cutouts are just too cool! We decided to be a little daring and pick... 
 Our Connie dress! Yeah, that's a whole lot of color. But you can totally pull that off in the summertime! And the lines on the Connie and the cutouts mesh perfectly. 

Which combination is your favorite? Or do have a better combination in mind? Share your favorites and suggestions with us on twitter! Be sure to use the hashtag #thelatexstore! We can't wait to hear what you have to say. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dom Con LA 2013

How's your week treating you? We're having a great one! We're settling back in after Dom Con LA! We had safe travels and an amazing time at Dom Con! We thought we would share some of our trip with you.

Day one at Dom Con! Woohoo! This is what our setup looks like. We told you we bring a whole lot of latex! We love displaying it all. So many styles and colors. We get a little too excited! 

And we had visitors! This is the lovely Julie Simone. We love her dress! Doesn't she look amazing? Thank you to everyone who came by our booth! We love visitors. 
We squeezed in some time for a meal with good friends. Yep, that's Ken Marcus, our wonderful photographer for our latest photo shoot! We had a great time and dinner was delicious! 
We love these ladies! Thanks for having dinner with us! 
And to top off this great weekend, we won an award! Thanks to the kind people of Dom Con LA for presenting us with the 2013 Ms. Velvet Memorial Award! Thank you! We are honored. 

It was a great weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out! And now we count down the days until next year! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our first Monday outfit of the week!

It's our first Monday outfit of the week! We are so excited to start out every week by sharing one our latex outfits with you. Let's hop right in, shall we?

This is the The Latex Store Retro Mod Minidress. And it's adorable, isn't it? This is from our Too-Short Collection.

The scoop neckline gives this cute dress some real sex appeal! And the black stripe also the bust also draws our attention to the girls ;) The empire waist and flared skirt add some flirt and fun to this little dress!

And we think it looks great on everyone! If you click under the picture on the product page, you can snag a look at some other color combinations for this dress. And don't forget that handy size chart!

If you're looking to add a little retro flare to your latex, this mod minidress is perfect for you! Also, thanks to everyone who came out to DomCon LA this weekend! We had a blast and can't wait for the next one! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Eva!

It's another outfit of the week!! And we actually have a little announcement... Starting on Monday, our outfit of the week will be featured on Mondays! We're excited about the change and hope you are too! Anyways, onward we go with the OOTW! 
It's the Eva!! We love this dress from our Too Short Collection. We say everything is our favorite, but this really is one of our favorites!

The Eva is a two color latex dress. And you get to choose both colors! That a really great option with this dress. Check out the other product photos to see it in a classic white and black or pink and black! But, feel free to play around with colors and really make it unique to you!

The tailoring of this dress is really detailed, giving you a really excellent fit. And that zipper in the front adds some great detail! And it makes getting in and out of the Eva so much easier!

 A halter neckline makes the Eva perfect for summertime too! Oh, we really love this dress!  We think it would be the perfect thing to wear to any of the events we will be at this summer.

Speaking of which, Dom Con LA is this weekend! We're off to have a great weekend doing what we do best: hooking people up with great latex clothing and gear. Hope to see you there! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring and summer travel updates

Hey latex peeps! Are you having a great week? We hope so! We've been incredibly busy getting geared up for... Dom Con LA! We're so excited for this event! Keep reading for some more travel information!

 Yes, we will be at Dom Con in Los Angeles, California this weekend. We're packing up all our latex (Well, as much as we can bring!) and heading across the country to the west coast! This is one of our favorite events! We're so excited to share our latex with all of you, guys and gals!

Will you be attending? We sure hope so! Be sure to stop by and play! We can't wait!

Can't make it this weekend? Not to worry! There are lots of great events all summer long. Later in May, TLS RubberGear and Midnight Blue's will be at International Mr. Leather! And in July, The Latex Store, TLS RubberGear and Midnight Blue's will be at Thunder in the Mountains in Denver, Colorado. Also in July, we will be at Boston Fetish Flea Market! July will prove to be very busy for us! It will keep our minds off the heat!

