Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stepping out in style

Here's a fun trend to try for New Year's! PVC heels! Such a cool look and they go great with our latex dresses and outfits. So much fun. Check it out!!

Oh how we lust after any pair of Christian Louboutin high heels. Gorgeous designs and bring red bottoms. This pair is no exception! They have a great slingback design. They have a real mod look to them. The mix of the beige, black, white and clear material work so well together. We think they are great for both day and nighttime.

Alright, let's see some colors! PVC heels can be bright and beautifully colored. That's what we love about this trend. Bring on those candy colors. Check out this pair by Fendi! We love those blues and purples. And the bold angles and lines are quite the statement. Pair them with a basic dress and you are ready for a night out on the town!

Though those shoes were bold? Ha! We can go bolder! The clear PVC material allows for some bold patterns. Like this pair by Rupert Sanderson. Check out that awesome zig zag pattern! And the little pink outline is the perfect pop of color.

Happy New Year, ya'll!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello 2016!!

And here comes New Years... The holidays go by so fast! Happy New Year to you! We hope you are planning on ringing in 2016 in style. And might we suggest...

The Lydia Dress! We feel like you are practically guaranteed to have a great time in the dress.

We love the style of this dress. The halter style looks great on so many body types. And all those little embellishments! So different and interesting! Details like that are our favorite!

We loved the lines on the Lydia. They make your body look ah-mazing! Va-va-voom! And the contrasting color panels? So chic!  And it's completely customizable!

We love where this dress hits you on your legs too. It's so flattering! And the Lydia is fully tailored too! It's a must, must, must!

Happy New Year, ya'll!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Don't forget the stockings!

And it's last minute shopping time... Yikes! Time to wrap it all up. Literally! But don't forget the stocking stuffers, folks. Check out these fun ideas!

Fun yet practical gifts are our favorite. It's like the best of both worlds! Take a look at this monogrammed key fob by Madewell. It's simple and classy. Just about anyone would be pleased by this little token.

Give the gift of warmth! Very, very necessary as we approach this cold winter weather. And these fold-up vests by Lily Pulitzer are just too fun! They are sure to delight someone in your life!

Or give the gift of simplicity! Like this wallet and phone case wristlet. So cute and practical! And this one by Punchcase is especially stylish! Best of all? They'll think of you every time they use it! What a great gift.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cut out and keep!

We're counting down to Christmas! Just a few more days till the holiday. We're too excited! Here's something to distract us for a bit. 

Check it out! It's the Madison dress! And it can be found over on the Latex Store website, under both the dresses and The Blue Skye Collection tab. Click on over to get an even better look!

Can we just talk about those cutouts? Wow! That's a great look. We love that they are outlined in a contrasting color. They really pop!

The collar and cutouts look so elegant! Almost delicate. And it blends smoothly into the rest of the dress.

Doesn't this dress have an awesome shape to it?  Show off your beautiful body shape and curves. So gorgeous!

 We can get behind a dress that looks good from all angles. And there's no doubt that this dress fits that criteria.

Don't worry about the zipper. It's in the back. It's so easy to get in and out of. You don't have to worry.

Be sure to play around with color and sizing choices. We encourage playfulness. Make this dress your own!

And be sure to check out the rest of the line in It's all there for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Get the look!

We know you. You like to make a statement, no matter what the season is! Lucky for you, we are featuring some unique statement coats on the blog today. Check these out!

Alright... shall we ease you into this? Check out this thing of beauty! This coat is by Pixie Market. Shaggy, black and white and beautiful! It may be black and white but we promise you won't fade into the background. It's almost like a fun take on Cruella de Vil! But it's all up to you.

Let's take this in a different direction. How about a biker's jacket? But this isn't your average motorcycle jacket. It's a little bit... furry. It's fabulous! Blue with a flash of orange. And the gold details are a great touch. It's a little wild but so much fun!

Alright... that's enough coats for now. What do you think? Are you ready to make a statement?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday funday!

It's Monday! And you know what that means! Well, don't you? Haven't you caught on by now?

Get ready!  It's the Lilly dress! We absolutely love this one.

We adore that little cutout on top. So stylish! And it adds that variety we crave. Show off a little skin too!

Let's talk about that design! So eye catching! It's really something new for us. And that band around the waist! It really is slimming.

Doesn't this dress have great shape to it? Every shape and curve. So gorgeous!

Just check out that lovely side view. No matter which way you turn, this dress looks great! It's just right.

Don't worry about the zipper. It's in the back. It's so easy to get in and out of. You don't have to worry.

Did you see that side panel? It's another one of our favorite touches. And you can pick the color too! It's all up to you!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Walking in a Winter Wonderland?

You know, it's not too late to ask Santa for a pair of snowboots! A nice new pair might be just what you need this winter. Sorry ya'll but it's going to be a cold one. Gear up!

Alright. A good pair of snow boots are essential, this we know. They keep your feet warm and dry. And they can look good too! Like this pair by Coach. They are a great sage color. Neutral but a little bit different! We're a big fan of the military vibe they are putting off. And they are Coach... need we say more? Yeah, didn't think so. 

We love our Hunter boots for rainy days. What a great pair of boots! And now they are a snow day essential as well. Check out this pair! That shearling lining is going to be so soft and warm. And they are so durable. Love at first sight! 

Check out this classic pair of boots by the North Face! Oh we adore them. A little chic, lumberjack style? Did we really just say that?! Anyways, that cable knit sweater material along the top? So great. All we need is a flannel shirt and a cabin. 

Winter is coming!! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stop and smell the roses

Winter is coming. Want to stray away from those winter neutrals? Or maybe you just want to mix something new in. We got the perfect thing! Floral! Yes. Floral in winter. Think we're crazy? Keep reading and you can be the judge!

A black dress can really serve you well any time of the year. Add a little something special and it's even better. We gave a tiny gasp when we saw this dress by Christopher Kane. Isn't it gorgeous? We love the scattered use of floral on this dress. And the colors really pop against the black of the dress. We think this is a great way to wear floral in the wintertime. Pair the floral print with a darker color. 

If it's pretty chilly where you are, pants are a must. Skirts and dresses might not be warm enough. Not to worry! Check out these floral pants! A little wild but pretty neat, right? And they are this great corduroy texture. That means warmth! Pair them with a solid color navy, cream or black blouse. You have the prefect lunch date outfit! 

Mix up your regular work wear. Add in a floral top to make you outfit really pop out! We like this one. The print is so interesting. It's not your typical floral pattern. And it will pair nicely with your own dress pants or skirt. Such a polished look! 

We hope we have inspired your winter wardrobe. Let us know what you think!