Friday, August 29, 2014

Look good for less!

Is your wardrobe feeling a little stale? Yeah, ours too. There's something about an upcoming season change that makes grow tired of the same old, same old. And most of us don't have the cash to buy a new wardrobe every few months. We sure don't! So here are some pieces that will be to sure to spice up you life. Oh and did we mention they are all under 100 dollars?

New bag? Yeah, you need a new bag! You can never have too many, right? We're thinking backpacks for fall. Students shouldn't get to have all the fun! Our pick is the green bag by ASOS. It has a unique look to it. And those big pockets on the front? We adore them! 

And clearly you need some fall sunglasses. Once again, you can never have too many! And year-round protection for you eyes? Yeah, it's a beautiful thing. Would you believe that you can get a pair of designer glasses for less than 100 dollars? Believe it! These Kate Spade sunnies are right in your budget. And that great jade color? Love it! So unique. 

The time has come to turn in your sun hats and fedoras. Only for a couple months! Nothing to get too upset over. Here, how about a trade? Try this Whistles felt fedora on for size. We think it's increadibly stylish. Great for that polished look! These hats are going to be hot this fall. Get ahead on this trend! And for a great price too! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Looking sharp!

Menswear for women! It's always a great trend to follow in the fall. We love the blend of both masculine and feminine aspects to create this cool look. This look incorporates patterns like herringbone and looks like vests and jackets. It's so easy to replicate this look into an everyday look for work or play. Check out some of our favorite pieces.

Wow! This Lanvin dress is a perfect mash up of both men's and women's fashion. The sharp, crisp lines are rather masculine. The mock the look of a suit jacket. And the pattern is seen in both men's and women's fashion. But the waist accent and top of the dress are very feminine. What a great dress for work or a semi formal event. Try adding very feminine accents like pearls or a pop of bright color to make a real statement.

Menswear isn't all suits and plaid. The casual side of menswear also works for women. This Alexander Wang sweater is a perfect example of that. It has an oversized, very casual look to it. It's perfect for casual Saturdays. Pair it with leggings to complete the comfortable look. Wear your hair in curls and accessorize!

Shorts?! In fall and winter? Yes! We love this look! Pair a super tailored pair of shorts like this pair by Sandro Poupee with a peter pan collared button up shirt. Wear a pair of tights underneath the shorts to make it more fall appropriate. Wear your hair up in a top knot and accessorize with a headband. What a fun look for running errands or going to lunch with friends!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Down with the Monday blues!

Ughhh. Mondays!  Maybe we can liven things up a bit?

Well, that works! It's the Emily dress and wowza! Here's a dress for those of you out there who want to be wild and daring. We love it! A true step out of any one's comfort zone.

This dress has an open cut on top that will expose your breasts. Of course, we can't bare everything. We just love those adorable heart pasties. And underneath there are frills upon frills!

This dress is fully tailored! It looks awesome on. We love the trim! It's a really lovely addition to this dress! And it wouldn't be complete without more frills. So cute and sweet yet very naughty.

Don't you want one? Come on, we know you do!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fall boot guide

You know what fall means? Boots! So many boots! We really can't wait. So we're sharing some favorites with you today.

A pair of riding boots are classic. They pair perfectly with sweaters, jeans and long sleeved dresses. They are perfect for the workplace and weekend excursions. This pair from Chinese Laundry are just perfect. We love the reddish brown color. And the gold metal details are really beautiful. Try pairing these boots with neutrals and jewel tones. They are sure to complete any fall outfit. 

Ankle boots are another fun pair of boots to accessorize with. They certainly pack some sass! If you're looking for a more high fashion look, these are perfect for you. You can wear them with skirts at the office or for dinner. Then, pair them with tight jeans for a concert. We love this pair from J. Crew. The basic black color goes with everything. And the wrap around strap and simple buckle adds just enough to this basic pair of boots.  

