Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Temperatures are dropping! Winter may be a ways away but it is certainly cold out there. Bundling up is a must. Don't be a fool! We're sharing some of our favorite bulky scarves with you today. Maybe one will make it in to your winter ensemble?

Ah. Doesn't that look cozy? We love this scarf by Need Supply. The varying shades of grey are very pleasing to our eyes. And it will pair with many different coats and outfits. A winter staple for sure. Try pairing it with a cream colored winter hat.

This scarf has a different sort of style to it. And we are huge fans! You can find this tassle scarf at Urban Outfitters. The mix of blues is just gorgeous. This piece will go with more specific colors and looks. Try pairing it with black, grey and even yellow. Either way, it's a whole lot of fun!

Now this is more like it! A big, chunky knit scarf. You cannot face cold weather without one. We are truly in love with this Paula Bianco two tone scarf. It's basic and will fit in with almost every coat or jacket. And the little tassles? What a great touch!

Hey Jack Frost? Yeah, go ahead and bring it on! We're ready for you!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Strike out!

Happy Monday to you. Let's take a peek at this week's feature outfit! 

It's the Jessi dress! It is already a huge hit. We think it's quite possibly our most talked about newest addition. It's just so striking!

We like the design of the top. That fun tank style that is so appealing. It's a little more delicate, in our opinion. And the scoop neckline is also quite lovely.

And what an eye catching design! It's really something new for us. But we adore that sharp contrast. This is such a cool style! What a way to stand out!

This dress really shows off your beautiful curves. It's short and flirty too. Perfect for a night out! All eyes on you. Yeah, that's a given!!

Maybe some customization? Yeah, that's right. Pick the color combo that perfect for your style and liking. Anything you desire, darling!

And be sure to check everything else we have to offer at . It's all there for your viewing pleasure. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter. We want to know what you think!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Itty Bitty Pleated Skirts

Looking for ways to keep your fall wardrobe looking fresh? It doesn't take much, we promise! Check out these itty bitty pleated skirts. So cute and easy to wear! Fall fashion just got way way easier.

We just love this basic skirt! It has great shape and structure to it. And the little chain is the perfect detail. You can dress this skirt up or down. Try it with a vintage band shirt and some doc Martens for a fun night out! Or dress it up with a collared shirt and a statement necklace. Either way, you'll be coming back to this skirt time after time.

What a great skirt for the office! It's plenty warm for the morning commute. And it adds a fun bit of color to your office style. Try this skirt with some fun colored tights or knee high socks. And this skirt will easily transition into winter as well!

And for a real wildcard... this leather skirt from Polo Ralph Lauren! It's a great little number. Great for nights out on the town. And it would look great with one of our latex tops!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Let's warm things up!

Happy Monday, latex peeps! Back to the weekday hustle and bustle. But before that, let's have a little OOTW!

It's the Siren dress! Wow! We think we named this one appropriately. What a sexy, red-hot number! We love the neckline on this dress. It's a cross over style top. And the swooping neckline will allow you to show off some skin!

We really love our two toned dresses. They allow you to personalize your dress to your particular style. You are the designer! Go with the red and black or choose your own combination.

And another great thing about this dress? There is a full zip in the back. We try our best to make it easy to get in and out of our latex fashions.

So, what do you say? Is the Siren your kind of style? Let us know what you think! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall and Winter beauty products

Sure, it's time to start bringing out jackets, sweaters and boots. But it's also time to get your fall and winter beauty products in order! Take good care of your skin and hair in this oncoming chilly weather. Check out these favorites!

Cold mornings are the worst. Cold nights too... So, how about a warming facial cleanser? You heard that right! Boscia makes this detoxifying black charcoal cleanser. As it suds up, it warms. Kinda neat, right? And the charcoal draws out impurities and excess oils. And there's vitamin C too! Which is proven to brighten your skin tone.

Is your hair feeling a little dry too? A great moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will do wonders! Treat yourself with the creme de coco bumble and bumble duo. It's ultra hydrating for even super dry hair. And that coconut smell will transport you to a warmer place. Even if it is just in your head.

So give yourself a little TLC. Give your skin and hair the extra love it needs around this time of the year. You deserve it!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall latex fashion!

Fall is here! And temperatures are dropping. We're pretty excited! Are you? We have just the dress to usher in the cooler weather!

Say hello to the Hobble Dress! Long, lean and sexy! This dress is part of our signature collection. There is sort of a turtle neck style up top. We think it really elongates your neck and gives a sliming effect.

True, you won't be showing any cleavage but that doesn't make this dress any less sexy. Oh no! The latex really hugs your body, showing everything but still leaving a lot the imagination.

If you love your arms, this dress is a great way to showcase them! No sleeves on the hobble dress! And yes, this dress does go all the way to the floor. It kind of reminds of the maxi skirts and dresses that are popular right now.

And as the name suggests, you walking style while sporting this dress may be more of a hobble comparing to a stride. But, latex stretches! And the length of this dress makes it a very long, lean and elegant piece. We love the Hobble Dress!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sheer excitement

We're happily preparing our closets for fall and winter! Who's ready for those cooler temperatures? We're in hot pursuit of a very promising trend. Check it out!

We found the Thakoon Ribbed-Bodice-Sheer-Band Dress to be really stunning. It's a real spin on a classic black dress. We love the sheer fabric elements that we're added to this dress. The simple triangle of fabric covering the deep v-neck. And we're in love with that beautiful stripe of sheer fabric around the skirt. It's an excellent way to subtly incorporate sheer into your fall look. And it will always be in style.

This sheer Stella McCarthy sweatshirt is really cool. We love the athletic look it can give to an outfit. It's the perfect layering piece. Wear a bright colored dress or tank underneath for a fun effect. It's a great way to continue wearing your favorite summer patterns and colors into the fall.

We love this bright coral sheer top from BCBGMaxAzria. The color is a great warm, bright yet muted color for fall. We think it's a great piece to wear to work. Simply add a cardigan for the office. Add a statement necklace for even more fun!

Sheer is great for all occasions. We're ready to embrace this fall fashion trend. Are you? Want to incorporate this look into your latex look? You're in luck! We have transparent blue, pink, grey, black and natural colored latex. Give it a try!