Friday, May 29, 2015

It's sandal time!

It's time to let your toes free! It's summertime and sandals are in. Birkenstocks specifically. They are back in! Here are 3 styles we've been digging. Check them out!

First up? These Joie Sable sandals. They are nice and basic. They'll go with just about everything. And we mean everything! The contrast for the black and tan proves to be a very chic look! Go past the flip flop look this summer.

White sandals. Now that's risky bussiness! But they are a really hot look this summer. Take a look at these Tibi Mina Sandals! We love the platform. It gives the shoe a futuristic look. What do you think?

Now these sandals look a little bit more like birkenstocks. They have the classic suede back material and cork-like sole. But this pair is a little jazzed up! We love the jewels atop the straps. They are a little different... but we love them!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beach day!

Are you hitting up the beach sometime soon? Yeah, we are planning on that too! You might have a bathing suit and towel but there are plenty of other things that you have to have. Here are a few of our beach necessities!

A cover-up is a must have for the beach. They protect you from the sun and add even more style to your beach ensemble. We love this vibrant cover-up from Mara Hoffman. It's flow-y and has a nice beach-y feel. It's going to be really easy to pack and throw on. Pair it with a black or white suit to really let the colors pop!

You're going to need something to hold all that beach stuff in! It's good to have a separate bag out on the beach. you'll need to carry much more and things are going to get sandy! We love this canvas bag from Mango. It's a backpack style so it's going to be easier to carry. And the nautical feel is so cute! It's perfect for the beach!

And of course, you need a hat! You need that extra protection from the sun. There are so many styles out there. But we're pretty classic at heart. We love this big, floppy sun hat from Topshop! The stripes on this hat add some really fun flair to this hat. It's a must have!

What are your beach essentials? What are your favorites? Share them with us! See you out on the beach!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! The unofficial start to summer! How are you spending it? Are you heading to the beach or grilling with friends and family? Well whatever you're doing, summertime is here and it's time to celebrate! We're searched The Latex Store and put together an outfit of the week inspired by Memorial Day. First up, the top!

This is the Latex Halter Top. We're all about the halter neckline for the summertime. This top also comes in many colors, including red, white and blue, if you're feeling patriotic! And we also love the versatility of the latex halter top. It can be combined with so many bottoms for endless possibilities. You gotta love those basic pieces!
And now for below! Who wears Short Shorts? These shorts are really bringing that summertime vibe. They are super short and flirty! Show off those legs! We suggest trying these short shorts in a red! And like the halter top, they are a great basic for your latex wardrobe.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Now go on and enjoy! Have a great holiday, everyone! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

3 day weekend! That's what we're talking about!

It's Memorial Day Weekend! Summer begins!!! We sure hope you are enjoy the holiday. Can we get a cheer for the three day weekend?! Now before you head out to that cookout or pool, make sure you're appropriately dressed! A little red, white and blue never hurt nobody.

It's heating up out there! Getting to be shorts weather! Some plain blue or white shorts will serve you just fine. But we have a fondness for this Modcloth pair. We love the faded flag look. It give off a sort of grunge look that's hot right now. It's such an easy way to show off your american pride!

Anyone heading down to the beach? Don't forget your sunglasses! This pair by Nasty Gal are a great way to combine your love of the good ole' USA and eye protection! A win-win situation, if you ask us. These are perfect for the rest of the summertime too! They are just too fun!

Today might be a fun day to try a classic hairstyle! We're thinking victory rolls and Rosie the Riveter. A little something different and new. Mix it up! This headband might be the perfect inspiration piece. A nice flash of red! Easy and simple!

Have a wonderful, safe and fun holiday! We'll meet you back here on Monday morning!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sexy Tank!

Well, it's about that time. We have come to the last item of the 3rd installment of the Blue Skye Collection. It's been fun! And we hope you all have enjoyed it. Now let's get to it! 

Last but certainly not least. It's the Sexy Tank! You can find it here on our website!