Military style is very big this fall. That means army green jackets, brass buttons and you guessed it... combat boots! They lace up and have fun, worn look to them. We love to pair them with girly clothing pieces. A floral skirt, a lace top or a over sized hair bow. We can't wait to jump into a pile of leaves while wearing a pair. The Steve Madden Troopas are the perfect basic pair of combat boots. The stitching and faded gold details are just so classic. You need a pair of these this fall! 

What sort of boots will you be wearing when it turns cold outside? What was you favorite pair of boots? Share your thoughts with us on our Twitter page!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We're talking about gloves!

Folks... let's talk about gloves! You know what we say... Don't you? An outfit isn't complete without them!  they can add so much to your outfit.  They can really switch up your basic latex outfits. They are a really important part of your latex closet. And we're shining a spotlight on them today.

Gloves are so much fun! We have a whole section dedicated to them. If you want a basic glove, these three work great. Just pick which length works best for you: elbowextra long or wrist. Each comes in a variety of colors.

If you want a fancier glove, we have frilled gauntlets. They add a really lovely touch! Fingerless gloves are another different variety of glove. If you don't like the feeling of latex on your fingers, these may be best for you.

And guys, gloves are for you too! We offer all your basics: elbowoperalong and wrist. Any length you want, you've got it! A pair of gloves is a great thing to add to your latex collection.

If you do decide to add pair of gloves to your closet, check out our glove measuring chart. You'll want to make sure you get the best fit!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Retro babe!

It's time for an outfit of the week! It's about time! Let's get right into it.

Say hello to Sandra! Bam! Right in your face! This is such a neat dress with a real mod feel. I mean, who doesn't want to bring some late 60's, 70's style into you latex wardrobe?

Take a look at those wonderful, wide straps. They give the support you need! They frame that U shaped neckline. We think this style works great for all bust sizes. The Sandra has a basic style with a real twist!

The color of the straps and neckline fade down into the middle of the dress. This panel meshes with the outside color of the dress. Together they create an hourglass effect. It's very slimming! Go for a vibrant color in the middle and a neutral on the sides. This will draw the eye towards the middle panel. And we can't forget about the back! There is a back zipper which makes it easy to get dressed.

As mentioned before, you can customize this dress. Choose your size and your colors. Did you know that custom sizing is available with this dress? Simply send in your measurements and we'll make you a custom dress! No need worrying about the Sandra not fitting you correctly!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Nice pants!

It's about that time! Time to put away your shorts and mini skirts! Well not quite yet... But go ahead and bring out your pants. It's almost fall and nearly time to cozy up. Here are a few pairs that need to make their way to your closet.

A wild pattern is perfect for the fall. These pants are perfect way to sport this cool look. We love these from ASOS. The black and white pattern is so neat! We would love to see these pants paired with a burgundy or olive green shirt. These are perfect for both fall and winter! 

Corduroy is a great texture for the fall. It has a great look, lasts forever and is very warm. It's fun to pair this rougher texture with finer textures. Pop a collared shirt on top! We really like this pair! The color is so fall! 

We are really digging the leather look this fall. These pants from Forever 21 have a cool, 80's grunge look. If you're looking to amp up your style, this might be the perfect way! Style these tight, hot pants with some studded accessories. Rock it out this fall!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It's shark week! Arguably, the best week of the summer. We've been watching, have you? We thought we might share some of favorite shark inspired pieces, just for fun!

We love fun, graphic tanks for summer. They are relaxed and are an easy, quick look. Pair them with high waisted shorts and skater skirts. We think it's a really great look. Add a over sized plaid shirt and this look will work great for fall! This one is so cool! We love the "Jaws" inspired graphic. Have fun with your wardrobe!

A quirky pair of earrings can really complete an outfit. Take any basic outfit and make it fun! And we think it's a great way to express yourself. And who doesn't like those "I love your earrings!" comments all day long. Check out these! Can you believe they are shark teeth? So neat!

