Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Go organic this fall!

Fall is always so refreshing. The air is crisp and the world is slowly settling down for a winter's nap. There's something wonderful about it. We always crave simple makeup products that match up with the changing seasons.

And it's important to treat your skin right as we head in winter which can be quite detrimental towards your skin. Check out some of Elle's favorite organic makeup products. They are sure to treat your face and skin right!

We cannot rave about the Korres lip butters enough! The formula is incredibly moisturizing. It really sinks into your lips and leaves them very soft. And the color pigment is amazing for a lip balm. It's a great way to add color to your lips with out a lipstick. It's perfect for those cool fall days when you just want to get out and enjoy the changing leaves. They are so fun to use and collect!

It's important to treat your hair with care and give it the moisture it deserves. After a summer of sun, salt and water, this is even more crucial. Plus, you're gearing up for the drying winter. The Morracanoil intense hydrating mask is a must! This creamy, moisturizing mask is such a treat for your hair. It really changes and transforms your hair texture. Your hair will looks more shiny and beautiful. Use it a couple times a week and you'll be sure to see a real difference in your hair.

Beautiful, blushed cheeks are a must have for fall. Tarte is our go-to brand for blushes. They have gorgeous colors that have long lasting properties. And their all natural approach ensures that their products are safe to use for your skin. Their natural cheek stain is no exception. This cream blush is easy to apply and gives a beautiful pink color to your cheeks. It's a fall must have for sure!

So, tell us! What are your favorite beauty products for the fall? Do you have any secrets or tips for beautiful, dewy skin in the fall? What are your favorite organic brands? We want to know!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bold and fearless for Fall!

Happy Monday, everyone! We're ready for another week. How about you? Look what we have for our Outfit of the Week!
We love our Short Sleeved Shirt Dress! It's straight from our Too Short Collection. And it's super short. Your body is going to really pop! It's fully tailored and will show off your every curve.

And can we talk about that collar? It's so unique and really makes this dress stand out! The contrasting outlining and pocket detail is something we love as well! It's so bold. It really has the essence of the Marvel comics fashion trend that's super in right now.

Pick your own colors for both the body of the dress and the outline! The Short Sleeved Shirt Dress certainly has some character. Check it out for the fall!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Makeup fit for the summertime!

Anyone else having trouble with their makeup in this heat? We sure are! This heat and humidity doesn't pair well with foundation and mascara. Don't fret! Elle posted a few miracle products that really help keep your makeup on you face. Stay tuned as we share our favorites!

No matter what, you need to start with a primer! It's smooths your pores and preps your face for concealer and foundation. It really makes a difference! Smashbox has a really great primer.It really smooths you face and fills in small lines. And this primer has SPF 20! The more protection for your face, the better! With a primer, the foundation will adhere better to your face preventing it from melting off.

Eyeliner is really tricky in the summer, especially late summer when the heat is less bearable. It's sweats off or leaves your eyelids grey or sticky. It's really a struggle. Luckily, MAC has a liquid eyeliner that's both water based and water resistant. It's really going to stand the test! And the felt tip applicator makes for really easy application. This eyeliner is a must have!

Your lipstick or lip gloss is also something that's very vulnerable is the summer time. It's smears easier and can melt everywhere. The Kat Von D line at Sephora. The formulas are wonderful and long lasting. And the liquid lipstick is no exception! We love this creamy, luscious lipstick. The color is beautiful and vivid. And the color really lock in on your lips. It will survive even on the hottest summer day.

Check out the rest of the article for even more heat resistant makeup! It's not a lost cause! You can still have a flawless face in the heat of the summer. And these products will still work great as we transition to fall. Stay cool!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Focus on gold jewelry!

As we began to plan out our fall wardrobes, we're always looking for pieces that can work in every season. These timeless pieces can effortlessly transition season after season, year after year. Gold jewelry falls into this category. From bright colors in the summer, sweaters in the fall, neutrals in the winter and floral in the spring. Elle collected some great gold jewelry pieces and we'll share some of our favorites with you!

We're in love with this whimsical gold whistle necklace by J.Crew. It's so delicate and fun! This long necklace will work with so many outfits. Try it with a simple tank top for the summer or a button down top as we move into cooler weather. This is a piece you'll wear over and over again.