Now this is a great top. It just may be everything you are looking for in a latex top. It's cute, cropped and fitted. So fun to pair with leggings and skirts!

This top has an awesome fit. Skin tight and sleek. Just the way we all like it! Super sexy.

And it's a crop top! So in right now, especially in the spring and summer months. We love this cool look!

This blog wouldn't be complete without a peek at the back. And all we can say is: yowza!! What is not to love??

Back or front. The sexy tank is hot! Yet basic and easy to wear. This makes for super easy styling and accessorizing. Make your own creation!

Oh, we just love this top! Did you know you have color options as well? Be daring and try the sexy tank in semi translucent? It's all up to you!

Please be sure to check out the rest of the new line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

All about neoprene

Have you checked put neoprene yet? You know, scuba suit material! It's popping up everywhere. This high tech fabric is hot! Check out a few of our favorites.

We're big fans of neoprene! It has a cool feel to it. And it really hugs to your body. Here's a great example of that! This dress by MSGM. The pleats are just lovely. We love how the begin in the bodice and extend down. Such a slimming look! And the maroon color? It's going to look great in every season!

A basic skirt is a must! We're sure you have your little latex skirt. And a body con skirt is great for a night out! A neoprene skirt might just be your new favorite. Like this skirt by Kenzo. It's the perfect flash of color! Dress it up or dress it down. It's up to you!

Going for a casual look? We have just the thing. Check out this sweatshirt by Alexander Wang. It looks like jersey but it's neoprene! It's going to guarantee a cool, modern look. Pair it with a pair of print leggings and a statement necklace for a daytime look. Try something a little different!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer fun

Who is ready for beach days, patio dining, and grilling out?? We are! Those days are on their way. And we want to be ready. Every girl needs a few cute, summertime dresses in her back pocket.We collected a few that really inspire and excite us.

Our go-to this spring and summer, daytime and evening? Maxi skirts and dresses! We love the boho, laid back feel they have. It's an easy look to pull off. The sweatpants of summertime, if you will! We think this one by Zara is perfect for an evening out. The bold print is gorgeous. And we think the v-neck would look great on some many body types. Pop on your sandals or wedges and you're out the door!

Soon you will be sporting a tan. And a lighter color dress looks so great against tanned, summer skin. Whether it be poolside or out on the town. Check out this gingham sundress by Modcloth! Well, we aren't in Kansas anymore! We love the strappy tank top and flow-y skirt. This would be a great outfit pick for Memorial Day later on this month!

A little floral dress is a great thing to keep in your back pocket. It will do in a pinch! Put it over your bathing suit or wear it out to lunch! Our pick this time around? This beautiful dress by Band of Outsiders! It that great flow-y and fun shape. It's going to work for so many different events. A great everyday dress too!

Hopefully this will keep you inspired as things start to heat up! Keep it fresh and fun!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Madison Dress

Back to reality. Ugh! Who else thinks we need a weekend from our weekend? Oh well. Maybe this week's outfit will help. It's a good one! 

This is one the most unique dresses from our latest collection. It's the Madison dress! And it can be found over on the Latex Store website, under both the dresses and The Blue Skye Collection tab. Click on over to get an even better look!

Can we just talk about those cutouts? Wow! That's a great look. We love that they are outlined in a contrasting color. They really pop!

The collar and cutouts look so elegant! Almost delicate. And it blends smoothly into the rest of the dress.

Doesn't this dress have an awesome shape to it?  Show off your beautiful body shape and curves. So gorgeous!

Get a look at that lovely side view. We can behind a dress that looks good from all angles. And there's no doubt that this dress fits that criteria.

Don't worry about the zipper. It's in the back. It's so easy to get in and out of. You don't have to worry.


Be sure to play around with color and sizing choices. We encourage playfulness. Make this dress your own!

And be sure to check out the rest of the new line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cosmetics for summertime

Summer is nearly here! But did you know it  can be brutal on your skin and hair? Yeah! The sun and heat can really get to you.You have to be careful and kind to your body! It's best to get started on the right foot with some great products. Check them out!

