Monday, August 31, 2015

Could it be?!

Welcome back to the blog! Each Monday is dedicated to an outfit of the week and we promise not to disappoint....

Say hello to Sandra! Such a fun dress with a mod flair. Go ahead and  bring a little late 60's, 70's style into you latex wardrobe!

Look at those wonderful, wide straps. They give the support you need! They frame that U shaped neckline. We think this style works great for all bust sizes. The Sandra has a basic style with a real twist!

The color of the straps and neckline fade down into the middle of the dress. This panel meshes with the outside color of the dress. Together they create an hourglass effect. It's very slimming! Go for a vibrant color in the middle and a neutral on the sides. This will draw the eye towards the middle panel. And we can't forget about the back! There is a back zipper which makes it easy to get dressed.

As mentioned before, you can customize this dress. Choose your size and your colors. Did you know that custom sizing is available with this dress? Simply send in your measurements and we'll make you a custom dress! No need worrying about the Sandra not fitting you correctly!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Getting ready for Fall!

Fall and function. They go hand in hand, don't you think? We do! We're ready to make our fall as functional as possible. First things first? Dresses...with pockets.

First choice? This lovely Tory Burch. The short sleeves are perfect for those fall days. Oh you know. Warmer during the day but chilly at night. A happy medium! And the little square pockets at the waist? Cute! We love the shiny, satin fabric and floral design. It has a kimono flair to it. Perfect for the office and happy hour!

We love a good shirt dress! Super functional and pulled together. This one by trademark? Perfect! Such a simple frock. It has great shape to it. A really crisp look to it. Add in your own statement necklace and a high pony. You're ready for the office!

A functional pocket dress works outside of work and daytime activities. Trust us! Take this one by Kenzo. It is a beautiful nighttime dress. We love the structured look and full skirt. And the color scheme and pattern is so unique! It's really something different. Dare to be different!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Funday!

Oh man... Monday again?? We have no idea where the time goes.  Maybe we can liven things up a bit?

Well, that works! It's the Emily dress and wowza! Here's a dress for those of you out there who want to be wild and daring. We love it! A true step out of any one's comfort zone.

This dress has an open cut on top that will expose your breasts. Of course, we can't bare everything. We just love those adorable pasties. And underneath there are frills upon frills!

This dress is fully tailored! It looks awesome on. We love the trim! It's a really lovely addition to this dress! And it wouldn't be complete without more frills. So cute and sweet yet very naughty.

Don't you want one? Come on, we know you do!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Boots for fall

You know what fall means? Boots! Many, many boots! We really can't wait. So we're sharing some favorites with you today.

A pair of riding boots are classic. They pair perfectly with sweaters, jeans and long sleeved dresses. They are perfect for the workplace and weekend excursions. This pair from Chinese Laundry are just perfect. We love the reddish brown color. And the gold metal details are really beautiful. Try pairing these boots with neutrals and jewel tones. They are sure to complete any fall outfit. 

Ankle boots are another fun pair of boots to accessorize with. They certainly pack some sass! If you're looking for a more high fashion look, these are perfect for you. You can wear them with skirts at the office or for dinner. Then, pair them with tight jeans for a concert. We love this pair from J. Crew. The basic black color goes with everything. And the wrap around strap and simple buckle adds just enough to this basic pair of boots.  

Military style is very big this fall. That means army green jackets, brass buttons and you guessed it... combat boots! They lace up and have fun, worn look to them. We love to pair them with girly clothing pieces. A floral skirt, a lace top or a over sized hair bow. We can't wait to jump into a pile of leaves while wearing a pair. The Steve Madden Troopas are the perfect basic pair of combat boots. The stitching and faded gold details are just so classic. You need a pair of these this fall! 

What sort of boots will you be wearing when it turns cold outside? What was you favorite pair of boots? Share your thoughts with us on our Twitter page!

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Sophia!

Welcome back to the blog! We're glad to have you back. And we're excited to share another outfit of the week with you all!

This week we are loving the Sophia dress! It's from our Latex Dreams collection. It features a high collar that snaps in the back for easy wear. We think the high neckline gives this dress a very high fashion, posh look.

The cut of this dress really showcases your shoulders and arms. If you turn to the side and back, you can see how revealing this dress is. We think it can really spice up your collection!

This dress has a really wonderful sculpted fit. It's beautifully tailored and looks amazing on. It hugs all your beautiful curves!

And it looks good in any color. We think a pearl sheen would look great! We love the shiny look!

If you're in the market for a fun, short latex dress the Sophia may be it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

About that time

Yeah, it's getting to be that time! Goodbye to shorts and mini skirts! Well not quite yet... But go ahead and bring out your pants. It's almost fall and nearly time to cozy up. Well we are pushing it a little... but we like to think ahead! Here are a few pairs that must make their way to your closet.

A wild pattern is perfect for the fall. These pants are perfect way to sport this cool look. We love these from ASOS. The black and white pattern is so neat! We would love to see these pants paired with a burgundy or olive green shirt. These are perfect for both fall and winter! 

Corduroy is a great texture for the fall. It has a great look, lasts forever and is very warm. It's fun to pair this rougher texture with finer textures. Pop a collared shirt on top! We really like this pair! The color is so fall! 

We are really digging the leather look this fall. These pants from Forever 21 have a cool, 80's grunge look. If you're looking to amp up your style, this might be the perfect way! Style these tight, hot pants with some studded accessories. Rock it out this fall!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Groovy Baby!

Oh hello! We're just stopping by to brighten up your Monday! We think this might do the trick...

It's the Lisa dress from our Blue Skye Collection. What a fun and revealing dress with a retro vibe!  It's perfect for anyone seeking something a little bit more unique or different.

The high collar has a really look to it. It really pairs well with the bell shape front cutout. Combined with the tank style, this dress looks like something a go go dancer would wear. So reminiscent of the past yet fresh and exciting! You'll look anything but old fashioned!

We're in love with the lacing. It really adds something special. And the detail on the neck? So great! If you are looking for the opposite of basic, you'll find it in this dress. This is a two tone dress. That means you can choose both the color of dress and the details. Make the Lisa your own creation!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Little boxes

Predictions for fall fashion trends are rolling right in. Pretty exciting, right? We are certainly ready for that transition. But we can't bear to talk about sweaters in this hot weather. How about we ease right in?

What's hot for fall, you ask? Box bags! Boxy, little shoulder bags with a whole lot of personality. Check these out and you'll see what we mean. 

It's clear that big, huge bags are out. No need to carry all that stuff around! Box bags fit you essentials plus a little extra. It's really perfect if you ask us! Check out this one. Basic black so it will go with everything. And we love the faux croc detail. A little bit of texture never killed nobody! 

Looking for your next Louis Vuitton? We have it right here! That classic canvas print we all know and love. This bag puts the box in box bag, that's for sure. And that gold hardware? Love!! 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Heat wave!

We're right in the thick of that hot, sticky part of summer. Ew. Minimal clothing is a must! This week's outfit will fit right in!

Take a look at our hip flare dress! As our description for this dress says, you can be sure to break a few hearts in this one. We love this halter style neckline. It fits great, looks great and really shows off those shoulders and arms!

The bodice of this dress show off all your curves. It's really beautifully tailored. You'll look so sleek! The bodice blends right into a cute skater style skirt.

It's just adorable! Short and fun! This dress is perfect for a having a fun night out.