A simple pair of studs will really serve you well. They are so versatile. We love these gold, spherical asos stud earrings. The have a fun, vintage look to them. Their simple style makes them easy enough to wear with almost anything! We're talking sundresses to baggy sweaters. A simple pair of gold studs like these are a necessity!

We're swooning over this Giles and Brother skinny gold cuff. It's so sleek and delicate. It's going to look beautiful on your wrist. Wear it by on it's own or stack it with other brackets. It's great for casual summer outfits and semi formal fall evening looks. We don't think we can resist!

This Sarah Chloe heartbeat ring is just too cool! It's a great conversation piece. If you tend to lean towards unique, interesting jewelry, this one is for you. Rings are great for all seasons. They always add flair and fun to an outfit.

Gold jewelry is a must have for any season for us! What do you think? What's your favorite piece of gold jewelry? Share your thoughts with us!

Monday, July 22, 2013

We can do it!

Hey folks! It's finally time for another outfit of the week! It's our favorite part of the week! Let's get started!!

We can't believe we haven't featured our romper yet this summer! It's the essence of summertime!! This one piece romper is too adorable and so unique!

The romper is fully tailored and looks amazing. It shows off all your beautiful curves. The scoop neckline is incredibly flattering. You're really showing off all the best parts of your body in this cute bodysuit.

Style it however you like! But we would really play with the 40's flair this little number has. Wear your hair in a curled up do, accessorized with a bandanna. You know, ala Rosie the Riveter! You can do it! Sport a classic red lip and cat eye eyeliner. And of course, heels!! You'll be cute as a button.

So, is the romper one of your favorites? If you are looking for something different, this may be the perfect thing!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun in the sun!

Summer is halfway over and we have yet to cover one of our favorite summer clothing items.... Sundresses! Oh, a good sundress really put a smile on our face. They are the perfect late summer clothing item. They are light and airy so you can keep cool in that August heat. And they are an easy option! You only need to pick out one clothing item. How easy is that!

Elle shared 18 summer sundresses to wear right now. We loved all of them but we're just going to share a few with you today. Let's jump on in! 

Wow! Check out the colors in this dress! We're in love with this Dolce and Gabbana sundress. The shape is so classic! This could easily be seen on any woman in the 50's or 60's. And the buttons are just precious. As far as styling, we would recommend a up-do. It's going to give more attention to the stripes and colors on the dress. Wear simple pearl earrings to continue the classic look the dress is bringing. Keep it simple and light! 

If you are fond of floral prints but a little bored by the same old same old, this Zara dress might be perfect for you! That's a whole lot of color!! But don't worry! You can pull it off! These colors are really going to pop against your tanned skin. And the simple shape is certain to flatter a variety of body types. Live it up before the summer is over! 

A bright colored sundress is a must have. Neutrals are great and all but nothing beats a pop of color! This Topshop dress certainly has that pop! It's a really beautiful shade of yellow. You're like a ray of sunshine! And the detail on the bodice adds a real soft, feminine look. Wear your hand down is loose, tossed curls. This is the perfect dress to wear as you soak in those last moments of summertime. 

Did you have a favorite sundress? Are you going to run out and treat your self to one of these? Do it! Trust us! You'll get plenty of time to wear it before the summer is over. And when it starts to get cool? Add a pair of oxfords and a chunky cardigan! It's so easy to transition your summer clothes to fall with just a few items! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fall is right around the corner!

Summer is nearly halfway over! Crazy right?! We're already starting to plan for the fall. Nothing too crazy but we did find a great article on Glamour that gives a little sneak peek into this fall's do's and don'ts. Stayed tuned as we cover a few of the highlights.

Oh how we miss wearing hats! Well, we have a few sun hats.... But there's nothing quite like the hats we wear when it's chilly out. Hats are going to be a must have this fall. We encourage you to try it out! Even if you're not a "hat person". Everyone can be a hat person! Everyone can rock a beanie. Slouch it on your head or wear it traditionally with a pom pom on top! Or try out a fedora or bucket style hat for a classic look. Go for color! Jewel tones are beautiful in the fall. Or maybe a pop of mustard yellow. Go crazy for hats!! 