We cannot rave about the Korres lip butters enough! The formula is incredibly moisturizing. It really sinks into your lips and leaves them very soft. And the color pigment is amazing for a lip balm. It's a great way to add color to your lips with out a lipstick. They are so fun to use and collect!

It's important to treat your hair with care and give it the moisture it deserves. And before a summer of sun, salt and water, this is even more crucial. Be one step ahead! The Morracan oil intense hydrating mask is a must! This creamy, moisturizing mask is such a treat for your hair. It really changes and transforms your hair texture. Your hair will looks more shiny and beautiful. Use it a couple times a week and you'll be sure to see a real difference in your hair.

Beautiful, blushed cheeks are a must have for summer. Tarte is our go-to brand for blushes. They have gorgeous colors that have long lasting properties. And their all natural approach ensures that their products are safe to use for your skin. Their natural cheek stain is no exception. This cream blush is easy to apply and gives a beautiful pink color to your cheeks.

So, tell us! What are your favorite beauty products for the summertime? Do you have any secrets or tips? What are your favorite organic brands? We want to know!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Show us a little wedge

During the summertime, we're usually wearing sandals. We're sure most of you are as well! And if we're not wearing sandals, wedges are our shoe of choice. The add something special to any outfit. And something about them make you feel like you are instantly on vacation. Come along and let us show you some of our favorites!

We all have that favorite pair of brown sandals. You know, the ones that go with everything? Well, if you can manage to part when them at any point this summer, these wedges just might fill the void. You can find them at Urban Outfitters! This pair is gorgeous. And the don't just have to go with dresses and skirts. Shorts and wedges is a great summer look!

Summertime is a great time to bring in some retro style to your everyday look. That classic, bombshell look never grow old! And it's so much fun. It's almost like dressing up! These Dolce and Gabbanna wedges hit the nail on the head. The back and white polka dot pattern and circle clasp bring such flair! And that floral graphic on the side? Too cool!

Wedges aren't always cute and flirty. They can be edgy too! This pair by Marc by Marc Jacobs is what we are talking about. They really make a statement! We love the solid black color. And the pattern underneath is cool too. Pair these with a pair of acid wash high waisted shorts and crop top. Now that's a good summer look.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Low Rise leggings

We have a special outfit for you this week. It's a little different but just as great! Don't miss out! 

Could this possibly be the most practical and stylish addition to the latex store? Maybe! This week, we feature the Low Rise leggings!

These are so great. Finally! The perfect way to wear latex tops! These leggings are a must. You won't know what you were missing.

These leggings have a great fit. Nice and skin tight. Just the way we all like it! Super sexy and sleek.

And they ride dangerously low. But who says that's a bad thing? We love that daring look!

We couldn't help but show off a sneaky peek of the back. And all we can say is: wow!! What is not to love?

Back or front. These pants are hot!! And basic too. This makes for super easy styling and accessorizing. Make your own creation!

Oh, we just can't get enough! Did you know you have color options as well? Be daring and try them in semi translucent? It's all up to you!

Please be sure to check out the rest of the new line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Oh eyelet!

Nothing says springtime like eyelet! It's such a classic, classy look. And it will keep you cool as it heats up out there. Who's ready for some eyelet?!

Eyelet is so crisp looking. So polished and refined. These shorts really capture that look. We think these would really set the tone of your outfit. Add a bright colored blouse and both colors will really pop. And you are sure to stay cool!

Weddings and social gatherings speckle your calendar all summer-long! And most of them are outside... in the heat. You need to keep cool. This Juicy Couture dress our pick. It's gorgeous. And bustier style is so stylish. Take it any way you want. Add a flower in your hair for a laid back look or a statement necklace for a refined look.

It's important to protect your head from the sun! Have you ever had sunburn on your scalp? It's not fun. But baseball caps are so sporty... not for us! This eyelet one is a little more our speed. It's girly and perfect for a beach day. It's one of our top picks!