And for a complete wild card... This backpack! Not as subtle, yes? But a ton of fun. We think it's a fun conversation piece. Maybe not your everyday bag. But a cool, weekend look! We just had to share.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Jillian!

Is your latex wardrobe boring you? Can't seem to decide what to wear? Want something more sexy than blah? We have just the thing!

Well check this out! It's the lovely Emily Addison modeling the Jillian dress. We're sure this one isn't like anything you have in your closet at home.

We love the high collar on this dress. It's so sleek and sexy! It's a two toned collar too! How cool is that? Transparent latex is so in right now! And the deep v neck neckline is so sexy.

This dress is fully tailored. It;s going to look great on. Show off those curves and your legs!

So, are you ready to take a leap? Take a walk on the wild side? Try the Jillian on for size!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Welcome back!

We would like to say something to all of you, new or old. Welcome! We're so glad you stumbled upon us. And we thought it might be helpful to have a little refresher. We're sharing some of shopping tips and tricks again. It's been awhile! And we have plenty of helpful tools that really help when you're buying latex. No matter if it's your first or hundredth time!

Shopping for latex can be really confusing! We even face some trouble sometimes .. not too often, but it can happen! Luckily, we do have a Shopping Help section of site. It's located at the top of our site. Have you used it? We hope so! It's one of the most useful parts of our site.

There are six sub-sections under Shopping Help. The first is our Bra Measuring Chart. If you're purchasing one of our latex bras, this is a great tool. We have pictures, charts and steps to help ensure the right size.

Then we have our Color Chart. Refer to this when choosing the the color for your latex garment. We don't have examples of the colors on the product page, so this is essential! We have all our color options on this part of our site. We have added some new colors in the last year. See samples of them here!

And we have our Glove Measuring Chart. Of course, we have explained this on here before but this is our more permanent source on how to get the right fit in latex gloves. Remember, you want that inch of stretch! Nothing is worse that ill fitting gloves!

And of course, we're here to help you! If you look under the contact us portion of our site, we have many options. Email us at Call us at 1-866-94-LATEX! Toll free! We are here to help you find what you desire! Let us help you make your latex dreams and fantasies come to life!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Fetishcon 2014 is a wrap!

And Fetish Con is a wrap! What a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out! Now onto one of our bestsellers!

It's the Candice dress from our Blue Skye Collection! It's a really amazing basic dress. It looks amazing on a variety of body types. We're in love!

Let's start from the very top! We have some tank top style straps that give you the support you need up top! And can we talk about that swooping sweetheart neckline? Beautiful!! And the gathering up top is really lovely too! And if you look at the back, this dress has a full zipper! That makes for some easy access which is always a plus.

This basic dress is great for accessorizing. Try it with heels or boots. Or stockings an gloves! This dress is a beautiful blank canvas. Make it your own!

This dress is fully tailored and can come in any color you want! We will have royal blue, black, plum and variety of our other colors with us. And many sizes as well(extra small to extra large!).

Friday, August 1, 2014

Pop of purple!

Psssst. We need to let you in on something. We have gotten word on what fall's hot color trend. And it's not maroon or forest green. Think brighter! Think lilac. You heard it from us! That's the hot color for next season. Now, let's get shopping!

This bright, almost spring-y color pairs well with the neutrals of fall. Really! It's brilliant really. Move aside jewel tones! Take a look at this skirt by Topshop. It has that great color. And that great suede fabric that's just perfect for fall.

Who's ready for a new bag? We sure are! Instead of going for a boring brown or black one, how about this? This Rochas bag is the perfect pop of color. Seriously! You'll be surprised how easily this bag blends with your wardrobe.

This great color can follow you from daytime to nighttime. Seriously! It's a beautiful color. We love to see a pop of color on the feet! These are perfect for that. These pumps are too much fun. We get a little 80's feel from them. Let's just go with it!

That's a lot of purple! But a pop here and there? Beautiful! Put lilac on your must-have list for fall.