Speaking of color.... Emerald is still in! It's the color or the year and we're still in love! Add it in where ever you can. Use it as an accent. As simple as a cocktail ring, skinny belt or even a pair of kitten heels. It's such a gorgeous color! It's covering the fall runways. Mix it in with other jewel tones and neutrals for a beautiful yet muted fall look. We can hardly wait! 

We're happy to see the military look is still in! We're in love with the structured look. It's an easy way to add an edge to your look. And something about fall makes us want to toughen up a little. Opt for a military style jacket. Look for strong lines, buttons and that classic military green color. And then add back in more feminine pieces for a high fashion look! 

So, get out there and start assembling you fall ensembles! Stores are already starting to bust out their fall and winter items. Stay ahead of the game and get a few pieces that will excite you for the upcoming season! We know we're excited for cooler weather, sweaters and falling leaves. Are you?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Zee dress!

Happy Monday! We had a really amazing weekend at Thunder in the Mountains. It was amazing to see so many of your faces and sell our latex! We can't believe it's over! But, we're finally getting back on our schedule. We have a outfit of the week for you!
We just love the style and structure of our Z Dress Pinch Top! This style is bit different from other pieces in our dresses section. The is a collar around the neck. We think it adds length and slims beautifully.

The cap sleeve style is also very remarkable! They lead to a pinch, ruched effect that connects the sleeves to the bodice.And the cutout in the collar to upper cleavage area is just the prefect amount of exposure! It shows off the perfect amount of skin.

All of these elements combined really give this dress the look of elegance. Sizes go from a small to an XX-large. We love this dress in the smokey, translucent grey shown but there are also plenty of of other color choices! A simple hairstyle and a great pair of heels would really complete this ensemble!

And that's all folks! Have a great start to your week!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer style: Whites

Can you believe we already halfway through July?! Time really flies when you're having fun! Are we right or are we right? What haven't you checked off your summer to do list? Go to the beach? Check! Indulge in a sweet treat on super hot day? Check! Wear white? Oh, you haven't yet? Well, you're in luck. Elle found 50 white clothing items to freshen up your summer look. We picked a few favorites to share. Quick! Read on before we blink and it's Autumn!

Some days it's just too hot to fool with too much clothing. On days like that, we find a sundress to be be the perfect outfit to wear! You're going to stay cool while still looking put together! We fell in love with this sleeveless, collared white dress by Thakoon. It's small details like the eyelet lace and tie around the waist really are so simple and elegant. In the daytime, wear this dress with brown woven sandals and aviators glasses for a fun summer look. For night time, add a coral or gold statement necklace and a pair of flats. It's so easy to switch from a day to night look!

White works with all types of style. We think this skirt by Topshop has a great boho feel. We can see it being worn during the day with a crop style top and a long simple necklace. Or if you're out on the beach, use it as a cover up! It's going to look great paired with a basic bikini top! In the evening, opt for a sleeveless blouse and cork wedges. Add a fun messy up do and you're ready too head out to dinner! This gorgeous cut out skirt is really versatile!

These sunglasses by Stella McCarthy are a great simple way to add white to every outfit. White really does lighten up your look and add a real summery feel. The white and silver hardware on these glasses are really classic looking. They will easily mix in with your summer wardrobe. You have to have sunglasses and these may be it!

We hope we have inspired you to lighten up your summer wardrobe a little.  What was your favorite piece? How do you add white into your wardrobe? Let us know your thoughts over on our Twitter page!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer patterns: Gingham

We're in love with this sort of retro revival that's taking over the fashion world. Shows like Mad Men are bringing back some really classic looks. One of those looks is gingham. It's one of those basic and timeless patterns that really en captures summertime. Vogue collected some really beautiful pieces and we're sharing our favorites with you.

If Dorothy was to own a pair of sunglasses, we think she would pick these! How adorable are
these? Their shape is quite unique. The round lenses are really retro! And the gingham print is really fun. This is a really great way to spice it up and ditch those boring old shades!

Talk about a clash! We love the flair of this gingham bustier. Cute and sexy meet! This isn't just for the bedroom! This style top is super popular right now! it's okay to bear some tummy and let you hair down. Feel free to wear this to a concert or night out!

We would pair it with The Latex Store deluxe hot pants. It's going to be a great, sexy yet fun outfit! Pair it with some wedges and a cherry red lip for a really retro look.