And of course, we will be at Fetish Con in August. We're already prepping for the big event! You should too! If you plan on attending, make plans to do so now! We want to see all of you out there, having a great time! It's going to be a blast.

For more details on our summer travels, check out our travel page! We hope to see you at Dom Con LA this weekend

Monday, May 6, 2013

Summer fun: DIY sunglasses!

Good Morning! How was your weekend? Ours was wonderful and inspiring! Today's blog is going to be a tad bit different... We're going a bit DIY on all of you. Keep reading for a fun project that's sure to bring you some joy and flair to your summer wardrobe!

Did you know that YouTube is a great place to turn to for fashion and beauty tips? We love to browse around and see all the creative videos that various "beauty gurus" upload. That's where we found this fun project!

Embellished sunglasses are something we see all the time, even on the runway! Lucky Magazine shared some of their favorites recently. We love them! They add an element of fun and whimsy to any outfit. Do you want the look but don't want to shell out big bucks for a pair? We have the perfect project for you!

Youtuber Stilababe09 shared this incredibly fun project! All you will need is a pair of sunglasses. This a great way to up cycle a pair you already own. Or pick up a cheap pair! This basic square shaped pair are only $5.80 from Forever21!

Then hit up your local craft store and pick out some small embellishments. Online stores also carry unique embellishments. We found these adorable resin roses on Etsy! Also, studs or rhinestones would be a great alternative if you're not a flower person.

And then you simply heat up your hot glue gun and go to town! Glue your embellishments on the top of the glasses! Or for a more subtle look, glue them on the arms of the glasses. They are your own creation! And just like that, you have a new pair of sunnies for spring and summer!

If you decide to take on this project, be sure to tweet us a picture with the hash tag "summerfunwithTLS"! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Buckle up!

Happy Friday, everyone! This week has been just beautiful! We can hardly wait for the weekend!  But before we take off, here's another outfit of the week!

Are you a fan of buckle accents? Then, check out the Buckle Sheath Dress. Check out the buckles accents featured on the straps! We love the edge they give this basic dress. And even better, they are functional! They allow for some adjustment that latex wear often doesn't allow. You're going to get a really great fit on top!

The fit of this dress is just amazing. It's going to be tailored to you and your curves. It just looks beautiful on! As far as length, it will hit you mid-thigh. So, it's going to short!

We think the Buckle Sheath Dress would be an excellent choice! It's going to add a little edgy-ness to your wardrobe. It's eye catching and has a great fit. Add a great pair of heels, maybe some accessories and you're certainly dressing to impress!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring and Summer Trends: Lace

Did you see the Spring 2013 collections? We saw a few and noticed lace was a big trend! We love lace. It's feminine and pretty. And it comes in tons of designs and colors. Elle recently reported on the lace trend and we thought we would share our favorites! 

First, lets go in the sweet, feminine side of lace. Look at this lace cutout skater skirt from Topshop. This a beautiful piece! Here's how we would style it.  Take a basic top. We recommend one with flutter style sleeves. Tuck it in to the skirt and skip a belt on this one! You don't want to cover the beautiful design on the waistline. Add some wedges for a dressy look or brown braided sandals for an everyday look. Either way you go, we think this beautiful skirt will serve you well! 

Want to wear lace but in a more edgy way? Have you tried neon? This is one of our favorite trends! Check out this MSGM sleeveless peplum top. Wow! You certainly won't be a wallflower in this one! Add a gold statement piece necklace and a slicked back top knot to really make a statement! 

Rompers are a great, different way to dress this summer! They great for a fun, quick way to get dressed and get out the door in a hurry in the morning. This one by sea NYC has a fun vintage-y feel. The color and fringe on the edges are details that really add a lot to this outfit! Wear your hair up in a flirty, curly ponytail! And add some sandals or solid colored loafers. You sure to have some fun in this! 

So, are you going to add some lace to your spring and summer wardrobe? We know we are!