What you're opinion on gingham? Is it coming back or is it just a flash in the pan? Share your thoughts on our twitter page! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer fun!

We hope you all had a great Fourth of July! It's really starting to feel like summer now. We put together a really fun summer outfit. Check it out! 

For the top, we picked our bandeau latex top.

It’s available in a variety of colors! It a really great basic top. Bandeau tops are hot right now and now you can sport them in latex too! Sure, you’re showing a little tummy but it’s far too hot to wear a lot of clothing ;) And it’s just a great piece to have; so versatile!

And, why not put on this: our premium micro mini skirt!

It’s so cute yet basic! It’s a piece you can come back to over and over again. Play with some fun eye makeup on your eye, a cute pair of kitten heels or sandals and bam! You’re ready for a summer night out!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Beach essentials!

Chances are you're going to be hitting the beach soon! You might have a bathing suit and towel but there are plenty of other things that you're going to need. We found Elle's 32 beach essentials very handy and wanted to share the highlights with you.

A cover-up is a must have for the beach. They protect you from the sun and add even more style to your beach ensemble. We love this vibrant cover-up from Mara Hoffman. It's flowy and has a nice beachy feel. It's going to be really easy to pack and throw on. Pair it with a black or white suit to really let the colors pop!

You're going to need something to hold all that beach stuff in! It's good to have a separate bag out on the beach. you'll need to carry much more and things are going to get sandy! We love this canvas bag from Mango. It's a backpack style so it's going to be easier to carry. And the nautical feel is so cute! It's perfect for the beach!

And of course, you need a hat! You need that extra protection from the sun. There are so many styles out there. But we're pretty classic at heart. We love this big, floppy sun hat from Topshop! The stripes on this hat add some really fun flair to this hat. It's a must have!

What are your beach essentials? What are your favorites? Share them with us! See you out on the beach!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer beauty on a budget!

Between travelling and summer fun, things can get expensive in the summer! Luckily, you don't have to spend a fortune on beauty products! The drugstore has some great, affordable products that will suit all your beauty needs this summer. Let us share some of favorites from Elle's top 10 under $10 dollars list.

The humidity in the summer is brutal! It's makes styling your hair extremely difficulty. Especially for those of us with wavy and curly hair types. Can you say frizz! That's just not cute! But Garnier Fructis's anti humidity smoothing milk is a holy grail product! After you finish showering, cover your still wet hair in a small amount of this. Let it air dry or blow dry it. And we promise you'll be frizz free all day long. It's amazing! And it smells so delicious. You'll be in love at first sniff! 

Almost everyone would like to look sun kissed or tan during the summertime. We know we do! If you're just getting into self tanners, Jergens Natural Glow is really great first timer product. It's a basic gradual tanner in a lotion form. Just use it as your daily body moisturizer. It will gradually add a beautiful glow. It's also really great for your skin. It's going firm and reduce cellulite. You'll be ready for shorts in no time at all! We can't praise this product enough! It's a summer must have for us! 

We love to paint our toes bright colors in the summer time. They look really cute in sandals and put us right in the summer mind set. We love Essie nail polish! Their colors are so bright and fun! Especially this polish in girl's night out! Who doesn't want bright pink toenails? And the glitter is going to sparkle in the sun! How pretty! 

Go and check out your local drugstore for more fun, inexpensive beauty products! Let us know what you love! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy fourth of July!

The Fourth of July is only four days away! We're really excited to celebrate the U S of A's big day! What will you be doing on the fourth? Grilling out, watching fireworks on the beach or taking time to relax? Well, we we're really inspired by one of our pieces! It really got us in the spirit of the fourth! We think you'll know what we mean!

It's our Mia dress! We have so much love for this dress! It's our best selling halter dress. And you can see why! It has a fun, almost retro feel to it.

The color combo is really unique. It allows for plenty of customization! We would opt for red and blue or blue and white combo in spirit of the holiday.

This dress is tailored to all your lovely curves! It really fits a charm! It's going to hit you along your mid thigh or so. And the halter style give a fun, carefree look. This dress is perfect for the summertime!

We wish you all a Happy Fourth! Be safe, whether it be in travels, lighting fireworks or grilling out! Have a great holiday!